I want this thread to be a discussion and not a "you suck" type of thread. Positive feedback please. I'm not the best player out there by any means, but I'm entitled to my opinion.

1) I don't really like only being able to put 10 items up at a time. On top of that, I don't like the fact I can't remove items if they aren't doing so good and put up a different item.

Suggestion: Make it like WOW where you can put up as many items as you want and cancel them if they aren't doing so good, but like I suggested below, put a AH fee for posting items.

2)I think the repair costs are too high. I don't know if blizzard just wants more gold dump for players or what.

Suggestion: Make it to where there is an auction fee up front (at least for the gold auction house) if you want players to get rid of gold faster. From where the repair costs are at now, maybe reduce it by 50%...Fully broken on my demon hunter before patch was roughly 5k, now it's 15k, almost 16k.

3)I don't like the current rune/skill system. I feel like there's hardly customization, even though there is many "paths" you can take, I feel limited.

Suggestion: Bring the skill point system back and have a defensive/utility/offensive tree type of thing for each class. And I really do miss the rune system. Rune words was just awesome and being able to teleport on my hammerdin with my merc having insight was so cool. I miss the customization!

4) The set items need working on. Rares are far superior than most, if not all, set items...Even with the set bonuses.

5) Incorporate the PTR for D3 and get peoples opinion before releasing a patch and see what works and what doesn't. Like most people complaining on these forums lately, don't treat us like lab rats. Get our opinions on something before releasing patches rather than releasing them and then seeing what we think.

My thoughts in general: Playing the game at first was so amazing as normal difficulty was doing all out dmg and killing !@#$ without repercussion. Nightmare got a little more difficult and it got progressively harder as you go through the acts so you maybe had to have 1 or 2 defensive abilities. Hell was progressively harder from nightmare but was fun. It wasn't a pushover like nightmare and normal intended to be. Act 1 inferno was quit harder from hell, but a few tweaks here and there with your character and you get through it. Now act 2 comes, it seems like a skinny non muscular kid gets thrown into the UFC ring with Broc Lesnar or something like that (sorry for probably not spelling his name right). Now some people will say "Just farm gear, blah blah blah". I have decent gear. My dps isn't the greatest (it's at like 60k or so and maybe 25k health), but I shouldn't get one shotted by white mobs...I tried the route of more resistance gear, but it didn't help me at all. I got them up to like 500 or so.

I'm open to suggestions. I understand they made Act 1 inferno farmable now with the change in rare drops which is nice to see. And I haven't tried act 2 after the recent patch and I heard they nerfed Inferno again. So pardon me if it's a little easier.

On a side note, what I loved about D2 was being able to log on for 1 to 2 hours and do BAAL runs with my hammerdin and be done. It was fun just completely demolishing everything in my path and get loot. The satisfaction of just doing a lot of dmg and getting loot was amazing.
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