Diablo® III

Barbarian Skill Sets for Inferno

Preferred Weapon

+1000 Damage Per Second Two-handed Mace or Axe

Reason: 10% Critical Hit Chance with Weapon Mastery (Passive Skill)

Details: Most Skills are focused on Weapon Damage (Not your overall Damage Per Second). If you have a One-Handed Weapon that has 600-800 Damage Per Second, and your Damage Per Second Overall is 15,000, your skills will be weaker than if you had a Two-Handed Weapon that had 1000-1200 Damage Per Second with the same Overall Damage Per Second.

Preferred Stats

High Vitality & High Strength (Dexterity and Intelligence should never be the focus statistic for an item intended on being purchased).

High Critical Hit Chance & High Critical Hit Damage.
Reason: Critical Hit Chance & Critical Hit Damage is essential for a Barbarian in Inferno simply because when playing Inferno you must constantly keep moving, meaning that whenever you have a chance to strike, you want those 3-5 hit intervals to be as powerful as possible.

High Physical Resistance & High Resistance to All Elements.
Details: It is not recommended to sacrifice Strength or Vitality for High Physical Resistance & High Resistance to All Elements, but you do want quite a bit of these essential attributes.

Barbarian Skills for Monsters


Barbarian Skills for Elites/Bosses


Tell me what you think. Please Comment with Constructive Criticism Only, if felt necessary. No Insults.
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depends on the play style

2hand barb semi-glass build
dual weild barb
or the swoard and board tank

nice choice on cleave as the main attack since blizz is gonna nerf IAS
I dont even know whats gonna happen to frenzy then
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Yea, I feel you. I just don't really know a sword and board build for a barbarian. Your right about the semi-glass build. I guess it is more of a cheap build were as if you had 3mil to blow on a 1h mace/axe that pumped out 1100-1200 dps...god speed. But on the subject of the upcoming patch. I feel Blizz is gonna surprise the community with a feature that betters the mindset of players. For example, class and skill diversity is there main goal, they want each character to be well rounded equal to each other, where no one character has an advantage over another because of a skill, its up to the player to with the game not a broken* skill on a character. Also, I think inferno is gonna be made a bit less difficult so the ramp of increased difficulty for inferno act 1 to 4 is balanced and also collaborating with the IAS nerf. Simply put, I believe they are going to nerf IAS so they can nerf inferno and still have it be challenging but less difficult then before. New builds will need to be developed and made... but in time more people may have a better chance to complete the game through inferno...hopefully.
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