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i was having the same problem as all you guys for the last four days. i tried resetting password and all that = nothing. i exited d3 and read these forums and ironically when i started it back up everything was fine
There's nothing wrong with complaining about something you paid for. The opposite is the abnormal.
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You sneaky !@#$%^-s.
woot yeah my account says Standard Edition now and STILL it says need to upgrade whenever i fight skeleton king.. WE SHOULD DEFINITELY GET A COMPENSATION FOR THIS!!! but think about how you can activate our diablo 3 fast.
Pretty sure I've spent more time on the Technical Support forums then the actual game....
Just purchased the game, same issue after the Skeleton King.

Thanks Blizzard for the kick in the nuts to someone who just dropped $60 on a digital copy of you're game.

Next time I wont be using you're store, I will be buying a hard copy from someone else so I don't get treated like a potential criminal.
This is the worst idea I've heard in a long time. My wife and I bought this together and she used the guest pass on her account and then upgraded as we figured we only needed one disk. Had I known about this farce we would have either bought a second copy or just bought a Wii game instead.

It sucks that I finally got a game my beautiful bride would play with me and this crap happens. For the sake of young minds I won't repeat what she has to say about this waiting period. But let's just say that whomever came up with this lousy idea is lucky they aren't in artillery range.
Bought the game yesterday digitally with a friend. His account got activated to full in 3 Hours. I'm still stuck on Starter version even though I checked my bnet account where it says Standard Edition :|
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Bought the game over 72 hours! But my account is still stuck on Starter version even though I checked my battlenet account where it says Standard Edition ! This is terrible!
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I has hesitant to buy this game as blizzard is not really my favorite. After this BS I can tell you I will never buy another blizzard product again. Good job
Unbelievable, i played alot of games but this !@#$ never happen. Good one blizzard you succed to enter in history of games by doing this crap.

Do not expect from us to buy again another title from Blizz. Not even ubisoft do this %^-*...

Gz and hf
I am experiencing this issue as well. I paid for the game in full using my credit card back on Wednesday. I was told yesterday by a Blizzard tech rep the following:
You opened this ticket at
2012-06-23 19:58:04 GMT. So it'll be about 4 more hours til you can gain full access.

As you can see it is LONG past 4 hours after that time indicated above and I still do not have full access to the game. This is 100% unacceptable. I have paid for a product. This is not a level of quality that blizzard normally delivers, I am extremely disappointed.
i have had the fully purchased game for more than three days now and im still getting the starter addition message after i kill skeleton king blizzard fix FAST
Thought I'd add to the discussion here that I've been experiencing the same problem. I thought at first it was an issue with not having linked my digital copy to us.battle.net but after endlessly trying to fix what I thought was my mistake and completing Act 1 again, I was prompted with the same message: Upgrade.

I find it appalling that they can charge $59.99US with a known issue that prevents you from actually receiving what you paid for. Sounds akin to fraud. If this issue isn't resolved soon I'll request a charge-back through my CC company and forget about Diablo III.
This is the best Blizzard gaming experience I've ever had!

My account has been linked to World of Warcraft since 2010, linked to Starcraft II since shortly after it launched, has SMS-notifications linked with my phone and most recently, I was smart enough to opt-in the convenient experience of purchasing the digital edition of D3.

Thanks to Blizzard's amazingly customer orientated new approach, I can't get passed the Skeleton King either, but instead of getting upset over that or demanding my money back, I actually realized that this is just Blizzard's way of guiding you to play through the game up to Leoric with every single class several times over!

This way you won't end up regretting your character choice later in the game. Also since your gold is shared between your characters, you're guaranteed to have decent starting capital by the time somebody at Blizz eventually, sort of, maybe (or not) ever decides to declare you to not be a potential criminal, credit card fraudster, gold farmer, animal abuser, controversial political activist or a critic of our eternal CEO Bobby Kotick.

So to all you whiners and flamers out there, before complaining, ask yourself: "Do I really want to play in the same Battle.net with people who flip off kittens by the box-load?"

Yeah, I didn't think so.

Thank you Blizzard, specifically for not informing me about any of these measures in advance and protecting me and all the other "undesirables" from making informed decisions in regards to our digital purchases.

So yeah, enjoy my 60 bucks Blizzard, you earned them. And now excuse me while I cap my fifth hero at 13 =)

Love you lots and keep up the good work,

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I am going to add a complaint to this
Same issue, killing skeleton king woot

Current status: Waiting for my Diablo III shackles to unlock so I can get passed the skeleton king.

Length of current status: 74 hours and 11 minutes and counting.

This is soooo not cool!
...78h and still w8ing
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