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A new patch is available - Workaround

Hey, i've gone through the steps and a few pages, can't really find any solution to my problem. I'm stuck at step 5-6, i've shown the hidden folders as well and i can't find this 'Battle.net' folder or the .Agent file with it.. any assistance here?

Much appreciated and thanks in advance :)
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I think the Blizzard Team is holiday-ing
Thanks... Im wasting my time just to wait as usual.... Luckily im checking the forums :(
This worked for me! I'm playing in Asia but my client is in Americas.

PLS go to your battlene account and download new cilent and chose enUS.. and install.. it will overlap your current cilent to us.. and it work.. just work...


and pls blizzard.. what kind of service u have..
im in philippines .. ive tried this but problem is still the same .. da*!% !
Hey, thanks heaps for the post. Worked a treat - the first one that is. I didn't have to try the second.
Ahhhhh thank you, I can confirm the battle.net account way works.
If you have the endless loop bug where it patches then says diablo 3 is running and exits over and over then got to your account and download enUS, it will overwrite your existing client then you can log in and play.
P.S. Expect a 2gb download though!
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Ive tried your instructions but to no avail yet. I'm playing on an OS X system but the files you asked to edit are all still there. Im playing on the US servers from AUS/NZ. Just keep getting the "Apply the patch" and "Up to date" loop error.
are you blizzard guys sleeping ?
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You my friend! You are a legend!

Thank you so much for posting this!
Worked for me
I am in Melbourne, Bought game from UK online store cheap(ozgameshop) So it is probably EU version, would not let me connect to US/Asia servers so I ended up joining EU, Then had all these patch problems, But having just tried the battle.net account way and downloading enUS version it works for some reason. lol
uh.... where's the diablo exe. i downloaded the old exe so where do i put it?
stupid blizzard they wont update on countries that will receive the update right away they just announced stuff and let us worry about it and sort it out ourselves. what a service you are giving us!
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how much the blizzard aren't doing anything about it?
cheers thanks mate!!
Blizzard really buggered this up. Good stuff Barthus.... I didn't do your fix. But I can confirm that if you live in Aus and reinstall the client from your Battle.net Account, your game will be updated, patched and you will be able to play.... But at a cost of down loading 2.6gig. So if you are in Aus and completely stuffed up... This will get you playing.
You r awesome, patching now. tq
the guy or girl who made this thread has more computer skill the all blizz staff combined.
Blizzard staff= herp derp how do i computer
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too much work
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TYVM Barthus.

The Launcher patched correctly after I changed the .agent file from SG to US & deleted the Agent folder from the hidden ProgramData/Battle.net folder.

My Hero list didn't appear at first, but I changed the Region from Asia to Americas & now we're cooking with gas. No 2GB download necessary either.

<-- Australia
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