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Drop Rates increased but...

I already know blizzards way of fixing the mf gear swap problem ready here it is " all magic find stats have been reduced by 75% for better gear please try the rmah and give us more money"
06/20/2012 06:56 PMPosted by ElMcGill
complain complain complain, whine whine whine, this game is sick, you dont like it, dont play it, simple enough

For the record this post and more like expresses an opinion with a lot of basis. Problem is, Do you like it or Not? Because if you dont, I hope you eat your own medicine, and assuming you do, why on earth are you wasting even one brain cell reading one ascii character about it?

If you like it then wtg, I emplore you to back it up?????????????????? Opinions are like *ssholes. Everyone has 1, I know I do!!!!!

I loved diablo, and I played D2 through thick and thin. Hence, why I spent my $60 and pre-ordered. I have SINCERELY lost interest in playing when I get home and kick back. This says something, and since so many people are saying the same thing, you are CERTAIN to get your wish.
FFS people if carrying around mf gear and swapping into it is not fun then dnt friggen do it. If you feel you have to than you are in fact mistaken you actually dont have to do anything in this game as it is a game.
It's obviously useless to try to show these Blizzard employees their errors. They choose to be ignorant to their customers wishes. My solution, I am no longer a customer.

R.I.P. Diablo franchise
have any blues said if this is an intended change to loot or just an accident where it's only 0.8% instead of 8%?
So... what you're saying is... don't use MF.

I'm glad this game is turning out to be everything BUT Diablo.


Basically, I'm seeing a trend in Diablo 3. It's to basically kill off everything that made Diablo Diablo, so that we'll play the way you want us to.

The only real reason to raise price of repair bill is to sink gold out of the economy, forcing people with low amounts of gold to use the RMAH.

Edit: And don't give me that crap about how it's to stop zerg farming champions to down them. If you didn't expect this to happen, you wouldn't have started with the "doubled" difficulty of Inferno, and you'd make it so that when you died, all champions reset back to full health instantly, every time.

Thanks to these changes, we're forced to farm Act 1 strictly for gold, so that we can afford to pay repair costs in order to farm act 2-4 for gear. Yes, act 2-4 was nerfed, but for those of us who don't have the gold, or refuse to use the RMAH, all you're doing is keeping us poor.

You nerfed every single good gold farming location in the game. I don't recall blizzard north ever saying "we want people to be broke in D2, so we're gonna make nerf all of your favorite farming locations/boss kills, just so you'll stay broke." Of course, that was when blizzard made game's that were designed to be great games, and therefore they could sell themselves. Now, you're all about making as much money as you can possibly squeeze out of your players, on top of your already $60 price tag.

One of the fun things about D2 was that I would enter a room, clear all the mobs, than go and break barrels/etc, and when that Legendary/set piece dropped, you were stoked, and it was a reason to keep blowing up barrels. This worked out well, of course, because the D2 devs weren't F*cking retarded enough to put static hallways/crypts/etc that were 90% pots/barrels/jars that were just begging to be farmed!

I don't need my own voice, by reason of your existence, sir. Sadly, I need to quote all the good stuff, so we can hope for humanity.
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Bottom line, Blizz wants to give you all bad drops so you need to go to AH. Drops rates don't even matter if you don't get anything worth keeping. They need, want, need, need you to farm farm farm to upgrade with the AH. The whole point of Diablo III, for Blizzard, is the AH. That's their #1 priority. The game itself took the back seat a long time ago, as everybody agrees it is just a 60$ beta.

I'm not saying you can not find good items. But the saying, few and far between, doesn't even come close to describing the drop rate of good items. Keep in mind kids, some of us can't play 8 hours a day.
wow this is the biggest load of bs, what about the players who do a little bit of both, i don't smash everything i come across, i do here and there, and i kill monsters, now there's one less viable way of doing things, way to give us the options and diversity and different way of doing things and the play the way you want "idea" you all like to tote around as if you actually mean it... who are you to tell US what we like and find fun?! that's just absolutely pompous, this is the most absurd blue post i've ever seen!

good thing you emphasized pleasure to imply we all should enjoy destructible objects that serve no purpose because you think we should, i could smash my copy of D3 and find more pleasure at this rate -_-

Problem: it used to be 2 guaranteed from a boss.

i'd rather get 1 every elite pack I kill.

