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Nephalem Valor

I've often wondered many times over, why is Nephalem Valor restricted to only level 60 characters? After getting used to doing runs on my 60, I find it doesn't feel very fun leveling a new character without it.

There's such a huge gear disparity between Normal and Inferno. So why not have Nephalem Valor start at level 10? It doesn't seem to actually hurt anything given 99% of the loot on the AH is level 60 or higher. Most of the lower level items sell very cheaply.

I for the most part don't see how this is detrimental to gameplay to have Nephalem Valor be applicable for new toons. It's the carrot on a stick if you will for motivating players to actually level.

I like it :O
IMO I think Lv10-50 should have 3 Stacks of the Buff and 51-60 get the normal 5 Stacks. Anyone else agree or have other ideas?
I really enjoy the suggestions being thrown around here.

I've made my own thread on creative challenges here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5888890638#4

and would like to suggest mechanical changes to mobs (as opposed to simple number changes) in higher difficulties that would make the game more fun and interesting.

It kind of falls in when the trap suggestion too; traps added to barrels and chests are a unique way of creating danger and challenges, without resorting to ... doubling the numbers.
With the changes to repair bills, you might also want to reward players who are actually playing the game.

On this point specifically, we're looking to reduce the durability hit players take from normal wear-and-tear. We agree with players and feel that characters who never die shouldn't be getting hit with a giant repair fee every couple of hours.

You should have done that in advance, instead teasing to see if people would be bothered too much instead.
Some experiments do not need to be done, the results are pretty obvious and easy to predict.
I would suggest a buffer zone at the start of levels and at checkpoints/waypoints where regular monsters as well as champs/elites cannot spawn. I know Blizzard thinks certain affix combos should be impossible to defeat, and i'm fine with that. i'm also fine with needing to gear up in order to defeat those bad guys. What I don't agree with and find incredibly frustrating is entering a new level (say, the Cave of the Betrayer in Act II) and dying before I can do anything because a champ pack has spawned right at the entrance. I should at least have a chance at defeating or at least trying to defeat champ packs before dying. No amount of gear allows me to survive this - none.

This especially becomes a problem in very narrow levels, like the Cave or the Sewers or some of the Keep levels. i know there are certain affix combos that are supposed to be hard for a Wizard, but when you place those affixes in very narrow mostly linear maps, I'm forced to restart the game. when it happens over and over and over again, it becomes less fun. When the champs spawn at entrances and i insta-die, I quit my gaming session and utter curse words at everything Blizzard.
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I feel that blizzard techs are having difficulty issues but not creativity issues. They have to. Odd the program without bugs or glitches and fix prorblems at the sametime. Heck they can't even make retroactive changes to legendaries or even let us dye it. How sad to see these many great ideas but there are tech limits to actually implement them

I know this is a stolen idea, but why not allow our followers to act as our personal butlers? We can load them up with inventory and send them off to town to buy and sell stuff for us. This would add a fantastic amount of depth to the gameplay and allow you to get rid of junk without having to go back to town.

I don't agree with turning them into slaves, "Hey, go fetch that." But why not give them their own inventories. At least making it so we can carry more gear before trips backs to town.

I don't want to turn followers into some kind of pet with play fetch with. But their companions and travelers who follow our hero along on his journeys... yet, they can't carry any loot? Seems odd.

Edit: Realized I'm basically saying the same thing. But my point is, you shouldn't be able to "send them off to town" you should have to go with them. But they should be able to carry a load.
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06/21/2012 09:50 AMPosted by Lylirra
On this point specifically, we're looking to reduce the durability hit players take from normal wear-and-tear. We agree with players and feel that characters who never die shouldn't be getting hit with a giant repair fee every couple of hours.

I'm prepare to see this suggestion implemented and see how it goes. Something definitely needs to be done as the repair cost is currently draining too much gold regardless of whether our character dies or not.

Thank you for this compilation! While I'm unable to really comment on any of the suggested changes (save for one, below...sort of), please know that I've forwarded on this thread to our developers for review. Not only are the initial points of feedback constructive and detailed, but the ongoing discussion which has followed has been equally insightful.

