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gaining NOTHING.
Same here. -_-
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Demon Hunter lvl57, Act 2 Hell. Digital Copy. Also getting no xp, and followers are lvl 13. Additionally, my FPS counter reads a constant 0.
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I am not getting any exp either, not playing until this is fixed.
06/19/2012 10:52 AMPosted by Vengrim
I have a level 58 DH with a blank experience bar. I'm not getting any experience and it says "1,181,760/0". WTF?

Awesome. Blizzard mentioned something in their patch notes about trial versions of the game showing 0/0 for xp when they are level capped. Looks like they either applied that to everyone or just everyone that purchase digitally instead of just the trials.

Definitely ranks up there on the list of Bugs That Should Never Have Made It Live.

i got digital version with no problems
Same here. Tried it with all 5 of my characters. No experience gained whatsoever. No experience given during quest completions either... And why did all my Witch Doctor's pets get obliterated by zombies when yesterday it was petfood for them... I did buy a digital copy as well. I hope I don't have to wait three days to gain experience...
Also, why do I have to wait three days anyways? I bought this game online the day it came out. My three day waiting period is more than over.
this thread saying the same problem, too >>

Same issue. Digital copy.
No XP gain here either (lvl 28 wiz) and companions reverted to lvl 13.

Only thing to do is read forums where I'm learning about how much this game is going to suck when I start playing harder modes at higher levels b/c of repair costs, RMAH, etc.

Maybe I'll just finish one playthrough and move on.
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Same here, follower's at lvl 13 and no XP is being gained on any of my characters.
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No experience and follower lvl 13 ?!? im 45..
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