Doesn't the New higher repair costs hinder the ability to try out new builds? I thought that blizzard wanted to encourage us to try new ability combinations and attack elite packs in different ways to see what works best. But when you do from lag or damage spike a couple of times its easy to simply run out of money and never be able to play again. I experienced this while trying a new mantra combination.

I died 3 or 4 times swapping secondary abilities out to see what jived best with the build and when i went back to the home base found that the repair costs were simply more than i could afford. So i went back out to hopefully farm (not what i enjoy) and died 1 more time and ended up in the red and unable to play the game anymore with my character. Blizzard i simply feel like i've wasted 60hrs of gameplay in one fail swoop. I worked my way up to inferno and now with the repair cost buff i cannot effectively try new idea's or play the game as intended.