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Hey just to let everyone know. Battle.net folder AND the Diablo 3 folder both have a file called Agent... What I was doing wrong was modifying the agent folder in my Battle.net folder, instead of the diablo 3 folder, thus it wasnt working.

Just followed the steps, modifying the Diablo 3 Agent file, and it worked like a charm.
Anyone know how to fix this on a Mac? I don't see any 'Battlenet' folder.
I tried this but there's no .agent.db file only .agent file and Ive applied the Show Hidden files option...
Yeah, I tried looking it up too, but decided to just !@#$itall, and install the game as enGB as that apparently has no problems. :) Apparently Apples have the stuff hidden better than I can find it.

Takes some time for it to download, but hey, I'm on vacation and not in a hurry anywhere ...
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why should we have to do this? this is rediculous. maybe if the game was more fun i would consider going to these lengths to get the damn client to run.


(sorry for the caps, but I had to give a BIG thank you ^_^ )

Some useless people at blizzard who have no clue about what 'technical' or 'support' is have a lot to learn from you.
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou...

I was NOT looking forward to downloading 7GB AGAIN on my 8mb/s internet...

That's 7000 seconds at a BARE MINIMUM, more like 14000 seconds or 3.5 hours.
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Thanks so much man, You've really helped alot of people especially me <3
this is such garbage. i paid $60 for my game to never work? i cant play 90% of the time.
wont work for me this time.
i play from EU in EU servers. In a way or another it keep looping or say to contact the support.
Can't revert the client to the older state. And if i do, it update itself, and the problems start again.
Can't log in EU, just US.
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Cant log on eu, only us. Tried doing everything, im on a mac and it doesnt work. Do I need to reinstall or just wait for server maintenance to stop (if it is even still going)?
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Cant log on eu, only us. Tried doing everything, im on a mac and it doesnt work. Do I need to reinstall or just wait for server maintenance to stop (if it is even still going)?

i'm pretty sure it will work when your game version will meet the client version.
The fact to me is how to do a clean US or EU client (EU to me) because everytime the client doesn't match the game version this problem start again.
The fact is to have a EU client behind a EU version of the game or viceversa an US client behind a US version of the game.
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thnx soooo much for the fix. helped a bunch :) woot leveling :P
I cant believe i have to mess with game/system files to get my game works. This is just pathetic that there are soo many threads about that error on forum and no rep from Technical Support Team. Usually i don't get ppl who complain and bringing that "what iam paying for" but If I will buy a program i want it to work. I dont want to be a IT specialist and mess with system files to get my product back to work while Technical Support Team stays silent. This is just pethetic. Once again patch and once again uninstall and install. Thanks for nothing Technical Support.
I followed these instructions to the letter and I get "An unexpected error occurred while updating the required files. Please try again" when I open the launcher.
I am a UK client playing in the US servers.
Any ideas?
I think it will work... But my game is back in French mode... I want it in english... for god sake... now I have to reinstall the game ... great...
I tried the workaround. it just didn't do anything, same problem.
Dead set hero

good job, thank you
Anyone can make a batch file(.bat) for automaking that?
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Hasn't worked for me either. I have the US version, and I play in EU. Tried everything, triple checked to make sure that I'm doing it right, and I still get the infinite loop.

I can, however, play on my US account, but my primary characters are in EU, so I'm kind of feeling desperate here. Any help would be very much appreciated.
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