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They should give us a refund. I'm so pissed. I logged on this morning hoping to be db,e to get pass the fcking skele king. And boom! You have to upgrade! Omfg, if I didn't pay for this I'd have quit. In fact I don't see why I had to pay as it is a free trial version that I paid full price for

Get this fixed blizzard. Seriously, it's Saturday, I was gonna play to get passed act one but now it looks like I'm just gonna have to do complain and tell everyone how they were right and I shouldn't have bought this game.
I'm now post 72 hours and still at the Started Edition. Beyond WTF. Authorizing credit cards is now some new concept that requires 72+ hours?? In the USA?!? Even in the olden days you could verify a card and charge quicker than that.
Crappiest experience ever when buying a digital copy. The WTF moment of the month.

If this is not fixed for tomorrow's morning, I will ask for a refund and will never buy a Blizzard game again. Period.
obviously blizzard dont care about player's experience , we pay for it expecting a full game, and yet we get a starter edition ... wtf ...
I call bs on the "it is a necessary step".

What is stopping the people that are doing it, from just going and buying it retail and bypassing your terrible attempt to comabt them?

AND, why do the old, and in good standing accounts have to go through this? You guys need to either use a different method, or make it so only new accounts have to do this or something, If you are trying to combat fraud and malicious activity, why would you ristrict and punish people that have had played and had accounts for a long time on other of your games? It makes no sense.
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Does bizzard offer your money back if you bought the download version???
I was in the closed invitation beta. Didn't purchase till last night. Installed the game, then my account was immediately locked the moment I tried to log in. Forced to change passwords and do some SMS code thing just to log in (you would think I was logging into an N.S.A. mainframe or something). Stared new toon. Upon entering the game my beta achievement showed up (which is nice). Got to SK and now here I am posting in this thread because apparently I might be some criminal/hacker/botter guy, who you trusted enough to give a Closed beta invite too (not won through contests), but apparently my Online Payment needs to be verified over the course of many days, so that I may venture forth beyond the only place I ever got to play too during the Beta...(oh joy, I just paid $65 to play the exact same content I was limited too for months for free) I've never heard of a single online purchase of any product requiring this. Especially on a transaction so small as 65 bucks. This is just silly. I know it's a bug, being masked as a review process. Otherwise there would have been some indication during purchase that I would not receive my product for "72 hours". So much for digital download being a convince!? <--see what I did there Bashiok?

I hope this all gets fixed soon. I'd hate for you to loose a ton of customers who never get passed the SK because they opted for refunds, rather then endure this silly process.
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amazing bad luck from me, i was conviced to go to store buy the game today, but then I though I will buy online now since i go store only later on afternon.

I buy game all correct, select payment, but there is no "alert" saying that game will not be available till 72h at all!!!

now game stucks at 13? Can you alert people before they buy the game? so they can decide go to store and buy game instead.

My wish was to ask for a refund now, not for waiting 72h that could be comprehensive, but for not alerting people before!! on the time you click to buy the game. A simple windows was all good and nobody could complain after because they knew this limitation.

Well hope this is not real 72h.
So after reinstalling the game, my account got locked. I reset my password and now everything works fine.

I wonder whether Blizzard activated my account or I just got into a workaround.
This is ridiculous. I agree with everything else that's been said, but there's one thing I'd really like to emphasize:

If, for some reason, you don't remove the content restrictions, then please make the cutoff somewhere that doesn't require you to replay the quest. Just make the starter edition cut off when you go back to town or something. Of course, it would be better if you just didn't put these content restrictions in at all.
My account also list the game as standard edition, transaction was processed by my bank. Nevertheless, I can't get past the SK; tried twice, lost all progress twice.

I paid $60 USD for a full product and only received a demo. This one is going to the BBB to complain and I'm also considering legal action.

This is unheard of. What happened to the Blizzard who cancelled Lord of the Clans because it wasn't good enough? Now, all they did is take their sweet time to dump this steaming pile on us. It's all about their !@#$ing profits.
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guys ....i just bought the game june 19 2012.. then when i got home so excited. i heard diablo 3 has a maintenance or somesort...i heard it from my friend... so i continue to install the game..

after few hours..my friend told me that diablo 3 is up.so i hurriedly to activate my game key and play diablo 3 after few hours of intense gaming like mad ! i got myself to lvl 15 and act 2(a monk)

then i sleep...afterwards i try to play again in the evening then just how ironic it gets it says i got account lock ? wtf? just bought game ... >_<

tried logging to battlenet is says lock due ti suspicious acts blah blah..

then i got mail from blizz to chnge pass...

email/name didnt exist......

why????is this what i get for buying your game

my other account cant log...just made this 1
This is beyond shady. Anybody else feel that this has to do with money tied up in the RMAH? Whether it's employees siphoning from the sales commissions, or Blizzard not reporting correct numbers regarding their cut and getting put on hold by the government, or whether they're getting undercut by some savvy coders, I'm willing to bet 100% that this is about a problem with the RMAH and that no one here will receive any answers or assistance until they've sorted it out...
Well I just bought D3 4 days ago... I had access to the auction house, and was able to play to act 2 on my friends game, but stopped capped at 13... I just changed my password and that seemed to fix the leveling problem but I can't join any of my friend's games...
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Hey all!

My apologies for my silence after the initial post. I had forwarded the situation about players being content locked (lvl 13, Skele King) during the review period to my management and was waiting for the official word.

The official word is here.

I'm extremely glad to see that the content lock was a goof on our part and that we'll be correcting it very soon. That being said, there are still reports of the occasional player who remains on Starter Edition restrictions after 72 hours. If that happens to you, the easiest way to resolve it is to change your Battle.net password. Doing so will refresh your account in our database and undo whatever "jam" is blocking the change-over. In the meanwhile, we'll keep ironing out the kinks on our end. Thanks all!
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First Blizzard purchase for me, and my last. I wouldn't be so annoyed if they'd have notified me of this before taking my money.
Password Change worked for me after about 6 hours or so. You Must enter the Skeleton Kings Chamber before any changes take effect(after changing your password and ONLY after your purchase status say's completed.

I'm glad it's working now. I'm still stunned that there was a wait at all.

I guess I'm thankful!?
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Seriously all of you are complaining like babies. It's really funny to see you so upset about a game. Of course your going to be charged right away there is no delay in payment when you pay for the game.


Waiting 3 days isn't bad, go out and do something with your lives.
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