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K, just killed skeleton king... changing pw twice worked... btw I noticed that after changing it my area changed to Global
When you guys say changing password, do you guys also have an authenticator attached? I'm changing my password like a mad man and I'm not getting any results
Being that it's a work around it falls short

I've tried it all

And yes, I can access chat

explain that
Same problem, can access chat but every time I kill the SK, it asks me to upgrade. Really not keen to keep trying work arounds like changing my password, and going through the game again only to reach the same problem.
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It would be valuable to hear that this is a known problem that Blizzard can reproduce, and that they are working on it.
Mine started working, totally out of the blue it would seem. Yes, I'd tried password resets, I'd tried public groups, I'd tried whatever else is floating around there. I killed the skele king with a group, logged out, logged in, nothing.

Was sitting there logged in, decided to log out once more to consider changing the password again, logged in instead, and suddenly I noticed my chat was working.

I still couldn't take on a new quest, had to kill skele king again, but it's now open

This tells me they're going through accounts one by one fixing the problem and I just found my place in line.
So i have 2 days off, i just purchased the game and now your telling me i am refused service passed act 1?

Great business plan Blizzard.

Needless to say i tweeted a few gaming sites to see how they handle the news :)

BREAKING NEWS: Blizzard locks new customers out of content for three days!?!

Just played through it again, no joy, still asked to upgrade.

Complete joke...
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Why don't you tell people they have to wait 72 hours if they buy online. I would have just bought the game at the store if I had known that.
Freaking stupid. If I'd had known of this limitation for purchasing digitally...I would have drove to the store.
Well, I see its still not fixed, just tried once again. my payment status now says completed and not queued. so they definatly have my money, I was in contact with my bank today and they made me aware that It is more then likely they can get my money returned to my account, they also told me that they have never heard of such a thing from an online purchase ( i told them its pretty much a 3 day probation period, wich it is.) they said at most they heard of was 24 hours for processing. and my payment was processed sooner then that.
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i don't think it's a "fix" i think it's the 72 hours issue. The level 13 cap sticky is the same issue as the starter edition issue. It is communicated very poorly, but it does all seem to be related. that, paired with the lack of blue reply (because in their eyes, this is a known issue and posted in a parent / sticky)
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Thank god!! i thought i was the only one with this issue. i was going bat-crap crazy because i thought something went wrong :o
Was having the same problem. Check my fix thread here:

have you guys been playing through all the quests up until skeleton king every time or do you just change the quest to the skeleton king quest before you click start game?
Yeah I had no clue about this, bought it yesterday on my last day before I have 3 days full of 10 hour shifts, so I could enjoy it. Beat skeleton king twice and get the same BS. needless to say I was livid.
So if this fix works, then what's with the 72 hours? That's just a lie?
They tried to pull this bull!@#$ with my brother the other day when he bought it, we got around it by me starting a game past the skeleton king and inviting him over into my game. Dont know if this will work for everyone. Blizzard is so full of %^-*, Is it even legal for them to pull some !@#$ like this? They gave no notification about this at all when he purchased it. They cant withhold a product from someone that has paid full price
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06/19/2012 06:11 PMPosted by Kaltonis
We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is a necessary step to combat fraud and other malicious activities that can weaken everyone's play experience.

Then why are you the only ones who do this?
06/21/2012 11:22 AMPosted by Sir
We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is a necessary step to combat fraud and other malicious activities that can weaken everyone's play experience.

Then why are you the only ones who do this?

Exactly, this is a load of !@#$, its not combating any fraud nor is it necessary. Every step blizzard has made with this game has %^-*ed over the people that have paid for the game. Do they not realize that the !@#$ they are pulling encourages piracy??? There WILL be a crack that someone will put together eventually and people WILL pirate the game. All of this dumbass %^-* is for nothing other than screwing us over. People got around their !@#$ for starcraft 2, its gonna happen again here.
Whelp, was just about to buy it in a few days, guess I'm holding back my purchase, I'll buy that other competitor's game for $20, nice going blizzard.
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