Diablo® III

Are We The Worst Class?

Serious post, not trying to troll or anything.

This is just my opinion, so don't take it to fact.

Anyway, I have not beaten the entire game yet so I can't speak from all experience but I am currently on act 3 Inferno: Heart of Sin quest. I run with: ~450 resist all, with 1 resist at 520 and one at 600, 2800 armor, 36k HP, 35k dps and 2.2attacks/sec. I use splinters, rain of toads, GotD, Zombie Wall, Horrify and Spirit Walk as my skills.

It takes a very long time to down mobs just kiting them around (compared to other 2 ranged classes). My most damaging spell (Zombie Bears) I can't use because if I get close enough to mobs I will die and kiting with it still requires being somewhat close so it is risky. Dire Bats doesn't really compare in damage to bears and is very mana costly, can't see using it without VQ. Our CC spells (GotD, Zombie Wall, Hex, Fear, Confusion, etc...) have reduced duration on elites it seems and the options I feel I am left with is only splinters which is a forced kiting build that takes to long to down mobs.

Anyway, do you guys feel we are underpowered compared to the other 4 classes. DHs blow us up in dps as do wizards. Monks and barbs are melee so they are usually forced to be tanky but they can atleast sustain themselves to take hits while they kill the mob. I feel we are forced to very specific builds unless we have ~100mil to buy the gear we need to be able to run a high dps build and stay alive, not saying other classes don't rely on gear but I think we do more so then others. We are the only class that uses our resource(mana) to attack with our primary skills(dart,toads,spiders,firebomb) and since most of us use "Pierce the Veil" lets not forget to tack another 30% to our mana costs. I do think we have good CC spells compared to other classes but that is all that seems better. Our damage is lackluster, our pets aren't even the best (monk pet better), and we seen to be the most "squishy"/death-prone.

What do you think?
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Yes I think we are the worst class.
WE have longer animations
Pets that seriously do crap.
1-2 builds that are really the only end game build (splint and zombie bears)

Most of the time we use bad medicine and / or jungle forti to just handle the damage output.

Though, we can pretty much class cannon anything.

Personally, I think the witch doctor is going to be the warlock of the diablo 3 world (pvp wise) most of our skills seems to be really decent for pvp. (invisible, roots, charms, hex, fear)

WE are a dominate CC class yet I see no reason to even use CC in d3 (the fact is I died so many times from "Charmed" mobs"

I am pretty much just waiting for 1.03
Going to turn my WD into a full MF geared act 1 farmer, since butcher does die in <15 seconds even with mediocre gear if you know what you are doing)
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Yes, is the simple answer. Of the 30+ people I've played with every one of them agree. But this doesn't mean much since all the classes really SUCK at something. We just need a balance patch to put things back on track for us.

WD is my favorite and my first class. I wanted to play once since day one and I have. I do NOT reget it nor the time I've spent on it -- yet. And I just reached act 4 inferno, it's insane and stupidly hard (my barb made it there before my main and it's WAY less played).

Personally I feel Mana is the big mess up here more than anything. I can really lay waste to a mob without thinking (as long as I don't take ANY damage) but I have to wait or use VQ or something boring to keep it up for anythink longer than 5-6 casts of a spell.
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There are so many threads like this on the forums. If you really need someone to validate your enjoyment of the game that much you will probably not like any class.

Try something besides bears and splinters. Other things work and you might surprise yourself.
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well blizz did release stats that say WD is the least played/popular class, so if its a popularity contest the WD fails
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IMO WD is the worst class but only because it hasn't delivered what the players really want from this class.

1. Pets don't scale well enough and scale in an odd way. Monk arguably has a better pet because Monk is a melee class and it's already expected to stack survivability first and Monk gets 30% less damage.

2. Good aoe controls are not only on long cool downs, they are also mostly pbaoe and their effectiveness drop greatly against fights that TRULY matter.

3. Due to the above two reasons, high-level WDs are forced to go DH-style (glass-cannon with no pets) or are forced to stack ridiculous high armor/resistance (Barbarian-like) just so the pets have a chance to live. The goal for the next Class assessment is to find the perfect balance between Pbaoe style, pet and controls. I really don't mind going in to use pbaoe spells but I do have a problem when monsters kill me too quick even when I already try to stack more armor/resistance than an "average" caster.

And this is a SERIOUS post. :P I won't ditch this class because I enjoy being an unpopular summon/control class. It's funny how every class I play is always the least popular. I don't mind being unpopular but I do mind when the "style" I am looking for isn't good enough. I want better pets and better controls. I can give a s@#$ about my sub-par damage. I don't need the best damage to enjoy this game but I do mind that when I want to make an Addling frog build in act 2 Inferno, I can't survive s@#$. Or when I want to go for channeling spells like Cloud of Bats, I drain my mana so quick and I die because it has a freaking melee range!

