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500 gold each time I'm hit, what a JOKE.

EDIT: Further testing: It appears that the first hit incurs a massive bump in the repair cost from zero, and every hit thereafter is a much smaller increment, though still significant. I'm not sure whether it is based on damage taken, number of times being hit, or what. At this point I can say that it is most definitely NOT a 1:1 ratio of hits taken/damage take related to repair cost.

I still think the repair cost is too high, but the above slightly changes my outlook below, though I still feel similar overall. I think there could be a better way to discourage death.

Original post:

Just for fun, I decided to see how much getting hit cost with the new repair costs.

I restarted Act 1 Fields of Misery until a vendor was spawned. I chose this for "lowest" possible cost in inferno. I went out and got hit on purpose by various mobs, and immediately went in and repaired my gear.

The average cost per hit was nearly 500 gold, and I don't even have that great of gear (30k/30k post nerf).

I understand raising the repair cost for death, but punishing players for playing? NEVER getting hit is not a reasonable expectation of the dev intention to "force players to use more efficient tactics".

I am fairly decent at not getting hit considering I play a ranged class and have played past A1 inferno, but this is just absurd.

I can't even IMAGINE the amount of money this is going to cost melee classes. I'm a ranged class and it's still ridiculous.

Blizzard isn't punishing players for dying, they're punishing them for playing.

I can live with the increased repair cost for death, but what would make much more sense is this:

Leave the old repair costs the same. Every time the player dies, they are taxed a percentage of their gold. This would be equally painful for all players, not only very poor players.

Right now the additional repair cost excessively punishes the players that can least afford it, those that are trying to gear up new characters to progress, and don't have very much gold. The players that can easily keep from dying, typically already have so much gold that they don't care about an extra 30k even if they did die.

This is truly the most poorly thought out patch I've ever seen in a video game, in the entire 20 years that I've been actively PC gaming (not counting childhood).
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It is kinda funny when you put it this way
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There isn't even enough gold dropping in-game now to cover the cost of repairs per run,it's backwards gameplay
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i take 10 hits in act 3 and i dont die. repair costs per hit is 50 gold for me. well this means something is wrong with u instead
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Broken gear and no gold to repair.

Working as intended



F**K you blizz
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lol jk.

Seriously, this is broken.

EDIT: Just adding that for me one pack of white mobs = 700g in repairs.
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Weird, I have 1500 repair bills from clearing one area if I do not die in act 1 inferno. Maybe you are bugged or something, 500 gold per hit would be really really excessive, and I am not seeing that sort of cost on my character.
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06/19/2012 02:57 PMPosted by Twinsen
Weird, I have 1500 repair bills from clearing one area if I do not die in act 1 inferno. Maybe you are bugged or something, 500 gold per hit would be really really excessive, and I am not seeing that sort of cost on my character.

depends on iLvl
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06/19/2012 02:56 PMPosted by jup2000
Blizz "working as intended, now go use the RMAH"

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the philosophy is we make it so bad, that when we fix it people will shut up about the rest of the dumb design we goofed up with.
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agree. Awful idea Blizzard. Just take money when someone dies. I you're a tank, you are going to go broke.
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i couldnt say it any better myself but i m quitting because i got stuck in act 1 inferno for like 2 !@#$ing months and then they promise its gona be more awesome and i would be able to progress again

well i log in i after a week or so of not playing i have 50k gold and all my %^-* was broken because i logged without repairing. so after waiting 2 months to get further in the game i cannot even repair my !@#$ing gear. i have 5k gold left now and half my %^-* is still broke. im not going to go back to hell difficulty because i want to get further in the game not go back.

seriously bull!@#$ d2 was one of my fav games of all time and its the reason i played wow at all

but i cant do this.... ppl ruined this game by complaining that it didnt come fast enough. and now they are trying to fix a broken game and now ppl are complaining even more.
i cant and will not go back to hell difficulty just to make 100k gold for playing 5 hours with broke gear just to repair my gear just to progress in the game

that was the last straw ive been lying to myself saying that i think this game is going to get better and anyone else trying to tell them selves otherwise is wasting their time with a game they are not having fun with

d2 there was look galore and the stuff u found was actually better than what u had which made it so %^-*ing awesome

but i am at lvl 60 and i have to pay 20 million gold for some good gear because i cant just go out and find it and to get to that point i would first have to go back in the game to kill !@#$ and make money.... %^-*ing pointless im not doing it anymore id rather play flash games where at least im having fun

it seems like they just want only the best players to play this game or they dont want ppl beating this game in 2 weeks

so it goees back to what i said earlier PEOPLE ruined this game for the most part

all i want to do is have fun find gear kill !@#$



from the looks of the general disc forum it seems like a lot of ppl are quitting now because of 1.0.3wanted to add something
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