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A new patch is available - Workaround

ok i got into the game but my lvl40 Wiz is gone
thanks alot if i could hug you i would. you made my day thanks alot
Thanks man!
i got a question here...im playing here in asia...but im in server The Americas, and i changed the patch client from "enSG" to "enUS"...i did the steps and still not working...

then i go to data_D3 and found this http://i.imgur.com/MfbXG.jpg?1

so its "enSG", i think it must be "enUS", right? what must i do next?

please help
Thanks for your help, it worked without a hitch...
This is what i have in AGENT.DB

"uid" : "diablo3_ensg",
"config" : {
"expansion_level" : 0.000000,
"last_played" : 0.000000,
"update_progress" : 0.000000,
"ptr" : false,
"beta" : false,
"supports_multibox" : false,
"fullpath_hash" : false,
"archive_override_subpath" : "",
"data_dir" : "Data_D3/PC/MPQs/",
"switcher" : false,
"use_sparse" : false,
"patch_url" : "http://enSG.patch.battle.net:1119/patch",
"priority_file_layout" : "Retail",
"product" : "D3",
"updater_product" : "d3_patch",
"update_identifier" : "d3-update-",
"update_method" : "patch on demand",
"update_regex" : "(?P<prefix>d3-update-(?P<dataset>\\w+))-(?P<build>\\d+)\\.mpq$",
"torrent_file_path" : "Diablo III.tfil",
"manifest_file_path" : "Diablo III.mfil",
"priority_file_path" : "Diablo III.pfil",
"binary_version_path" : "Diablo III.exe",
"binary_launch_path" : "Diablo III.exe",
"binary_launch_path64" : "",
"run64bit" : false,
"uninstall_path" : "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Common Files\\Blizzard Entertainment\\Diablo III (3)\\Uninstall.exe",
"alternate" : false,
"installed_locales" : [

And i can't find Battle.net in my program files. i dont have program data in my PC
Thanks bro. It work for me.. :)
Thanks for the advice, but personally I dont see why WE AS THE PAYING CUSTOMER should have to edit files to fix something that occurred because of Blizzards stupid weekly !@#$ing updates... I was playing in an awesome public game on inferno when the server went down for maintenance now the following day I still cant get online... Its a load of bull%^-*, sort your !@#$ out Blizzard for %^-* sake, I didnt pay $80 to have to edit the !@#$ing files to play.
Thanks this worked for me, I installed enUS version while playing on EU servers. Obviously the patch link in the agent.db file was wrong. Fixed it, deleted the agent folder, deleted old update files and replaced diablo.exe... then straight back to the game working again.

I only wonder why such a simple coding issue occurs, while still i guess this fix is not so user friendly to the "average" user, couldn't be fixed by blizzard in a second? idk

Thanks anyway for the thread, great fix.
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Quite disturbing to see so many people raging about a computer game. Seriously, you can't play? Get up go do something else.

I might be useful to add the same step by step process for OSX users.

I could do everything but find the Battle.net/Agent folder which is actually under:
Users > Shared > Battle.net > Agent

Delete the whole Agent folder (after following the steps outlined in the 1st page of this post) and you're sweet.
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still not working ... i dont have BATTLE.NET folder and no agent.db folder ... WTF why am do i need to do this sort of SHT im no tech wiz ... have you ever seen a mechanic tell the client what the problems is in the car and then tell the client to fix his / her own car and thus charging for the service ?
worked like a charm...thanks!
why is it that after 8hrs there are still no blue posts about this issue?
Worked first go
Thanks heaps
this so frustating... fck blizzard tech
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1. Go in your Diablo III folder.
2. Open the .agent.db file on WordPad.(This file may be hidden and please, do not delete this file)
3. find the "patch_url" line and change its value to:
http://enUS.patch.battle.net:1119/patch4. Save and close the file.

5. Now go in the Battle.net folder:

Win 7/8/Vista
Windows XP
C:\Document and settings\All Users\Application Data\Battle.net

(ProgramData and Application Data are hidden folders.)

6. Once inside the Battle.net folder, select and delete the Agent folder. (don't skip this step)

7. Start the Launcher.

this works, thanks Barthus.
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How to settle it if using Mac?
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