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Include gems in crafting. The gem would directly contribute by adding an additional Mod and would be influenced by the color. The actual size of the mod would be influenced by the quality of the gem.

For example, I want to craft a 6 property weapon and really have a surpplus in gold. Let's say I'm sitting on 60-70 million. I am searching for that nice 2h weapon upgrade and I have an opportunity to attempt to forge 4-5 6 property 2h Bows. Well, let's say I want to burn a Ruby Star with each attempt, which has an inherent cost, and the Ruby Star would guarentee a bump in the sheet damage of the crafted bow based on a percentage range attached to the quality of the gem. In this case, 20-30% increase in damage.

The kicker is coding in a type of ceiling on the benefit. If you rolled a perfect 2h bow then you can't have the gem contributing on top of the perfect roll to create a truly unique beyond godly item. That is the only constraint.

This would be a excellent idea for a gold sink versus increasing repair costs, plus for many of us that do not see Crafting as a viable option b/c we've put 10-20 million into it just to play around... This would fix crafting.

You would need to debate the possible outcomes for each gem but I roughly like the below:

Ruby - Chance for increased sheet damage or +str
Emerald - Chance for increased crit dmg or +dex
Topaz - Chance for increased Elemental Damage Random Type or +int
Amethyst - Chance for increased Life on Hit or +vit

Please add to the OP if you find it has merit! Thanks!
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The change to repair costs make little sense in single player games, where the player is further penalized due to elites/champions resetting.
lol i just wish the radius for frost nova for crit chance is to be increased by 70 the same with blizzard to slow them down since i'm using wand with 500base dmg weapon, yours must be 1300-1500base dmg with 250 int+vit heh

Transmute melee weapons into wands so wizards are not wielding hammers and axes?

I like the current system that has less class-specific items (compared to diablo 2). However I kinda think it looks awkward that a wizard is holding a huge 2-h hammer and using it to cast magic spells. Why not allow your blacksmith (or whatever artisan) to transmute a melee weapon into a wand or staff, basically keeping the magical properties but change the base item type? Apparently there will be some restrictions of what weapon and effect may transmute but I think this will add a lot of immersion to diablo 3.

O HELL NO!!!!! i am a wiz and dont wanna be stuck with a wand thank you very much dont be jealous you jerk if u dont like it dont wear one on your wiz dont hate on us aslo i already spent 250$ for my wiz axe so hell no they cant do that if so i want REFUND
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blizz turns a blind eye to anything that doesn't wipe their butt. The CMs are unfortunately as much to blame. I realize they want to promote a enjoyable forum atmosphere, but do this by addressing real issues, not this list of complete and utter junk.

So what are the real issues as you see them. Otherwise your post is a total waste of time. Basically the whole point of the thread is to say what we either don't like about the game currently or to suggest things that would improve it.

How useful were you? Not very.
1. Magic find

doesn't feel like a choice anymore. Just by playing the game, MF increases to 75% within a few minutes. In other words, the baseline of MF is just increased from 0 to 75. Additional MF is less effective (0 + 100% MF = 100% increase, 75% + 100% MF = 57% increase).
Change NV to add a multiplier to your existing MF and GF.

2. Guaranteed rares.
Makes MF worthless. I am ok with an elite sometimes not dropping anything, and other times dropping 4 rares at once. Instead of giving me a guaranteed rare, change it so that ON AVERAGE, X rares drop. This value is enhanced by MF on your gear. Most elite bosses don't drop enough weapons/armor items that could even be affected by your MF.

3. MF gear switching
Clicking on the items in the inventory quickly to maximize my efficiency gives people an incentive to use third-person macro software. Instead, implement an ingame gear switch macro allowing people to easily switch gear to adjust to the situation with a single button.

4. Itemization
Only your main attribute and vitality is useful. If you are a wizard and find an item with dex and vit, it's completely useless. Add secondary bonuses to attributes to make them desirable for all classes. Example:
strength increases block amount and crit damage
dexterity increases block chance and crit chance
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Since this is a new suggestion threads and the old one Iw anted to post in is full, I'll post my suggestion here. You can find the original thread here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5889219786?page=26#new-post

(For you) what would make affix combos more fun, but still be reasonably challenging? Keep in mind that we don't expect players to be able to easily kill everything they come across the first time, every time in the later difficulties.

This question is open to anyone reading along. If you have suggestions or thoughts, please chime in!

Okay. Let me 'shime in' from a hardcore gamer.

