I was just playing and suddenly I get booted, and get a message saying I've been suspended for violation of the terms of the game. How does this happen? Your followup e-mail claims there was a problem with "a" or "the" transaction on my account (IE: purchase of the game or authenticator). I checked my bank account and it shows the transaction for the game and an authenticator! How can I be suspended for not paying when I already paid! Then you guys have the audacity to tell me "oh we'll respond in 24 to 48 hours".

What are you talking about?! You suspended me by clicking a button and you can't resolve your error for 24 to 48 hours and won't let me play a game I've already paid for (as confirmed by my bank) because you claim I haven't paid?! Yeah, its a Saturday. YOU guys took the time, on a Saturday, to suspend me for a non-existent issue yet you let me get spammed CONSTANTLY by gold farmers AND you're going to make me wait 24-48 hours? How is that even remotely "good" customer service Blizzard? I've been playing your games for YEARS; since Warcraft 1 was out, which I played on my 486 and an old monitor so bad that I couldn't even see the green grass and trees in game. I remember playing it on another computer and being amazed I could see more than the tree's brown trunks (which I had had to utilize to know where they were), I could actually see the full trees and how green the game was (on that map tile at least, not the "swamp of sorrows" thing. How's this, to show how many times I've seen the intro to Warcraft Orcs and Humans:

In the age of chaos, two factions battle for dominance. The kingdom of azeroth was a prosperous one, the humans who dwelled there turned the land into a paradise. The knights of stormwind and the clerics of northshire abby roamed far and wide. Serving the king's people with honor and justice. The well trained armies of the kingdom maintained a lasting peace for many generations, then came, the orcish hordes. No one knew where they came from and none were prepared for the terror that they spawned. Their warriors wielded axe and spear with deadly proficiency, while others rode dark wolves as black as the moonless night, unimaginable were the destructive powers of their evil magics, derived from the fires of the underworld. With an ingenious arsenal of weaponry and powerful magics these for forces collide in a contest of cunning, intellect, and brute strength, with the victor claiming dominance over the whole of azeroth. Welcome to the World of Warcraft!."

Yes, I think it was also the first time the term "World of Warcraft" was ever used and it was in the original Warcraft (kinda funny/odd trivia to me at least).

I still remember the whole stinking thing (and how I can't play it cuz I can't find my original manual and, last time I tried it was crazy to try to run it from windows). I also have a habit of recalling a number of other speeches etc from your other games (notably Warcraft 2-3 and SC).

All this (yeah, probably not healthy to remember all that), and this is how you treat me? What did I just pay $60 for and what was the point in spending an additional $7 on an authenticator?!

Even if there WAS an issue, why didn't you tell me when I made the purchases?! Why'd you wait till the next day during a weekend while I was playing intently and planning on doing so quite a bit this weekend?! Even fast food restaurants tell me immediately if there's a problem with a transaction, they don't go back to me the next day and say "cough up the food you ate, we'll give it back to you once we resolve this issue".

/Rude Blizzard
Night Elf /RUDE Blizzard