He forgot to mention that will only happen with 5 stacks
+1 to the earlier poster who suggested that MF should be based off your NV stacks, this solves the real problem that Blizz are worried about - people starting a game, using a waypoint to an area with vases, breaking them for loot, then exiting the game, over and over and over, just to farm loot. No monsters being fought.

The solution is simple - leave things as they were for characters < lvl60, and for lvl60 with NV, you start each game with 0 extra MF until you kill the first elite pack, this gives you 20% of your MF. And so on, at 5 stacks you're back to the pre-1.0.3 MF level.

And of course bring back all items in vases.chests etc. Changing that was not very smart.

The devs need to think a bit more about how they make changes - they should be made in a way that doesn't outright punish everyone else (like me) for the sins of a few.
Best drop rates are in RMAH.
06/20/2012 06:39 PMPosted by Lylirra
This way, players who never die aren't getting hit with a giant repair fee every 3-4 hours.
Oh thank goodness, as long as i dont get killed but the bs packs and enraged timer, i should be okay.
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buy good gear with the 1-3 random properties roll as mf....
or don't now that said gear has been made almost entirely obsolete.
Problem : vases are over-farmed
Solution : reduce number of vases, take them out of waypoint areas, mix them in deep places with lots of mobs...that way people killing stuff can smash stuff too and still expect rewards, rather than nulify the rewards from them. People want to break stuff to release tension ( yes 1 hitters pots vases corpses etc, because sometimes dying is much too much

Problem : stress (inferno, maybe even hell if one doesn't farm)
Solution : fun, not being slapped time after time

Problem : feeling like playing an empty game
Solution : add more socializing incentives , rather than no-name generic games with just random people ( to compare, in d2 i had the option to choose with which ppl i would play, from outside friendlist, whereas here i'm just stuck with whatever the matchmaker god gives me)

Problem : no personal input on customising games, other than choosing which quest to start from)
Possible solution : Choosing from a category of games : Trade game (because i don't want to pay the AH a gold fee for listing it 2 days...also why trade forums still exist, to circumvent the supposed gold sink), Rushing game, Exploring game, Achievements game (! yes for nerds and really bored ppl !), Farming game, Dueling/bragging game ( yes later...)

(Community) problem : too few people to actually chat with in public games ( i feel like i'm playing a game with bots mostly...be they gold chat spammers, item farmers ( that were obvious to come, since everyone wanted a slice of that big money pie), even quest "bots", they'd rather shut up and do whatever they do, than socialize)
Solution : sorry i wish i had this covered :P

Problem : mobility - people preffer to not leave a game to help a friend because they've got the wonderfull valor buffs and are too busy greeedy farming.

Problem : D3 being fed to 10-year-olds (except blood scenes...which aren's so much scary nowadays..), whereas the community feels overgrown and ridiculed.
Solution : treat us a little more maturely ingame, rather than : hey, this boss is coming for you and he's telling you each and every plan of his, in full detail. If there is 1 thing i learned, it is that whenever a NPC says "never"...it will turn into a "very likely and forever". I'd rather not have a game insult the intelligence of 18+ year old people.

Problem : EPIC LOOT !
Solution : add moooooooooooooooooooore types of stats..i feel like i'm playing a dwindled version of d2 with 3d graphics.

Problem : gold AH and extra gold items
Solution : If you want gold to be valuable for an AH ( although i think GAH is only a rehearsal for rmah, the way gold is being devalued right now) remove extra gold stat, wipe all gold from all characters or reduce it by 90%. I really do not want to be FORCED into having a GOLD FARMER just so i can stay average joe around the floating line, not overpowered joe ( that's what rmah is for).

I've got more thoughts, but it's late and i would rather not want to derail into raging over a game. Last thing, D3 feels more like an infringement on how to play, rather than giving players freedom. Disorganised cattle are easier to control, but they will also run out of your yard if you don't find a good reason for them to stay in it !
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