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Cannot Upgrade Staff of Herding

I had been hunting for quite some time for all the ingredients for the staff of herding and after defeating Izual a few times, he would not drop the plan for the staff. Later in the game, I received an achievement for teaching the Blacksmith a recipe, even though I had not. Eventually I found the plan while playing multiplayer, and taught it to the Blacksmith and was able to create the staff. I created a staff in Normal difficulty and was fairly excited to have it. I continued on to nightmare to get the Nightmarish plans, but Izual is only dropping plans for the regular staff, and when I talk to the Blacksmith, he is requesting that I make a whole new staff instead of offering the upgrade like my friend's account. I am not sure if it has to do with receiving the achievement before I was supposed to and if the glitch is there, but is seems I won't be able to upgrade my staff until the problem is fixed.

Thanks for your assistance.
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you need to beat nightmare if you whant to upgrad it to nighmarish staff. the npc who sell the plan is at act 4 or 3 dont remember just to the left of the mercenarie.

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you have to buy the plans from guy in act 4 but I did that and it still does the samething as your saying for me I have 3 staffs now and hell plans and nightmare and it still keeps trying to get me to mae a staff
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Im in Inferno and it still will no let me upgrade in hell or nightmare
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show a screenshot of your blacksmith staff section along with your situation explained better meelertime. you have 3 staff of what? you made 3 whole staff of herding?
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yeah I made 3 stafs of herding normal nightmare and hell and then I found out all I needed to do is upgrade the staff and all the videos I seen said it was 1 gold for the plans well it was 20000 and when I go to blacksmith it gets me to made a new staff not upgrade it
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Buy the Nightmare plans from the shopkeeper in Bastion's Keep Act 4. You need to use your Town Portal or a Waypoint to get back to Bastion's Keep after entering Act 4 Nightmare. Once you have purchased the Nightmare plans for 1g, you can teach this recipe to the Blacksmith by interacting with him and then right-clicking the plan in your inventory. Scroll through the Blacksmith's Weapon list to the Staff section and select Nightmarish Staff of Herding. To create this staff, you will need a Staff of Herding as the only ingredient in addition to the gold cost.
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ok I have tryed every quest in act 4 nightmare and only the prime evil one has the staff plains and it is still 20k and I have them already I have completed all of act4 again and still samething everytime I do it
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ok made yet another staff of herding and tryed to upgrade it after I made it again and could not upgrade it
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If you don't have the plan, you won't be able to perform the upgrade. The plan won't magically appear in Haedrig's list - you have to purchase it from the vendor (found near the followers in Bastion's Keep) then teach it to Haedrig as you would any other.

To actually buy the plan requires you to have defeated Izual in the difficulty you're trying to make the purchase for. Note that this only applies to Nightmare and above, as the Normal pattern is a drop from Izual. After you've defeated Izual, teleport back to Bastion's Keep (use the waypoint or your Town Portal - doesn't matter) and check the aforementioned vendor. He should have a pattern available for 1g, in addition to the potions he will normally stock. Teach the pattern to Haedrig and upgrade your staff.

As mentioned in brief, though I'll explain further, you need to be on Nightmare difficulty at that point to purchase the Nightmare patter, Hell difficulty for the Hell pattern, and Inferno difficulty for the Inferno pattern. All three are available from the same vendor and only ever in a game where Izual has been defeated (simply having killed him isn't sufficient - you need to still be on a quest beyond where he would be dead). Note also that the various staves will work on any difficulty up to their own difficulty, so you only need to craft one and upgrade it - you don't need one of each.
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Well I tryed killing Izual in nightmare and it is samething when I go back to buy the plans it is 20000 and when I go to blacksmith it gets me to try and make a new staff tryed it with both my lvl 60 that are in infrno everytime I try to it is same thing time after time
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You said you purchased the Nightmarish plans for 20K gold.

Next you need to teach the plans to the Blacksmith: go to the Blacksmith, click him and choose "Craft", then right click on the Nightmarish plans in your inventory.

Then the crafting list will show "Staff of Herding" and also "Nightmarish Staff of Herding".

Finally craft the "Nightmarish Staff of Herding", which uses your existing normal Staff of Herding as its only ingredient (plus gold).
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