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500 gold each time I'm hit, what a JOKE.

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I'm from an hour into the future. After I was finally able to actually get the game open, I spent all my money to reapir all my gears (didn't die once, just from playing through). So now I have no gold and all my gear is red. And I can't even buy gold from the rmah yet (not that I ever will). So I have to sell all my broken gear to repair my gear. but now I have no gear to repair. Guess I'm done with this game.
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Odd, I was playing a couple hours ago, and while the cost was a little higher, it wasn't bad actually. I went in, fought to Magdah and then killed her. Died once, and obviously as a barb took a lot of hits. Repairs were only around 10k, which while very high, seems ok, considering before I would be paying double that due to the number of deaths I would incur, and never make it to the boss.
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06/19/2012 02:58 PMPosted by Judelawl
i couldnt say it any better myself but i m quitting because i got stuck in act 1 inferno for like 2 !@#$ing months

the games only been out for just more than a month O.o
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You could go break pots and objects for gold. Oh wait.. Nevermind.
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06/19/2012 02:54 PMPosted by Vindemi
Right now the additional repair cost excessively punishes the players that can least afford it, those that are trying to gear up new characters to progress, and don't have very much gold.

RMAH is for gearing.

As previously stated, "WaI"...
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Wyatt Cheng: It's something we're still choosing a value on, we haven't settled on anything, but it's mostly a matter of degree. Let's say my repair cost after the change is 40K. How long does it take to get 40K? Current estimates are that if you are playing in Act 1 Inferno (to use as an example), vendoring the blues that you pick up, and running solely with the 75% gold find from the Nephalem Valor buff you'll make anywhere from 120K-150K an hour, easily. Since it takes 10 deaths to fully break your gear, you're basically looking at 30-40 deaths per hour. I don't know - that seems like a lot.

Right off of the home web page.
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Cleared all of act 3 inferno on my barb without dieing, had a 9k repair cost at the end, the wizz with me had a lower repair vost, around 6k (also didnt die). I tank all the mobs and gear is all ilvl62+. Your either lieing or your gear is bugged either way you are wrong.
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Why are players now the treasure goblins?
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Only way to have gold to repair is to play the AH... only way to sell on AH is to farm, and with drops and item rolls, need the luck of winning the powerball to get something worth selling.

Only way to Farm is to have gold to start...

so good old saying, takes $$ to make $$,

I am all for a gold dump in game, but ffs, now it is pointless, just stop playing the story and buy low sell high on AH.

I have an Idea for a FUN, and I MEAN FUN game blizz.... take your love parts, put them in a random doorway in the house, and.... yup SLAM THAT DOOR! wooo lets you know you are alive, a much better way to pass the time then playing D3
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This game seems to be tarnishing blizz's good reputation.
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Did you know you suffer durability loss for just casting and doing damage with spells.? Yes this means you can still lose money if you dont get hit at all.....
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06/19/2012 03:02 PMPosted by Jables
When you think about it, durability loss on death doesn't make any sense at all.

since when?? gear lost durability in D2 on death..Easy fix, get indestructable items.

Not true. In Diablo 2, you would lose gold in Normal, and gold and exp in Nightmare and Hell. None of these penalties make any sense, really.
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06/19/2012 02:56 PMPosted by Prodigy
i take 10 hits in act 3 and i dont die. repair costs per hit is 50 gold for me. well this means something is wrong with u instead

So you don't attack anything, either? Because you still lose durability from attacking. Lie more please.
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My Demon Hunter is a gold sink. It is not even worth playing with it. 11k gold each time I die...
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Weird.. I did a complete Warden w/ 5 ==> Butcher w/ 5 as a barb and only cast 4k gold to repair at the end. Pretty sure I got hit more than 8 times.
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