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Am i working at blizzard or not? Why i have to fix up the problems for blizzard? I brought this game for fun but not to work on it...If you got any difficulties to work on the updating, please stop updating the system, make sure we can play this game without any troubles. I recently play blizzard games for at least 15 years, but this is the first time i feel upset. Why i have to fix up the problems by myself? We paid for this game, our money paid the guy who work for blizzard. Now, they tell us how to fix up the problems. Thank you so much for the advise.
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Have to do this every time.. not a big deal for me, but for those non techie.. I can see this being a real pain.
If I can't be arsed to kill the mobs for !@#$ty loot why the hell should I have to jump through hoops to fix a bugged patch like this? Thanks for the info though OP.
oh my god.... i am totally fed up with blizzard...
06/26/2012 09:21 AMPosted by Booz
Have to do this every time.. not a big deal for me, but for those non techie.. I can see this being a real pain.

lol for those who aren't techie they just don't play for a few days and then come back and when the versions sync up the problem is "magically solved".. so basically people are without their product for a few days... in business we call this a "complete and utter disgrace"
I did everything Barthus said but it still crashes after it tells me that it is closing to apply the new patch ... :/
It works!!! YAY!!
You're the best!!

Thank you very much! :)

It actually makes a lot of sense now.
Having the servers on the 10057 and your client 10235 you can't log in, so just revert to 10057 and set it to update from the euro server which is still on 10057 so it won't loop again to 10235.

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are the US servers up yet? just thought i'd check here because if i set my client to try login to the americas i'm guessing it'll launch the updater and break the client again
So glad I found this post, thanks for this.
How do you know what server you are on if you have never actually played?
we pay to play

fixing the issue is not OUR job

BLIZZARD is the one who needs to fix this

and im not a techie to easily understand this solutions
Game was released on may 15th.
It's ridiculous that Blizzard still didn't fix such a dumb flaw.
Great job Blizzard!
I will have to try this as I am experiencing the same issue on my laptop but my desktop patch successfully. What's the difference?
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Thank you very much Barthus! Saved me a few hours of re-installing.
Thank You so much..what an easy fix but truthfully BLIZZARD should be preventing thigns like this from happening...We should report them to BBB or the the federal consumer watchdog for not being able to deliver what we paid for.
Didnt help. "http://enUS.patch.battle.net:1119/patch" was already like that in the file... And the agent didnt even want to start, when i double click it it starts to load but for 2 sec then the it stops and the same happens when i click it again... I had this problem fixed in the patch before this one, by reistaling the whole game, but f*** this man, no way..
what's funny is that 99% of posts around here related to issues like this tell people to redownload the entire client.

i wonder how many gigabytes of wasted downloads have happened, when it's just a few lines of code that need changing.
Thank you very much Barthus !!!!!!!!!!!! u really make my day!!!!!!!!!!

everyone should try follow his steps! at least it work for me!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks man that exactly what i was looking for :)
In the support page they just say "download and reinstall the region version" lol they should say "change the agent.db" it is more easy than download the whole game.. thans again !
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