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Destructibles -- would be cool to have a % chance or a counter that when triggered summons an elite. Each jar broken increases the chance to summon. Like Loiger the Crazed (SP?) who doesn't want you snooping through his books, some demon that loves jars gets summoned in because you have upset him from breaking so much stuff! Typical elite with 4 affixes and drops affected by NV.

Purple named monsters -- if they don't ADD to your valor stack, have them minimally refresh the duration. There are places in game with gaps in elites where maintaining a 5 stack can be tricky.

Enchanting -- love this as a gold sink. Rolling one extra random stat! Could also use gems as a recipe ingredient to load the dice in favor of a particular stat appearing. EDIT: enchant text should be separate attribute and searchable on the AH. I think they should persist between owners or if sold through AH.

Gems -- new gem, diamond. In armor: resist all bonus, helm: movement speed, weapon: life leech
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Nephalem Valor

I've often wondered many times over, why is Nephalem Valor restricted to only level 60 characters? After getting used to doing runs on my 60, I find it doesn't feel very fun leveling a new character without it.

There's such a huge gear disparity between Normal and Inferno. So why not have Nephalem Valor start at level 10? It doesn't seem to actually hurt anything given 99% of the loot on the AH is level 60 or higher. Most of the lower level items sell very cheaply.

I for the most part don't see how this is detrimental to gameplay to have Nephalem Valor be applicable for new toons. It's the carrot on a stick if you will for motivating players to actually level.

Probably the best post I've seen so far. But just wanted to add something to the NV buff piece. I totally agree that it shouldn't be limited to lvl 60 characters and additional think there are 2 more pieces that should be added.

I think the stacks should persist through the Acts. Currently if you finish an act and travel to the next, you lose stacks. Is this intended? Seems to counter act the "play the game through instead of doing runs" philosophy.

The second, which is assuredly going to be bashed to pieces in these forums, is that NV should be lost on death. I think death should be devastating and repair costs alone don't really make it so. In d2, remember how much xp you lost when you died? Specifically in d2c post lvl 90 (side note: ladders were awesome). You could literally lose days of experience with one death.

I'd be really interested in what other players think about this.. but my main reasoning for this is that it is an easy change which will reward SKILLED play over SPAMMED play. Player who play skillfully for a short amount of time should be rewarded equally for people who play horribly for 10+ hours a day.
Maybe a lot of it is the wear and tear affect, but I dont make 7k gold in 3 mobs... and dying once means I lose money.

Is that really the game you're trying to make Lyr? I know it's not you in particular... but shouldn't the game be a game we strive to beat those challenges? Right now it's a gamne about avoiding anything remotely hard cause it will cost us too much. You yourself said it's "ok" to have to avoid mobs.. it's really not. You wanted the game to be a challenge but you make it so I can't so any instance of a challenge.. is ignored. I want inferno to be hard, making us pay too much isn't the answer though.

On to the suggestion

I suggest making them fully revive health instead. Means those people will get a challenge, be able to afford to not giving up on something for those who want the challenge of that super hard combo. I want a challenge I just can't afford it.I want inferno to be hard not a bunch of game reloading. Makes me feel like I am exploiting and not really playing the hard mode you guys made for me (and I wont cause i cant afford to till i seriously over gear the content)
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The only thing i do not like about the game is difficulty does not always = reward. Some affixes are easy to bring down. Others are very hard. Sometimes it takes 2-3 deaths to finally figure out how to bring down those very hard affixes. I dont mind dieing its a learning experience. But sometimes they drop terrible loot which can be disappointing when u work so hard to bring them down.

What if you gave champs and elites two different lvls of difficulty. killing a level 1 difficulty would give you a normal NV buff. Killing a level 2 difficulty would give you that regular NV buff along with another buff that increases stats by 1% or something like that..

This would make the more difficult affixes more valuable and rewarding regardless of what gear drops. Also it would make skipping certain affixes a bad idea cuz you would be losing out on that +1% buff
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I still think there should be a coefficient on Magic Find the reduces it's effectiveness depending on what you're doing. Destructible items would receive no benefit from MF (but would still drop gold/items like they did before the patch), lootable corpses receive 5% of your MF bonus, chests get 15%, regular mobs get 50%, elite packs get 100%, and bosses would receive no benefit from MF on gear, but Nephalem Valor would still apply.