And I do enjoy my WD pet build up to Inferno act 2.
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Reroll, that's the only one thing you can do.
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06/18/2012 05:41 PMPosted by Kabalah
well blizz did release stats that say WD is the least played/popular class, so if its a popularity contest the WD fails

That wasn't Blizzard that was a poll on Reddit with something like 15,000 participants.
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Some class has to be best. Some class has to be worst. Worst is probably WD if only because our chief gimic (pets + close range damage) does not scale well at all, nor does CC against the very enemies we need it to work on. Also, as mentioned earlier, our animations are terrible with a few notable exceptions (mostly the CC).

That said, I still have fun. My WD is playable. (Although I have grave concerns about this "lets make repair costs much worse" nerf...I die PLENTY and DO NOT see any reason why I need to pay more to repair my gear.) Indeed, more than playable for some - I watch some streams that force me to acknowledge that I'm just not playing at the same level as other people with seemingly preternatural reaction and timing.

By the way, is it just me is the WD forum the WORST? Literally half the posts are people shilling their crap or asking for price checks. It's pitiful. Maybe I'm just an old, grumpy man...
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Yes, but at least it's challenging. I still have fun in Inferno even though the class is not what I thought I'd chosen.
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I don't think we are the worst class to be honest, it really is about gearing up the way you want to play. Have you seen that video of that WD one shotting butcher with the zombie tower? :P

Seriously though, people keep saying we are not viable without spending tons of time and money on the auction house...have you tried getting a Monk or Barbarian through Act 2 Inferno without buying a ton of gear?

"If I could spam bears or acid rain or bats endlessly it would be so powerful because they do so much damage!" is exactly the reason why our mana is so restricted in the first place, but I do agree they probably over did the mana control for this class a bit too much.

I actually enjoy this class, and I have tried most of the others. I have seen DH and Wiz friends struggling to progress because they die to everything and don't know what to do, so I am pretty convinced it is not a class issue but a skill issue most times.

My only tip is to stop jumping on the splinter or VQ bear/bats bandwagon and just experiment a little. We have successful tank WDs if you want to spend some time farming for gear. (Admit it, caster tanks are the coolest). We have weird CC builds with spider queen which will probably kick !@# once they fix pets. I have been running leaping spiders with phantasm which works. Just play around and if you don't like anything play another class.

The best thing about being the most whiny and "worst" class is probably when 1.1 class balancing patch comes along the most buffs will come here and the most nerfs will probably drop on the people who hopped on the Demon Hunter or Wizard bandwagon. They already nerfed smoke screen and force armor quite awhile back...more to go!
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If anything, we are better than monks.
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I think we are the most misunderstood class. Before a handful of us did proper research, almost everyone and their dog was utterly convinced pets were useless in nightmare already. This led to the misconception that Witch Doctor's are the worst class, they did not know that pets scale with more than just Intelligence. This is probably why most people think we are the worst class, based on how their pets fell like flies due to wrong gear choice.

However, the key feature of the Witch Doctor is the pets, and it is true that our pets are weak, and we need to improvise a lot just to make it work.

We are indeed a weak class, but not hopelessly terrible.
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We're not the best class.

DH and Wizard have us beat by a mile.
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But they are so incredibly...boring.

I almost died at my seat playing a Demon Hunter and a Wizard after playing my Witch Doctor for close to 170 hours.

If you talk about being forced to choose certain skills, they get it worse than us, hardly anyone runs a wizard without Hydra, Teleport, Armor, Magic Weapon, and worse of all, 2 or 3 of them are going to be buffs, so you really actively press only like 3-4 things, which honestly is extremely boring.

The Demon Hunter has an array of useless skills that no one would use, example most will end up using hungering arrow for pretty much the entire game, with smoke screen taking up a perma-slot and preparation to support it otherwise they just die too quick.

You get a lot more control with this class if played well, the CC options are amazing and we do much better in groups. Honestly, fix our pets so they are viable in Inferno and suddenly we will be so much more interesting already.

Patience is a virtue and with the trend of Blizzard caving in to QQing, soon we'll see some nice changes.
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Having played all 5 classes now to at least Hell difficulty, I don't think witch doctor skills are any worse than the other classes' on balance. Sure, the pets are pretty terrible and there are several other skills that seem either redundant or underpowered, but every class has some bad skills.

I do, however, think the witch doctor has the worst resource system. I really hope the class balancing patch that is set to follow 1.0.3 contains a serious reassessment of mana. In particular, I'm just not seeing the justification for witch doctor primary skills having a resource cost. That seems like a very large disadvantage compared to the other classes and isn't much fun to play with.
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Blizzard need to consider class balance for all class
on the WD i think
- better scale on pets
- no cc reduction on elite
- A RANGE NUKE SPELL & a one more survive spell cause u have only SW and spirit vesel
WD is underpower class and he is the least playable in the world because wizard and DH are OP + its a new i think interesting class which not appeared in any rpg\mmo\hack and slash game
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