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I bought the digital copy of the game online and I have to wait for 3 days.

Don't get me wrong, I personally don't think it's a bad thing you have to wait for 3 days, if it's to combat bots and hackers. I'm glad you take measures to make it more difficult for cheaters. I'd much rather play without those rather than remove the 3 days waiting time... But.

Why was I not informed of this? Shouldn't there be a large text, some font size 42, saying you have to wait 3 days for it to be activated? Because honestly the 3-day-waiting-time effectively crushes the whole purpose of buying the digital copy online. If the digital copy costs more and it takes a longer time to get, not very many people would buy it, I get it. But for the sake of fairness I think that if you decide to make a system like this, it would be appropriate to also properly inform the customers of the possible cons they have from buying it this way.

I was browsing some stores before and I could have gotten a copy of the game for around 45-50 euros instead of 60, and by buying it from the store I could have gotten the full copy by tomorrow (the stores are closed today).
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Now that I'm no longer an angry man I thought I'd edit my post to be less confrontational.

Still can't get past Skeleton King mind you......
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Its annoying no one was told about this, It took about 30 hours to activate my copy, and even when it was activated i still couldn't get past the skeleton king until i did a password reset.
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06/22/2012 06:45 AMPosted by Blueberry
Does anyone know if we can take any legal action on this? I am really frustrated.

Contact your local consumer protection agency or body. Let them know that a company is withholding a full product for days with no warning prior to sale.
I opened a ticket to try and get mine unlocked earlier. Hope to hear from support soon.
hey guys, now we know that blizzard isnt just a bunch of dumb !@#$%^-s, theyre also a bunch of pussies http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/diablo-iii/1225184p1.html?utm_campaign=twposts&utm_source=twitter . They are claiming that this restriction is now an "unintended glitch". Thats a load of *!@# and everyone knows it, theyre scared of all the legal threats they saw ont he forums.
How do we know when our accounts are unlocked anyway?
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It has been over 72 hours. Mine is not unlocked. I am furious. I am livid. I have never been this mad with a product ever. Fix this please
For me it is already activated hmm, waited just a couple of hours and the problem got fixed when I reseted (changed) my password.
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theres no point in sending tickets, the service reps ignore you for about a week and once they do reply they play around with you or just copy and paste something from the forums as a response. Even if you keep pressing the issue they wont take you seriously they pasted the same thing twice with me one time
I bought the game last night for my wife and myself. I used the same credit card. I bought mine first. Hers worked immediately and mine acts like a trial account.

I put in a ticket and got an email that the ticket was resolved. To my surprise, the resolution was that they were too busy to look at it and I needed to reopen the ticket if I really wanted them to look at it. That has to be the worst customer service I have ever received. I couldn't even find a button to reopen the ticket...

Could you imagine the business Amazon would do if they waited 3 days to ship a product after you bought it? They would be out of business in a week. I have played almost every game Blizzard has ever made, but after this Diablo 3 debacle I doubt I'll buy another one.
very poor customer support with this one @Blizzard. A notice of this happening should have been apparent or something and still there is no excuse to charge 60 bucks for the free trial. so if were denied do we get a refund or did i just lose $60?
So can I just do a charge back? I want to play past level 13 now, not in 3 days.. Its the damn weekend.
Outside of the issue that we fixed, digital purchases do require a review period before they kick over from Starter to Full editions. We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is a necessary step to combat fraud and other malicious activities that can weaken everyone's play experience.

The delay is no longer than three days, and is often much quicker than that. Hang tight. :)

no longer than 3 days hold tight...i need a longer waiting period on diablo 3 than i do to buy a gun. smh #BlizzardFail
This is !@#$in bull%^-*, it doesn't say anywhere before purchasing that there is a 3 day account review and you will be subjected to trial limitations during the review process.. I guess I'll do a charge back for fraud.
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06/22/2012 08:57 AMPosted by Rona
How do we know when our accounts are unlocked anyway?

Very frustrating indeed. I'm tired of checking every two seconds.
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06/22/2012 07:38 AMPosted by Alavard
Contact your local consumer protection agency or body. Let them know that a company is withholding a full product for days with no warning prior to sale.

Funny that this is mentioned:

Blizzard forced to offer Diablo 3 refunds in S. Korea

Blizzard gets in trouble with French and German consumer protection agencies

Seems to me that there's additional fodder here for complaints with consumer protection.

Blizz, we are the disappointed.
This is unbelievable. Other companies accept online orders costing hundreds of dollars and ship them within hours. Other companies that distribute software electronically take seconds to verify payment information (e.g. I just bought TurboTax this way).

Blizzard apparently doesn't mind treating all of its customers like dirt just to save a few bucks by eliminating a few frauds. I've never been so angry at a company to boycott them for life. Until now.
Where is the huge disclaimer when you purchase that lets you know you probably won't be able to play for 3 days? Not acceptable. I bought this on a Thursday night for a reason. It isn't even dark outside on Friday and I have the options of: 1) Not playing or 2) Playing the same thing over again, maybe with a different character.

You would NOT have gotten my money if I knew this prior.
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