If I can follow up on any of the suggestions at a later time, I will. In the meantime, please keep this discussion going. I'll definitely be reading along. :)

On this point specifically, we're looking to reduce the durability hit players take from normal wear-and-tear. We agree with players and feel that characters who never die shouldn't be getting hit with a giant repair fee every couple of hours.

you almost sound....thankful....

I'm sure the mods are thankful for any thread they pass over that isn't just some mindless self-entitled jerk spewing complaints. Just because they're quick to dismiss unconstructive whining doesn't mean they don't value customer feedback. :P

These mostly seem like great ideas-- good compilation! I especially like the low-level NV idea, except I feel like that may restrict lower level characters from trying new spells and whatnot. Perhaps the reset upon skill change should be removed until level 50.
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NV shouldn't be available in normal.. that is all
I just found my new favorite thread.

+9001 internets to the OP!!
I've always wondered why urns/barrels etc. were totally nerfed. Surely it would be pretty easy to simply allow them to drop the way they used to, so long as you have 5 stacks of NV? NV is such an awesome mechanic, and so much could be done with it. Since 1.0.3 release I've done 3 full act 1 runs, and I've been so disappointed every time I've gotten to a chest and opened it to find utter tripe. Also when I get to the infamous ex-gold farming spot with the hundreds of urns, I just totally ignore them all now. It's really disheartening. If you must have 5 stacks of NV in order to get loot like you used to from chests/urns/barrels etc then surely that keeps us happy, it keeps botters away, AND it encourages full act playing.
Hello all, i made a thread earlier this day but no replies, so i will put some topics that i think are important:

Set item: Here we have a lot of problems, first off, they are also horrible!, but their drops probably are worse than legendary drops, i never droped a set item. There are low level set items right? where are them? and why the high level ones are horrible?
Solution: Increase the low level set items A LOT, i mean, like Vidala's in D2, make them appear everywhere, not in every drop but at least 2 drops per act, in D2 we had lvl 6 set items, they are awesome for early game, and people want to use them. Make 3 categories, low, middle and high:

Low: lvl 6-11, their drops are high and very consistent, don't make us go to ah to buy low lvl sets, and with the high drop we can stock them to use with other chars.

Middle: lvl 30-50, their drops are rare and can only be found on later nightmare~hell difficult, make them good ;)

High: lvl 60-x, make their drops like the actual sets nowadays, but make them damn good! Tal rasha's, natalya's where pretty badass on D2 and very rare, some parts were kinda easy to pick but one or two were like hell, i never found the claws from natalya's for example... if their stats are soberb and simply ridiculous people wont mind to spend 1 or 2 years before closing a high level set, and they WILL USE THEM, because they will simply kick !@#.

And change their properties, I as a player, spend 2 months per act on inferno (for example) gearing,gearing.. and i finally drop a set! but it sucks, its like drop a vidala's in hell difficult BUT, that was my second set drop in the whole game, you see how broken this is?!

Types of Damage: Fire/poison/ice/holy/enchanted, they are all nice and good ideas but i don't feel them totally implemented, or you just use them inside some bizarre algorithm calculation for damage/resistance.
I mean, what's the difference between fire damage and holy damage? fire damage just make a nice visual effect and what? there's damage increased or decreased if the monster have immunity? I never saw that!, poison damage is funny, if you stand in the middle of that green poison pool your life will be drained totally, ok nice, but if you get a poison hit you don't feel nothing special, your life globe doesn't turn green and your life doesn't start to decrease constantly, and holy??? what's that? I have a crossbow with holy damage, and what's the difference? every monster that i kill turns in yellow bright flesh, that's cool but, what's that? Holy damage affect unholy creatures , so it's affect every single monster in the game..with that in mind i just think that holy damage just works on..monsters! Ice is the only elemental damage that i see working.

