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Which follower do you use on what class/why?

I am interested in knowing everyone's reasons. Don't flame anyone for their choice.
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85 Troll Warrior
Templar- well, he's my meat shield right?
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Since I came from WoW I first used a follower that had opposite mechanics of my class. If I was a barb, then I got a ranged follower for example.

Now though, I like to use the follower most like my current character. When in melee I use the templar, when kiting I use the scoundrel, when fighting as ranged without a strong emphasis on kiting I use the enchantress. This has been whats worked best for me. (farthest character was HC 55 dh, died in Hakan's throne room.)
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Enchantress. She has an armor and attack speed buff. And she generally lives longer than the Templar.
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My character: Demon Hunter.

Prior to Hell difficulty I used the Templar for his heals, etc. However, now that I've raised my HPs his heals are ineffective, so I have moved on to the Scoundrel.

I'm also trying to gear up the Enchantress and give her a shot, but I like the Scoundrel's CC with blind, slow, and chance to stun - not to mention the crit. chance.
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Witch Doctor - can vary really knowing a bit of the areas and what may work better.
As another said, I usually go with an opposite class to mine...but WD is a hybrid really..so sorta changed things in that aspect.

Used Templar for the Heals, helped tremendously ...but the higher I go it seems less effective, but he was good as an almost beneficial extra Pet.
Scoundrel for the additional CC, Multi-targets damages...

but, have been using Enchantress more simply for knock backs and armor increases
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crit monk ~ scoundrel
speed monk ~ enchantress

crit barb ~ scoundrel
frenzy barb ~ scoundrel
tanking barb ~ enchantress

wd, dh, & wizzie ~ templar (who can activate health orbs)

Prefer the scoundrel, his one liners crack me up.. templar just complains, complains, and complains.. pain in the !@# he is. enchantress convo is dull and ditzy
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DH - templar, for its tanking ability. Ever since I started equipping him fully with high Vit gear, he hasn't died once.
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Barb - Enchantress for armor and attack buffs.
Wiz - Templar for keeping some mobs off me, but sometimes enchantress or scoundrel.
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WD - Templar

Why?? He heals me~
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I've been farming a lot lately so it's the Templar but I like my Scoundrel triple shot slow with ice/freeze bow and the stupid high damage my Enchantress puts out.
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< dh lvl 56
im using the templar because he is melee, so he can use the life orbs, his heal is meh but he save my life a lot of times, he is very good to block those annoying elites in some caves.

the enchant voice in spanish is annoying, she talk like a 15years old, also she is squishy and she like to use all his abilities in the first enemies she find.

the hunter guy, well, 2 hunters in a group is not a good idea :D
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Melee Wiz - Scoundrel 10% damage bonus? Yes please!

I used enchantress for awhile but the armor buff wasn't too much of a difference.
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Templar or Scoundrel, mostly Templar

Why? Because I like a tank for blocking; it's not for his tiny heals. I love the scoundrel's multishot with the cold damage bow I gave him -- he slows great, and I don't need Blizzard with him around. But I kill faster with the Templar. It just is.

I tried the enchantress.
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DH - I started with the Scoundrel but found him aggroing mobs from other rooms or opening doors instead of fighting the baddies at hand. Switched to the Templar and find he helps me more then he hurts me.
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I'm a DH and I use templer to keep a few mobs away and heal me

it sounds as though there is no real consensus other then there are slightly more people who like to use something the opposite of their class
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I use the follower that best complements me or fills a role I need.

My barb needs the buffs from the enchantress, also since he melees he serves as the duo's tank, meaning a ranged dps is preferable and more survivable. The enchantress provides both.

Most of my ranged would benefit best from someone tanking (or trying anyway) so they roll with the templar.

On my baby monk I plan on trying to roll with the scoundrel, since she has a self heal. Hopefully she won't be so squishy I need to revert to the enchantress for the defensive buffs.
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I am running with Scoundrel on my Monk (NM 45) atm, but I may try the Enchantress as well. We are moving pretty smoothly through stuff I struggled with on other classes.
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Level 60 WD - used the Templar to be a more meaty tank (with healing power, no less!) since WD pets are useless after, like, A1 nightmare. As long as I continue to upgrade his gear periodically, he at least serves his purpose better than anything I can summon... though, like my summoning options, he leaves a lot to be desired.

Level 60 Barb - I just chose the Scoundrel because of improved critical chance.

Level 54 Wiz - Instead of opting for a tank like I did with my WD, I decided to go with the Enchantress. To be honest, the real motivation for this decision was not the result of a thorough comparison between her and the other two-- I simply got tired of hearing the Templar and Scoundrel's conversations over and over again. Now, this character has all three followers geared out and I use whichever one I think is best for the quest I'm on.
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