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Are We The Worst Class?

Or zombie bear with unlimited mana...... i clear act 1 key run mp6 in about 10-15 minutes time and i kill most monster in my way ( have to be at least 3-5 monsters). also able to solo beyond mp6 even mp10 but just takes too long to kill compared to mp6 (1-2 cast).

Zombie bears has 708% dps per cast so effective dps a lot higher than it looks like assuming that u have a good mana regen. Recomended stats are 700 allresis 4500 armour and 50k+ life and mp 10 should be ok, u will also need to have 100k + dps with life leech.

Slow weapon class 1.2 aps best choice, since faster weapon class, you will have difficulties with mana.

Also played babariian, he had unbuffed 120k unbuffed dps, but took lot longer for it to killl monsters in mp5 than my unbuffed 120k dps wd. For babarian to reach same effective dps as wd it requires about 3 times as much as wd ( ie about 300k dps would be equivalent to wd 120k dps). Just my opinion.
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Its funny reading the last few pages. I can't believe you guys think you have it bad.

The ceiling, at least as far as edps wise from what I've read in empirical posts across all 5 class' subforums, for witch doctors should either be 1st or 2nd (if you count SW snapshot gear swap macro exploiting monks) at this point.
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@ OP

Hey, I will come with you and get you through inferno quick on MP1 if you like. Then when you get through Inferno I will help you if you desire run MP-1-5. I will not run fast so you can pick up Items and such. You will need all the gold and stuff you can find at this point.

That is if you will run with a DH.

Update I should of looked at the date this post was started, I guess you don't need anyone now. Sorry
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