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Drop Rates increased but...

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There is no fun in this game. This game is about making the best character to farm. But you increase repair cost and nerf farming methods.
I keep checking the forums for a proactive response to our concerns...

decided to research into another game to spend time on.

good decision shouldnt be hard to find one.
06/20/2012 02:42 PMPosted by Sam
Ultimately, we think players running around with an entire set of Magic Find gear and swapping out those pieces every time they want to open a chest, smash a pot, or click on a weapon rack isn't really all that fun, and we didn't want the game's mechanics to make players feel like they needed to do that in order to be the most efficient. We also don't want players avoiding fighting monsters just to run after shiny clicky things (we want you to do both).

Firstly, thanks for telling me how to have fun playing a game????... I think most of the community would prefer the old system to the new one, just sayin.

The only way you can encourage players to neglect mf gear and play the game the way YOU want them to is to;

A) remove mf completely
B) reduce the possible amount of mf so that it would just be a slight advantage, not worth the time to switch but definitely a nice addition if you could find it ( like how you nerfed ias)

I honestly would not be unhappy to see one of these options implemented
06/20/2012 06:50 PMPosted by Lylirra
. Players feeling like they needed to always carry around MF gear and switch to that gear before destroying environment objects in order to be as efficient as possible, however, was something that was repeatedly communicated (in these forums even) as something that wasn't enjoyable -- and we agreed.

Those players are the problem then. The fact you keep telling us anyone feels forced to do anything is comical at the outset. Why you dont ignore these people i cant fathom but yet ignore everyone else.

WHO CARES if they felt like they had to do something the FACT IS they didnt so they are mistaken and they are in fact wrong.

Why do you keep bringing up these retards they are a poor example of humanity and you listening to them speaks volumes about your priorites
A RNG bad experience doesn't mean the game is broken.
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06/20/2012 06:27 PMPosted by Lylirra
But I LIKED smashing pots!

Me too. And I'm still going to smash every. single. one. of them, for the sheer pleasure of it.

That might be part of the reason Imperius doesn't like humans, you know. Because we run around Heaven smashing his pretty pottery.

I never played d1 or d2, have played some WOW but what immediately strikes me is that with all these patches I really have no idea of how to play the game as you keep changing things around before I am even motivated to advance as a goal I choose today may not be valid tomorrow.

It would have really been better to come out with a tested game and make only slight adjustments.

As it is now I'm not playing much and just waiting for the dust to settle. After that, who knows. I suppose self life also can mean it looks good on the shelf.:)
Overall I like D3 more than D2 and think it's a better crafted game. It's not as polished yet but I believe that it has the systems to be a better game. Lets hope we get there.

I didn't play D2 myself, and yeah I'll agree, the game has potential, but to release it in such a state just kind of makes me think.... Why? Why release this polished turd when you could have waited a couple months and saved yourself all of this non-sense....

It kind of reminds me of what EA did with Mass Effect 3....Maybe we should send Blizzard some cupcakes.
You play the game? are you having fun killing hordes of elite packs and not getting loot past ilvl57? Don't say that getting the loot isnt the fun part because that's the reason we're playing, for the loot. Theres no way I'm going to get anything good from farming elite packs in this game right now. I've tried. I've done 10 act 3 inferno full clears and 5 whimsy full clears and I've seen a small handful of ilvl63 pieces, all of which (as before the patch) rolled up bad.

At least before I'd have 50 or 60 rolls to try with (it was borderline too rare even then but I got by.) Now I have the same chance to roll something good and I only get 2-3 tries. How is that fun? The work to reward ratio (which was already pretty high) just increased by 1000 percent.
Hi Lylirra,

Constructive criticism here:
5x loot.
ATM you farm like a mad, and you can't get useful stuff. Then, you are forced to farm gold like a mad... and pray that someone sell stuff for a cheap price on AH.
This has already been pointed out several times and i feel like its about time this thread gets a blue response on this subject that answers it directly so here i go.

Why do you guys think it is necessary to destroy the experience and fun of many for the sake of those who no one can even recall having said that they felt they were forced into one way of farming except for those post patch that are now constantly complaining about it. You have not even improved the already terrible loot system you have made it worse and less diverse overall.
wow this games already unplayable with the FPS lag they dont care to fix for us.....
Well i'm done playing time to throw in the dumpster...too bad theres no refunds...lesson learned who not to buy games from.

Maybe i'll wait a few months...let me know when this PAID BETA is over..thx guys.
Me too. And I'm still going to smash every. single. one. of them, for the sheer pleasure of it.

I have lost all rewarding feeling from not getting even minor amounts of gold from these things there should at least be an option to not load breakable objects if they aren't going to drop anything.
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