- Arcane Enchanted should do less damage but move faster and not go trough walls.
- Fix the bug with Avenger where it can spread to other champions/elite packs if you pull multiple at the same time.
- Fix the server lag so we don't get damaged by desecrator 10yard out of it.
- Extra health should be changed to 'take reduced damage'. Heal on monsters are health % based, so by having more health they just heal a lot faster w/e you die or if they're paired with vampiric.
- Horde minions should use their boss' abilities less often. A horde of arcane enchanted mob is not cool.
- Illusion should not cause collision so not to completely surround and trap melee characters.
- Knockback; why does it have to snare? I never got that. Reduce or remove it, it's simply annoying and unnecessary.
- Molten / Firechain: I notice champions with these abilities tend to surround the player on purpose. This is simply annoying, as a melee in inferno, you really can't stand there and take the damage, the only way out is to swing 3-4 time and move away, rinse and repeat until the mob enrages because you have to run away so much you can't DPS.
- Plague should do more dmg, but disappear after like 20sec as not to carpet an entire zone.
- Shielding mob should use their shield less often and fore less long, but maybe reflect dmg when it's up?
- Mobs with teleporter should wait (like .5sec) before being able to swing at players and use their abilities so range player don't get 1shot by still invisible mob.
- Vampiric should stop leeching life from NPCs.
- Vortex: Similar to teleport, you should be granted a 0.5sec reaction time before taking dmg after being vortex so you have time to avoid dmg and survive.
- Waller should put walls next to players and NOT on top of them and trapping the player inside the wall.

I also have a lot of suggestion to fix the rest of the game if you're interested.
To add to my previous thoughts:

I had mentioned the "take and no give" mentality. The crafting nerfs are another part of this... What happens for those of us who leveled both to 10 early on other than the entire experience being cheapened? Everyone else gets it a week or two later than some and at a severe discount... My suggestion would have been an achievement (as cheap as those feel anyway) to everyone that had level to bs /jc prior to 1.0.3; not a fix-it-all but something to start with. Perhaps an early adopter only recipe or set of recipes? Anyway, the idea is SOMETHING not just ignoring crap like this.

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Wow, im kinda shocked they blue posted on this thread and not mine.

Don't be shocked... Blue posts are really like getting a good piece of gear to drop in Inferno. I mean, we can't all be Charlie with the golden ticket and all. lol

Include gems in crafting. The gem would directly contribute by adding an additional Mod and would be influenced by the color. The actual size of the mod would be influenced by the quality of the gem.

Agreed! I've said this before in other threads. AND it would act as a much needed gem sink!

2. Guaranteed rares.
Makes MF worthless. I am ok with an elite sometimes not dropping anything, and other times dropping 4 rares at once. Instead of giving me a guaranteed rare, change it so that ON AVERAGE, X rares drop. This value is enhanced by MF on your gear.

MF was fairly worthless before given that many people were just gear changing... They should just implement gear set changing for all players (which would then level that playing field) or implement MF in another way.

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- Fix the server lag so we don't get damaged by desecrator 10yard out of it.

Not just desecration... lol With the lag it has often seemed like my character has a 10-20 yard collision box for mobs to mercilessly pound on.
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Part of why I'm losing my interest, I've been in Act III for two weeks. I haven't found a single upgrade and I've had plenty of drops that are higher item level than what I'm wearing. Plus it's insulting to get a level 54 rare drop on Act III inferno.

+1. I have a level 36 quiver that I have had since Nightmare and I still haven't found a better one and a better one on the AH would cost millions.
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Wow, im kinda shocked they blue posted on this thread and not mine.


No need to be shocked. I simply hadn't seen it yet (lots of threads to read this morning), but thank you for sharing a direct link. I'll look it over as soon as possible. :)

I'm posting here on a boards for the first time. I've played Diablo 2 for years and enjoyed it. I played Diablo 3 and enjoyed it too (I made something like 50 contests to get a beta access :p )

Here came Armageddon, and here and my best friend were playing about 100% of the time together. Act 1 cleared, our progress through act 2 was low, hard, painful, but we did progress and we were actually enjoying the game.

And then came patch 1.3

We're not PGM but we aren't casual players either. Even though our level is not awesome, we think ourselves as decent players and thought it'd be enough to progress. Oh boy we were wrong. As we fully understand that you have to pay for your mistakes, we should not have to pay for crazy affixes or the bad luck encounter (seriously, we ran into a crazy combo quite a couple of times right at the beginning of the dungeon, hard to kite when you don't have room to).

Before the patch, we enjoyed the game. Now, it's only frustrating. We don't enjoy ourselves anymore and as I don't have that much free time (eh, some of us have jobs) I'll probably stop playing this game that I sadly, don't enjoy anymore. (and no, "go to the AH" is NOT progressing)

Now the game is only farm act 1 to get bashed on act 2 and since I won't farm 100k gold for one hour of play. The game is now like "out of gold, you can't play. Insert coin". I'm not playing that kind of game anymore.

I hope this changes soon, I know I'm not making any kind of proposal here to change things (I leave that to smarter guys), I just wanted to share the feelings of a disappointed player.
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this very thread is the reason the game is in the state that its in.

blizz turns a blind eye to anything that doesn't wipe their butt. The CMs are unfortunately as much to blame. I realize they want to promote a enjoyable forum atmosphere, but do this by addressing real issues, not this list of complete and utter junk.

