Diablo® III

achievement still bugged after patch 1.0.2c

My problem

Beginning this ticket with much indignation , because I have a problem and I just could not even open a ticket to help me solve it .

Within the game , I'm having problem with the following winning " Blessed Be ! " which is in General and then Exploration .
This achievement when I click to see the detail of it , all 4 squares of the required buffs are marked , however winning is not completed .
I tried to open a ticket on the following topics : " I'm having a problem with something in the game " then " I miss something in the game " and finally " I have not received an achievement and a reward of mission."

I could not complain about my problem because of the specific topic of my problem , and I've done time and time again the solution proposed by you at this link: http://us.battle.net/support/pt/article/diablo-iii- restorations

Continue with the problem , even having done several times not yet complete , and would like to help solution but the system is not allowing me you do not even use the same , which for many players including me is a sign of low credibility and trust in the product.

Thank you !

Answer 1 :

We appreciate the time that you provided to contact our Billing Department and Technical Services Blizzard Entertainment .

I saw your message and the previous answers and realized that you are having a problem in Diablo 3 that seems even be a bug . As already explained , the support for Diablo 3 Blizzard regarding this type of problem, it is not made from our Customer Service sector , but directly with game developers .

Below is more informaçõers about bugs and how to report them .

Occasionally , failures and software bugs can get to the games " live " . If you encounter one of these errors , please report it in the Bugs Forum For Diablo III . The topics that have been placed there have the advantage of providing community discussions around the errors of greater impact, which sometimes helps prioritize their resolution. If you want to check any errors , check the list we keep on top of this forum with the best known problems .

If you have further questions , please reply to this ticket . We hope to continue enjoying their adventures in Diablo III !


Flavio A.
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment
www.blizzard.com / support

Well , I waited for this patch 1.0.2c patch bug conquests and NOT corrected .
How proprio support blizz said , I'm creating this topic to UNFORTUNATELY to read , pay attention , repasar to solve and who will finally do something about it , think it will take several messes not to say year.

Thank you !


We have no way to send your ticket as there is a department that can deal directly with bugs in Diablo 3 . The only way to report a bug in the forums is as already explained .
Our team of developers read the forums regularly and not even sending a direct response in all cases , all posts are checked by this team who can then verify and study each case .

Please report your problem in the forums. Your problem may be the same for other players .

Thank you for contacting us. <3
Have a great day !

Game Master Tharllone .
Department of Collections and Technical Services
Blizzard Entertainment
www.blizzard.com / support

Well , do not know when they will read, I hope you can solve quickly , wait another year for a bugged achievement back to work will be boring .

Thank you !
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Hello ,

Come take advantage of this ticket because of another problem with conquest, and since they allow to open ticket for buggy achievements , I am enjoying here .

My new problem is as follows : Day 06/21/2012 , gained conquest over all players have participated in the contest web with each class , well, I got the only win of Barbaro being that I created for all classes as well as my friends , but it does not win.
At the time of the creation of banners promoting I was creating problems as well as many , and not getting decent repsosta , however with the same problems I had come to create all classes .

I hope you do not respond telling me to create also a topic on this because it will take years as well as my earlier achievement bugged and I end up getting nothing in the end

For the record my problem with the previous achievement is still bugged and NOBODY from equips the blizz still gave me feedback , and have also created a forum topic in the U.S. .

Please take this seriously, I do not want to have to ask for refund and having to stop playing due to lack of support .

Thank you !
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Answer :

Hello , okay ?

We appreciate the submission of its report on an error in the game . We are unable to offer direct assistance in these situations errors in the game , even in situations of mechanical problems with the game . However , there is a system for reporting errors in the game that will allow you to submit its report to the responsible for such situations staff . Here are the instructions for reporting a bug in the game :

1. Open the Customer Assistance ( red question mark in the red bar ) .
2 . Click Report Error .
3 . Enter the details about the error . Make sure to follow the guidelines provided .
4 . Click Submit .

You can also visit our forums to Report Errors . If you want information about a particular error , note that we maintain a list of active problems at the top of this forum where all our players can get information : http://us.battle.net/wow/pt/forum/3772004/

If you missed some property in the game due to the error that is willing to report , please submit a ticket to our department investigate the situation . Note that although we endeavor always to check and correct any verified loss , restorations are never guaranteed and are dependent on the outcome of investigations . To submit a ticket , please go to this page : http://www.battle.net/support/ticket/submit .

Thank you for contacting us. If you still have questions , or any other question you may contact us in Portuguese , by calling 0-800-892-1630 from 7:00 am to 20:00 pm , Pacific time , seven days a week. The connection and free.