I think that would be enough to make gear swapping/botting inefficient while still making Magic Find a relatively desirable stat.
i have a few ideas that might be nice to see in the game too

1. A 4th filter option
2. Being able to filter with legendary items
3. Not have gems appear as part of your filter
4. If not #3 then have a filter for gem type
5. Revert filter list to alphabetical listing, not sorted by type

(did i read patch notes about having the cost to level the blacksmith reduced by 50%?)
1. Refund players who have already maxed out their blacksmith level

1. Diamond: Grants Resist all (requires combining a gem of all types)

1. Repair shrines (either repair all items by 25%, or a single item by 100%?)
Feeling of Gated-ness While Farming:

This has always bothered me, why if I want to kill an earlier boss or series of bosses in an Act I have to go through all the quest dialogue and cut scenes. This is such a time loss and not fun.

Why not have it when you complete an Act you can get a "Free Roam" type option where all bosses are available so when you want to do a full Farm run, I can start in the beginning and work up to the end just killing and looting. As it stands I'll never ever again kill most of the bosses unless I level an Alt since there is no incentive to me to waste time on the "story".
It seems in order to keep enemies from healing to full hp after I die is to kite them all the way back to my checkpoint. This seems like bad gameplay. Some enemies you have to die before you can kill them, this is okay, but when they heal from 10% to 100% in the time it takes to walk back to them even with only 3 second respawn timer. It is terrible.

Suggested fixes:

  • More checkpoints, not too often, but your nearest checkpoint shouldn't be a 3 min walk through area you already cleared.
  • Longer heal timers on enemies. Even if they heal 8 minutes after they are initially encountered, 2 mins to fight and die, 3 mins to walk back, 3 more mins to try to finish it off.
  • Pause the heal timer when enemy is not actively trying to engage you/actually engaging you in combat. If you take too long and the enrage timer starts, then activate the heal timer so you can wait out the enrage if you want to.
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    Well you guys completely destroyed the Demon Hunter class, sometimes Res Camping was the only choice we had against certain packs.

    How did they destroy Demon Hunters? I have a 60 DH in Inferno Act 2 and have no issues playing or dpsing packs down even after 1.0.3. Yeah there was a dps drop from IAS but I compensated with crit hit/damage and none of my gear is from either auction house. DH wasn't the only class affected by IAS and NT was actually fixed, not nerfed.
    Excellent thread, some great suggestions

    In-game AH ++++++++
    My thoughts real quick have to do with 2 issues that just drive me crazy.

    First. Progression through NM and Hell mode.

    It is considerably hard to find gear w/out going to the AH to spend your hard earned little cash new players might have. I think the drop rates of rares needs to be upgraded for these difficulty levels, which will make leveling up for new players (ie) first charecters to progress.

    Secondly, I think some of the elite's need a cooldown timer on some abilities. specifically frozen, I usually am able to get out of the way but at times when caught in this, I can get perma froze for about 10 secs...as one goes off, 4 secs later another and then another, etc.

    Also, it seems to me that illusionist? affix seem to throw out like 12 arcane beams at times. This can be very frustrating..causing kiting for absurd amounts of time.

    AFAIK desecrator can stack? with 1000+ res all I can take desecrator in act3 for a few secs, but it seems like 2 then 3 are casted in same spot and 75k hp is gone in 1 sec.

    That is all for now. Thanks for the chance to throw out my issues.
    whenever i'm in town i see this empty spot clearly made for another Crafting companion. Maybe this is meant for a future expansion or maybe someone even mentioned it before but i'd love some kind of potion maker.
    By using gem powder (maybe have the gemcrafter to grind em up) and gold to create buff-, health- and resource potions. This would add a gold and gem sink.
    For me, one thing that bugs me is that followers aren't very useful. Here is an idea I came up with to address that:

    Making Followers Important

    You know how people kind of just forget about equipping their followers? They're almost useless -- even when equipped to the max. However, they do have one use (aside from their skills): like 1/5 of all magic find/gold find applies to the main character. Why not extend this to *all* stats? Make it so you get 1/5 of all dex, attack speed, crit damage etc. you get on your followers. This would make end game last longer (equipping yourr followers), and it would make followers more useful.
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    Ever run into a champion mob you had to skip?

    Why not put affix's into classifications and have them pick one from each of the classifications. Example -
    Jailer and vortex should be classified into one class called immobilitzation
    Arcane and morter should be put into elemental.
    teleporting and fast should be put into mobility.

    INSANELY constructive feedback! Genius idea too...that way they can create new affixes and just drop them into the predetermined category, me likey.

    Why can't the mass whiners be as constructive as- ah never mind.
    One of the things I rarely see people posting, is the fact that it's extremely rare to encounter hordes of 60,70+ monsters. This should be more common since on of the most satisfying things in a Diablo game is to jump on a pool of swarming demons and slaying everything.

    Also, the status are quite boring. Everyone stacks a main status and VIT. Some fun affixes for legendaries or a higher proc chance to "x% chance to stun/fear/etc target" would make for a much more enjoyable experience and a better sensation of power.
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