Diablo® III

500 gold each time I'm hit, what a JOKE.

***Leave the old repair costs the same. Every time the player dies, they are taxed a percentage of their gold. This would be equally painful for all players, not only very poor players.***

too much like diablo 2 and god knows we can't have ANYTHING in diablo 3 be like anything that was in diablo 2

is this sarcasm?

and for me, repairing is cheap. a full repair (EVERYTHING broken) always only costs me around 11k
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I can't believe its so dumb i'm broke and now i'll never have money lol
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This begs the question: What has Blizzard been doing with this game for the past 8 years?
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hahahahahahaha range glass cannons take that
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06/19/2012 02:56 PMPosted by Prodigy
i take 10 hits in act 3 and i dont die. repair costs per hit is 50 gold for me. well this means something is wrong with u instead

You have awful gear then or you're in hell. I paid 1k to repair 2 dura loss.
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06/19/2012 03:00 PMPosted by FadeXF
I think you are just trying to drum up emotion here and anyone who tests this themselves will see you aren't being very honest here.

I logged in to test it, and after some playtime and two deaths, almost 15K gold to repair. I did those on purpose to see how bad the cost would be.
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yup game is stupid as !@#$ blizzard is %^-*ing up
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D2 made you lose like 1/2 your gold and current xp to next level. You also had to grab your gear while wearing 0. Although you died less in D2...
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Yup. Not that this is the straw that broke the camel's back (it's been in traction for weeks now), but it's pretty hilarious to log into a 30K repair bill on my mediocre-geared wizard.

My faith in bliz has never been anywhere close to absolute, but the way this game has turned out considering the amount of time they have taken with it has pretty much bottomed out my expectations from them. Oh well. GW/TL 2 soon?
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im done with D3. Had my fun, no complaints, but I don't feel like I'm enjoying this grind anymore. And I don't want to spend rl money on it.
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In WOW, we pay $15 monthly. In D3, we pay 1.5M gold repairs monthly. So repair === monthly subscription.
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Learn how to make gold reliably and efficiently.

If you can't figure out how, you will get !@#$ed in D3 and probably deserve it.

your a !@#$ing idiot they nerfed 90% of the gold drops in game stop letting crap ooze from your mouth you have no idea what your talking about alot of player just want to play we dont want to be forced to farm gold... and last time i checked gold got nerfed cuz players where farming it
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Yeah they really need a fix for this already this patch has hurt the game in a few areas.

The biggest problems I see are,

The crazy !@# repair costs now

Breakable objects not dropping anything except gold once in awhile take a lot of fun out of it! Since the first one that was part of the fun was exploring and breaking things, now its a waste of time to smash things.

Other then that I think the patch was awesome, brings down crafting costs, bringing down jewelcrafting.. but gold is precious in this game and repairs take it all away.
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I am a 60 DH trying to progress through act 2 inferno. I can kite most mobs and take down packs with out dying fairly often. I spent 1 million gold in repairs getting from magdah to belial today, banging my head against unfortunate affix packs and belial. I can no longer afford to progress in the game.
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Have ot keep in mind for those saying "i do act 1 and it only costs me x amount" Repair cost go up considerably when your gear does.

If your a barb running around act 1 inferno with mixed gear lvl 51-60 (where I started in inferno) repairs are far cheaper then if your running through with a majority of 60-63 gear.

As far as melee dodging blows. reg melee hits cannot be "dodged" the mob still hits you even if you run out of melee range, this is by bliz's design. If you are within melee range you WILL take hits, and incur a repair bill, as does hitting a target as well. Range has less of an issue with repair costs then melee since they kite and out distance the melee hits.

Even breaking objects incurs durability damage.
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I've done some further testing.

I posted an update to the OP, the repair cost is NOT linear. The first hit incurs a HUGE bump from zero, and the increments get smaller after that. Just as an example, If the first hit was 250 gold, the second and third were 300 and 350. I'm not sure how it scales yet, or whether it is based on hits taken, damage taken, or both.

I got the above result from testing individual hits by Plague Carriers.

I'm not sure exactly what it is calculated on at this point, but it's most certainly NOT a 1:1 ratio like I thought it was.
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Agree, and now we have less ways to get money since the breakable objets nd enviorement are giving us less money and no items anymore.
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