Account & Technical Support
Blizzard Entertainment
www.blizzard.com / support

My new ticket :

Hello ,

Sorry, but I will insist on the ticket , because this last was completely useless and it seems to me that they want to take the rest of the patience that remains.

Starting at the point where it sends open ticket on related subject , and the ticket began this category by:

" Beginning this ticket with much indignation , because I have a problem and I just could not even open a ticket to help me solve it I tried to open a ticket on the following topics : . " 'm Having a problem with something in the game " then " I lack something in the game " and finally " I have not received an achievement and a reward of mission. " "

The most curious of that last answer is that the person did not even identify , all right , I hope the answer from someone more copetencia , just do not want to wait over a year to be solved my problem , if solved apparently .

Thank you !
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Well, after this last patch 1.0.3a day Tuesday 26/06/2012, my conquest "Blessed Be!" remains bugged my achievements and promoting WEB not yet received.

For the record, even when NOBODY presado of the equip blizz contacted topics created by the forum.
Follow the links below:
http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5888809760?page=1 # 3
http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5912942456 # 1
http://us.battle.net/d3/pt/forum/topic/5836323781?page=1 # 3
http://us.battle.net/d3/pt/forum/topic/5912941398?page=1 # 4
http://us.battle.net/d3/pt/forum/topic/5791339139?page=1 # 7

Thank you!
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For the record, one of my topics was deleted, as they have time to delete the topic but not to read and reply? I'm still others with no response from the blizz created topics in the forum.
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I'm already fighting over this over the weekend, I'll just take one more week of term if I want to have an answer if I have not blizz's answer, I'll just cancel my annual passport wow and stop playing WoW and diablo and any thing blizz.

Remembering that I'll never complained nor complain of games, game is game, but lack of support is already complicated, that to me is more than enough to drop all games company reason.

Thank you!
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Sinto muito pela inconveniência que você teve no jogo.

Como informado anteriormente, nós do suporte não temos acesso as conquistas, personagens, itens, etc no Diablo III e nosso acesso é bem limitado. Somente os programadores tem acesso a este conteúdo e conseguem efetuar mudanças se necessário.

Desculpe pela inconveniência causada.

Caso tenha alguma outra duvida, não hesite em entrar em contato novamente.

Muito Obrigado por jogar os jogos da Blizzard.


Atendimento ao Cliente
Blizzard Entertainment
Atendimento pelo telefone
06:00 - 18:45 Horário do Pacifico-US

Repetem a mesma coisa varias vezes, e a solução é reportar no forum, mas no forum NINGUEM da blizz da nenhuma resposta e o andamento de meu problema. Semana está rodando, até domingo que vem se eu continuar sem nenhuma resposta, estou cancelando pagamentos e parando de jogar.

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Já faz mais de um mês e até agora nenhuma resposta ou providencia a respeito sobre minha conquista bugada e das que não recebi da promoção web.

Estou a um passo de parar de jogar todos jogos da blizz e cancelar minha assinatura anual do wow inclussive justamente porque parece que não existe ninguem da equip da blizz responsavel pelo forum, afinal, as unicas respostas que obtenho é atraves dos tickets e sempre dizendo que não podem fazer nada e para abrir topico no forum.

Pois bem, no forum ninguem da equip lê ou responde, unico feedback que obtive foi terem apagado um dos topicos sem avisar ou falar nada, e sem motivo já que sempre estou escrevendo normalmente sem utilizar nenhum palavrão ou algo do genero, mesmo passando muito raiva por problemas de suporte ( falta de suporte ).

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It's been a few messes, this whole time I was out of the game for not having support (support is not bad, it does not even exist). Well, the winning "Blessed Be!" which is in General Exploration and then CONTINUES buggy and achievements by participating the contest web with each class, the banners.

To date no response or any kind of feedback, and worse, unable to open support ticket to report problems with or achievements could open ticket to claim services.

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85 Undead Priest
Posts: 3,780
Just because they haven't responded to you specifically doesn't mean that they haven't responded about the issue. They simply do not have the time or the manpower to respond to everyone.
11/01/2012 02:20 PMPosted by Vasadan
The Battle.net database team is still investigating this issue. There's nothing more I can do on the QA side.
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More than a year has passed, I am thinking playing again, but with my problem unresolved and WITHOUT ANY support for my problem, I have no motivation to return.

I am waiting to answer some GM.

Thank you!!
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Unfortunately I wish my problem was resolved, the support does not allow creation of tickets for this and the only thing they tell me to do is to create topic here on the forum.

I would like a response from blizzard (GMs) about my problem have been at least read and it will be solved, after all, more than a year and was not even read?

Thank you!!
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I'm still waiting for answers
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I'm still waiting for answers.

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