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07/10/2012 08:31 PMPosted by Pranksterz
i can't open .agent.db file with wordpad. it says its a database file and blah blah blah. none of any programs on my computer can open up the file. someone help please

if you're able to see the file extension .db in that file

right click on it and select "rename"

change it to .txt and yes to confirm

open it in notepad to make changes

rename it back to .db after you saved your edit
Thank You!
To my fellow Mac users who are suffering, I found a solution on another thread.

1. Open the TextEdit application
2. Open agent.db (do it through a spotlight search)
3. Replace all en__ (whatever your region is, mine is enSG) to enUS
4. Save and close
5. Open launcher.db (through spotlight again)
6. Change it to enUS
7. Save and close, done

You'll have to download the WHOLE 2gb again, but at least it works.

I tried this step by step it still won't work...any help?
thank you so much!
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god bless! thanks soo much! you genius!
Works like a charm! Pls don't ever ever try the chg language method!

I mix method 1 and 2 to reach the latest patch!

easiest method for me,

1. Uninstall the game

Re-install it, during re-installation it will download the previous patch which is fine.

2. After installation close launcher, you will find that in C:\ProgramData\ there's no battlenet folder (this is normal for fresh installations so no need to search for it)

Go into C:\Program Files(x86)\Diablo III\ (or whatever folder you chose) and delete the following,

Diablo III.exe
Diablo III.mfil

Go into C:\Program Files\Diablo III\Data_D3\PC\MPQs\

check EVERY folder and subfolders for any file that contains -10235.MPQ and delete them at all (there should ONLY be 2 of these files for a fresh installation)

3. Load .agent.db in main Diablo 3 folder with wordpad and change patch URL to the following,


save and close

4. Final step is to download the old Diablo III.exe file provided on page 1 of this thread,


stick it into your D3 folder, and load Diablo III Launcher.exe first. It will only give you an option to Install. Exit once!

Re-load launcher.exe again and IT SHOULD DOWNLOAD a very small update file (this file is much BIGGER if you are using another language besides English so be warned),

Once ready to play, launch the game and in your login screen, look at bottom left screen and check the version, <- it must be this number otherwise you will get login error again

Now you will be able to login as normal!


Although there are 'easier' methods that involve language switching (do remember language pack downloads are 2.6gb a piece and MIGHT NOT WORK, because it did not for me) and/or something else besides re-installing, I still think this is the fastest and painless way to update today, so please try it!
In btw, I love how blizzard makes the community figure out how to fix the problem, instead of helping out! Even if they say " Sorry we don't know how to fix the problem" is better then staying quiet!

Gotta love the great customer service and BLUE mods in this game!
Does this work with Mac OS X as well?
this is great post, a million thanks to you....
Hows about, why the !@#$ do we need to edit our system/game folders.... what is this %^-*ing bull!@#$.
i follow this exactally but ended up with unexpected error while updating required files why?
still not working it says problem occured and the game has stopped working wtf
Tried the method in the OP, did not work. Don't have the time to reinstall the game.

devs really wasting our time. I'm done with this game. Never buying a blizzard title as long as a live.
Thank you!
says problem occured and teh game has stopped working
yay i broke my diablo
Thanks for this bro. Helped a lot! Take care! :)
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