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Monk: Tempest Rush (still broken)

I realize it's impossible for Blizzard to see and/or respond to each post, but I suppose the only way to possibly get acknowledgement that the skill is broken is to keep trying to post.

Tempest Rush has issues communicating the character's position to the server. More often than not, when you use the skill, you'll get randomly dropped back to where you started using the skill from, even after multiple seconds' worth of channeling and running away using the skill. As it's often used to escape danger, it really sucks when the server has no idea where you are, and ports you right back into the middle of what you tried to get out of, with less spirit than you had before, and a high likelihood of getting smashed to pieces.

INB4 trolls suggest client-side lag (ping always <100).
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I suspect this happens with a lot of skills/spells though (and yes I've experienced it on rare occasion with Tempest Rush as well). Some of it is on our end and a lot of it is on either internet provider's end or Blizzard's end. I use the wormhole rune ability.. it should allow me (with my current attack speed/casting speed) to teleport up to about 4 times in 2 seconds... but I will often attempt to teleport and the game will interrupt my chain of teleports and loop me back to teleport number 1 or 2 and I die... This isn't due to the monsters stunning me or slowing me and this isn't due to lag/bad ping etc.. I have a great connection.. always below 100.. this is due to the game wanting to remind me why I never play hardcore (even though I want to)...Because with nonsense like this happening, often on Blizzard's end (which is outside our control).. who in his/her right mind would play hard core? So much about teleport is broken.. you should be thankful you have your broken (but less so broken) Tempest Rush.. it is much more useful than the abominated version of teleport they force our Wizards to use (instead of the real teleport spell...)..
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Yup, sorry but Tempest rush is still broken.

Here is yet another novel idea... Improve some of the monks other skills so there is a way out of a bad situation.

aye seems to me all the other classes have outs that are currently functioning, why ignore the monk?
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