Other thing i want to say is about 1.03:
Everyone is complaining about the amount of gold necessary to repair now, but i don't think its broken, that's just a matter of character administration, you should be able to proceed without any problems, let's see why:

MF now only fighting monsters, you guys notice how many items you drop now? A LOT, ok , 90% is useless like D2 was..BUT, just sell the $%^-*!@ itens... not in ah, inside the game, when i'm playing i keep 6..8 rare itens and 5..6 blue, if they suck i just sell them and the gold i make is way more than i spend repairing, and im counting the new repair costs..i spent 9K repairing and take 13K selling, sounds too little but 4k here..4k there..yesterday i made 250K in an act-1 inferno rush, and i repaired 5..6 times, you can handle yourself... pick up the trash items..sell them..they are there for a reason..make that reason to be in YOUR favor.

One last thing blizzard, passwords aren't case sensitive!!!! please fix that!
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I think Blizzard now would generate much more $ from 15$ per month repair service than from RMAH. :D
repair bill every couple of hours is a flat out joke. If you are a Demon Hunter then try every 30 minutes especially if you run into champ packs that run faster then you can lol.
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Supporting a great thread.

I'll add this much: I personally love Diablo 3 as far as the core of the franchise goes. Playing with friends is great; the problem is that the community is not taking the intended changes as they were intended by Blizzard. One should never expect the response to be good when the trust in the company feels violated by said company to its customers.

Was the trust of the community violated by Blizzard? I don't know; what I do know is that the intended changes do not seem to be working as intended at this time. Wild swings in repair costs, loot drops not coming as often, and the whole server problem from going live...

The overall problems Blizzard has faced getting Diablo 3 out to the fans faster than may have been intended has only hurt the customers' opinions of Blizzard. I'd say this, in closing to Blizzard at this time: consider that the hammer may not be appropriate all the time, and keep the scalpel in mind more often.
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Regarding NV and drop changes:

I think that, once the player collects NV, he/she should be rewarded. And with 5 stacks of NV, the reward for killing a boss should be greater than killing elites. My suggestions:
-Add back a couple of guaranteed items from bosses with 5 stacks of NV.
-Make the MF from NV stacks count when breaking pots.

Another suggestion regarding experience shrine:

The shrines that add a bonus to experience are useless for those at the lvl cap of 60. Add another bonus, such as... Items do not lose durability while the buff is in effect? Or, faster movement speed?
06/20/2012 04:04 PMPosted by Lylirra
For example, we're currently looking at a number of solutions for how to curb the popular practice of players swapping out their normal gear for Magic Find gear right before a kill to min/max their efficiency. In general, this isn't something that those players seem to particularly enjoy, but instead feel compelled to do because of how efficient it is.* Also, to be very clear, this practice is not intended.

I agree, it felt necessary for D2 to do this unless you had the leetest of leet gear (I did).

Now hear me out blizz, I hope you listen to this suggestion as I would love to come to love this game once again.

Reintroduce charms back into the equation. Remove magic find as a stat for standard (on character) equipment. Replace it with a comparable amount of gold find.

Have charms "Adds x% to Nephalem Valor" or "Adds x% dmg to X (insert class) skill" etc etc. Make a limit on how many charms may be in a players inventory, or perhaps even have a small set of buttons where charms fit on a character as gear.

Adds x% of Nephalem Valor would work thusly: for each stack of Valor, increase magic find added per stack by x%. Keep the range low to account for stacking of valor. Say 1-7%.

Max charms at 4. Max added MF for five stacks would be 75% + (7x4) = 103% MF.

Not much but it would allow you to work the equations on the side of Valor, forcing the gameplay you feel we need (I don't agree or disagree but merely miss the old system).

It also opens up several avenues for class specific "perks". Say you really like Blizzard but it just isn't effective enough. Make charms that add to skills we use, any of them really.

Make a limit on each charm, no more then one affix. This may reduce variety but will add in some cool build designs. As long as you keep the range low, the effect may seem minimal but stacked with particular gear, will add for the item flavor that so many players desperately crave.

Level 15 - 1 Charm
Level 30 - 2 Charms
Level 45 - 3 Charms
Level 60 - 4 Charms

Later on add in unique charms that require pony world or something of that sort to farm. These unique charms have 2 affixes. Make these charms class specific such as a hellfire torch from D2. Or make it add X stat and X skill duration/reduced cost/increased dmg for skills etc.

Max at two though to account for the four charm slots.
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