New Classes;
Trader, Bureaucrat, Politician

New Mercanaries
Assistant, Secretery, Goldfarmer

The Trader: Skill / Runes
- Gain experience and level up while trading stuff trough auction house screen
- Now only %12 Cut instead of %15 while using RMAH
- Can remove gems for Free
- Downloading trade hacks %19 faster than any other class
- Can pre-order Diablo 4 items
- Can reach to Auction house while sittin on toilet (Iphone and Android Apps for Trader)
- New Spell: Casts an Illusıon of AH where you can see items while playing the game
- New Spell: Reduces the buy-out price of an item by %4 (2 days cooldown)


- Randomly NOT generated maps added into game
- Level cap reduced to level 2 (every expension pack adds 1 more level)
- Now you can use only 2 spells (Reduced from 6)
- Witch doctors removed from the game
- More character customization. Now you can dye your shields.

- Monk: New Aura
Reduces your latency by %15 Rune: %5 chance of joining to a faster Blizzard server
- Barbarians now can tank server lag.