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Can't get Liquid Rainbow.

Sheesh... I do not know how many runs it took me to get Liquid Rainbow or the Gibbering Gemstone.
With the L/R, I got so frustrated that I expressed said frustrations in no uncertain terms in the Barb channel. Very next game, landed it.

Tried same thing (expressing frustrations) with the GG, but no dice. Then Sekta (?) helped me out - NM runs. I think it was the 5th game - BAM! - GG. Made the staff, ran a Whimsyshire.
Very disturbing...

edit: gotta thank Ezzmay for the umpteen dozen runs we made to no avail...
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LR was definitely the hardest for me, followed by the plans. That said, the prohibitive cost (at the time) of upgrading my staff prevented me from doing anything with it for ages.
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I got lucky with the liquid rainbow. First run and I got.
Someone post regarding Followers and the rest of the materials to be in your inventory is untrue. I had my enchantress follower with me and all my mats were in my stash.

The material I had trouble getting was the Gem in Frost Cave (or something). It took me 3 days before that Unique Lacuni boss spawned. =(
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You need the black mushroom cathedral lvl 1, leoric's shinbone leorics manor, wirt's cowbell bought from little girl merchant in new caldeum, liquid rainbow found in dungeon opened by alchemist in the oasis, gibbering gemstone drooped by elite monster in the cavern of frost act 3 and plans for the staff dropped when you kill IzualHope this helps

Just to refine the statement a little:
Black mushroom is in a corner room in cathedral lvl 1 if it's there.
Leoric's shinbone is to be found in the fireplace in the right room before the stairs coming from the entry.
Liquid rainbow drops from the mysterious chest in said dungeon, ie no mysterious chest = no liquid rainbow.
Gibbering gemstome needs Chiltara to be there to drop.
Wirt's cowbell can be bought from one of the merchants in each act2,3 and 4.

Izual normal drops the plans for the normal staff of herding.
In nightmare, hell and (i guess) in inferno the map of the relevant staff can be bought of the merchat next to the healer after the izual quest is done (for 1 gold).

But since you need the normal staff of herding for the upgrades you will need in the end 4 x all the ingredients if you want to make all 4 staves of herding - and it costs a mint.
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Not to sound silly, but I have black mushrooms and rainbow liquid, I dont know what to do with them. Any help pls.
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07/10/2012 07:49 AMPosted by Asmodeus
But since you need the normal staff of herding for the upgrades you will need in the end 4 x all the ingredients if you want to make all 4 staves of herding - and it costs a mint.

You only need all the materials once.
The ingredients for the upgrade to NM Staff, Hell Staff and Inf Staff are just the previous level staff plus gold.

Warrior: If those are the only two things you have then you need to get everything else before they are any use to you. Follow the url posted above for a good guide on what you need to do.
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Cheers for the help. Will keep looking
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Playing Hardcore so I had pretty much forgotten all about the Staff of Herding thing. Then all of a sudden I get this orange drop,,,, I'm thinking "Yippy... My first Legendary". Then I look at this Gibbering Gemstone thing and it does nothing.

So I am !@#$%ing to my 13 yr old daughter who got a legendary drop about 6 hours into the game. She wasn't playing at the time so looks it up for me on her Computer.

"It is one of the parts to the Staff of Herding, Daddy"

"Yay, I am on my way to killing 'My Little Ponies""

"I hate you Daddy"

Gotta love the random drops:D
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85 Undead Mage
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IT took me 6 hours to collect all parts and plans. 5 of those hr were spent trying to get LR to spawn. others dropped 1st try some more then that. Just keep grinding away and you'll get em.
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wooo fracker finally dropped! just took about 50 tries at least..
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It helps if you have friends to do the search as well. That way, once it spawns you just invite them and then pick it up. I did this with a few mates to find all the pieces for the Staff.
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Isn't pony land useless now anyway?
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07/10/2012 05:09 PMPosted by Kalix
You only need all the materials once.

Not if you want to have all 4 staves.

Btw, all ingredients easy for me except the gibbering gemstone - found only 5 so far (3 sc, 2 hc)
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what you mean all 4 staffs ?

You guys the plan to upgrade from the Bs trainer before you kill diablo
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what you mean all 4 staffs ?You guys the plan to upgrade from the Bs trainer before you kill diablo

There are 4 versions of the staff: normal, nightmare, hell & inferno

The normal plan drops of Izual (any difficulty, often but not always), the other plans can be bought after killing Izual on the higher levels (perhaps even earlier in act4, not sure).

For the normal you need those 4 special items, wirt's bell and a little bit of gold.
For the nightmare version you need only the normal staff (which will vanish) and gold.
For the hell version you need only the nightmare staff (which will vanish) and gold.
For the inferno version you need the hell staff (which will vanish) and gold.

Which in the end means that if you want to have all four staves you need to make 4 x the normal version, 3 x the nightmare version and 2 x the hell version plus the inferno one.
So you need to find 4 x the rare ingredients, buy 4 x wirt's bell and have plenty gold to have all four versions at the same time. (And you can double that if you want both sc versions and hc versions.)
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I found the mushroom in a public game and had no idea what it was for. Put it in my stash. Then a mate took me for a run through Whimsyshire, so I started looking for the bits. Got the shinbone on the first attempt. Got the plans after 3 or 4 runs through that area. Took something like 100 runs across both the other areas to get the gemstone and the rainbow though. I had pretty much given up, but then some other mates wanted to do farming runs through there to find the bits. Got both remaining bits on the same night. Random is.....well....random ;)
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Asmodeus why on earth would you want to have all four 'versions'?
The inferno staff opens normal, nm, hell and inferno ponys.
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