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Wow, i feel for you guys. I'll also make sure any (read - IF) i purchase any future titles they will not be the digital edition as SC2 and D3 have been. Especially if this is the crap being pulled.
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Contacting customer support for refund. If they don't refund, I'll contact credit card company to start the charge back on the purchase. I won't be "Hanging tight".
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This is crap. I paid for a *full* game, and I'm not allowed to have it. Either this changes ASAP, or I start looking into fraud/class action status.
I tried calling support. "All of our hold queues are full so we cannot take your call at this time."
06/21/2012 11:43 AMPosted by Nekron
Whelp, was just about to buy it in a few days, guess I'm holding back my purchase, I'll buy that other competitor's game for $20, nice going blizzard.

yeah torchlight 2 is sounding a lot more appealing right now
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U need to put an advise for this to new players... because this SUCKS! and is a fraud !
Pumped i returned this garbage. You've got to be kidding me...could Blizz be anymore just about the money nowadays. I missed the days where you didn't release a game till it was done.
Has anyone read through the updated terms and agreements to see if they shoehorned this bull!@#$ in there? If they havent theyre in trouble.
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06/19/2012 07:15 PMPosted by JVess
20 Mins untill I call BBB and report fraud, Instant my money was out of my account, and into blizzards pocket I should have been playing thats the way transactions work, Fix it quick Blizz or meet the BBB

Why would Blizzard care about the BBB? You must not understand what the BBB is.
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Just filed a dispute with Paypal for a refund.
So does mine.

What is frustrating is the gross lack of responsibility on Blizzard's part to address the issue head on. Honesty is always the best policy, fellas.
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Look Blizzard tech person. This is a load of BULL! There was no warning about this stunt. Nothing in Patch Notes. Had I KNOWN about this 3 day BS I would have purchased my game from the store. I am feel like I should report this crap to the Better Business Bureau. You have ruined my game play experience. Do you guys even have any common sense?!?!?!?!?!
My wife and I were both affected by this bug and lost leveling progress and were unable to continue playing with a friend. I have filed a BBB complaint through bbb.org requesting a full refund for both copies, and included relevant account information. Please contact me by email if you have any questions.
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I find this deplorable on Blizzard's part. How can you justify this sort of treatment of customers that hand you their money? Your so called fight against fraud and whoever else does nothing but hurt honest paying customers. Why don't you get that? Is it that hard to comprehend?? I can't fathom some of the choice big companies like you make. Its very nonsensical!
It seems there's fail on every level regarding Diablo III.
My condolences to those affected.
Thank u, BLIZZARD! I bought the game to play in this weekend. And what do I have? To wait till monday? GREAT!
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This is ridiculous. Is anybody actually working on this game or are you guys just throwing darts at a dartboard when making important decisions?
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