Then lay out the "real issues" in a manner that is conducive to being heard. If I told you you only listen to things that "wipe your butt" and that what you said is "complete and utter junk", would you be very interested in listening to what I have to say thereafter?

If I like coffee, but right now my coffee machine is only dispensing room temperature coffee, I wouldn't necessarily be against Keurig listening to and agreeing to implement adding packets of chocolate chips or cinnamon atop their k-cups in the future after addressing the lack of hot coffee issue. That'd be pretty sweet.
So there are 25 affixes that inferno mobs have access to. Maybe categorize them into 4 categories (at least 6 affixes per category) and the random will be the selection. It might be as follows:

Category 1: Plague, Molten, Fire Chains, Desecrator, Frozen, Mortar, Vortex, Jailer
Category 2: Reflect Dmg, Electrified, Teleporter, Illusionist, Vampiric
Category 3: Avenger, Invulnerable, Fast, Extra Health, Health Link, Horde, Shielding
Category 4: Arcane, Waller, Nightmare, Knockback, Missile Dampening

The idea is to reduce the number of purely complementary affixes.... Making it impossible for the enemy to stun-lock you in an area of effect or have tons of health because they have a combination of health/dmg buffs; but still makes them fairly formidable.

Also, if there's a 4-5 pack non-horde group of champions... They should get one less affix since they've got an extra mob.
[crafting section]

1) you can make use from white items. How? You can put them into recipes :) Why is a reason of exist archon boots, damaged archon boots, and superior archon boots now? Thre is no reason. But when you have to find them to use in craft there will be!

2) You can think about making some affixes from craft visible for players with function they can choose them. What i mean for example:

+ 1 affix chosen from list (pre defined)
+x Vitality
+2 random affixes

- white helm
- mat 1,2,3
- gem
- gold (lowered! you need to find helm, thats most important)

3) gems
you can ask jeweler if he wants new function: combining gems!
yellow + green
green +red
etc etc
+ combined all color of gems to get ultra good gem - diamond (resists all)

4) jeweler - add socket
famous function from diablo 2 :)
well little OP but what if he can make sockets only if you find some specific igredient in inferno?
(dropping for example only from barrels ;p)
very rare ingredient, legendary even!

[shrines section]

here are some mine ideas to make shrines more interesting:

allow to stack them 2-3 times (needs testing),
- gem shrine return
- monster shrine return
- repair shrine!
- evil magic shrine -> necromancer spawns to fight by your side for 3 minutes

Thanks for reading.
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I'd like to weigh in here, specifically regarding destructible object gold drops...

I just played through 3 large levels in Act III - Stonefort (raising the catapults), and levels 1+2 of the Keep getting to the Breach... I am a "clearer", so I always explore the entire level. Of all the barrels/objects I destroyed (and I'm referring to the barrels/chests that are outlined as clickable), only TWO of them dropped any gold. I counted because I recently read the patch notes, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I didn't think I would mind, but I was surprised at how much of a disappointment the reality of the play experience was.

Just to clarify, I'm not talking about parts of the background environment that are non-clickable; the fact that those can be smashed to bits is great, and any loot would be icing on the cake, but ultimately unexpected. However, when an object is OUTLINED, it's an invitation to click on it, and you almost can't NOT destroy it. My excitement has been replaced with cynicism. That's honestly how I feel now when I destroy things that, for all intents and purposes, the game is asking me to destroy.

The destructible barrels have always been a staple of the Diablo franchise, and smashing every single one has always been a joy that I can't quite explain. Maybe it's a little obsessive, maybe it's just fun. But the bottom line is that when they almost never give any gold, it takes away a huge portion of fun out of the game. (Not to mention that selling items back to the merchants yields next to nothing, my gold coffers could use some help as well.) My suggestion, if the concern is that too many bots are farming for gold, increase the number of objects that produce gold, but reduce the amount of gold per each.

Don't take away the core elements of the game from the players simply because some would take advantage of them.

This was well thought out. GJ

no "relying" on NV. how would you address the problem of dropping items/rares without relying on NV.
As D3 evolves a couple of game play issues have crept forward for me.
1) Why are we limited to Acts and not able to teleport between acts?
- Thoughts: if you have already finished other acts why not make it easy for someone to just pick and choose which quests throughout the game they want to do versus just one Act? For those of us that played D2, that was one of the best part of it, in that you could choose to go anywhere in the game.

2) Why does the NV buff expire when moving from one act to another?
-I get that getting a 5 buff of NV in act 1 is different from getting it in Act4, but essentially the player still has to be able to kill something to reap a reward for it. It makes no sense to me that you are penalized from going forward and progressing to lose this valuable buff.
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