Diablo® III

Australia & New Zealand Latency Fixed?

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
This appears to have worked for me but bringing my average latency down from over 500ms to an average of 220ms as of tonight
This may be a fix, or it may have been something Blizzard did in last nights patch, or a combination of the two but here goes........

1 - Open the Network and Sharing Centre
2 - Open the Local Area Connection that you connect through (myself, I use 2 network cards (NICs) so I did this for both)
3 - Open the properties of each NIC and remove the tick next to "Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)
4 - (Be very carful in here) Open your registry editor "regedit.exe" and navigate through to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\TCPIP6\Parameters"
5 - Creade a new DWORD called "DisabledComponents" (case sensitive)
6 - Edit the new DWORD and give it a value of FF in HEX
7 - Reboot PC (this is a must for any changes in the "CurentControlSet" registry area)

This will disable and completely block all TCP/IPv6 network tunnels and adapters and have found that my constant, in game, latency is now 205-220 from Melbourne

Please try this out, and if it assists you, please pass it on to any and all D3 fanatics :o)

If it does not work, please let me know via a reply here, I have may other tweaks to add to this one that may all need to be enabled to create one big tweak

EDIT: If you like, I can try to make an instructional VID and post to youtube if people have problems following the above
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Don't be so trigger happy throwing the words "Latency fixed" around. I have attempted to play the game three times tonight and my machine has hung on all three occasions due to lag. Prior to last night's maintenance I had maybe one tiny spike in two hours (The best I get is usually 240ms). This patch has currently made the game unplayable for me.

I don't doubt the regedit thing may have helped you out and may help a few others out, but can it really overcome all the problems of connecting to a California based server... doubtful.
And don't give Blizzard credit where it's definitely not warranted, this patch was all about achieving a balance and a new economy for their RMAH, not the real issues that plague gamers from overseas. I doubt our lag concerns are that high on their agenda to begin with.
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Latency fixed can only ever mean 200+ms ping for us. AT BEST.

Way to spit on the face of everyone in AUS/NZ blizzard. I'm disgusted with how this community has been treated.
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I get lower then 200ms...Still Green

But since the 1.03 patch I have rubber banding, server lag (not internet lag)
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I installed the newest Nvidia Drivers for my Geforce 8800GTS and I set the "Maximum Frame Rate" in the game to 75, I still rubber band but not that much as before (but we will see at about 8PM at night, the test was at about 11AM (USA Prime time)
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