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How do these topics work for Wizard?

I'm currently level 53 in Hell level.

1. Wouldn't Life on hit be better then Life on Kill as you hit more times then mob deaths? Or do you get way more +Life with LoK to make it better then LoH?

2. Arcane Orb - I understand it is powerful but with mobs moving fast alot of times, I seem to miss more then hit the things. How do you use Arcane Orb successfully when you have to kite? And for those using it do you then give up Disintegrate as that one is my favorite spells?

3. I hear alot of people forgoing Archon when using kiting build but that has saved me alot of times. Seems like that is our signature Wizard spell but is it not viable in Hell and Inferno?

4. If I have a weapons say that says +19 poison damage, does that make hydra damage better? If a spell say does not use poison even though my weapon says it does poison damage, does it not affect the spell damage?

5. For a wizard, are there some resist areas better to get up then others such as physicial, Fire, etc.? Do more mobs use say arcane then the others?

6. Followers. I have put items on them and do nto see my stats change at all. Aren't their stats supposed to up ours some (not the full amt shown on item right?) If so why can't I see what it is doing? For instance if i put on a +int item on Enchant, i don't see my stats moving for Int or dmg at all?

Thanks in advance..
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Bump.. can anyone help explain these to me. Thanks.
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1. Life on kill used to be good because it worked with recasting hydra, now it's useless.
2. A little practice, generally they run right at you, otherwise I use magic missle with seeker. You can't really use disintegrate as well in inferno because you need to be able to kite.
3. Archon is good once you get your crit % up to go along with the lower cd passive. You need to melt mobs before they get to you since you can't use defensive spells in archon form.
4. No, elemental damage is meaningless unless it is cold damage.
5. For the most part you want all res, although physical and fire seem to be the most prominent damage forms.
6. Follower items affect follower only, except for mf and gf items. Don't try to make them do damage, the only items worth it on them are vit, gf/mf cold damage and I guess armor/all res.
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Physical and fire resist are most important for the up-close-and-personal situations...but try get it all above 700, sounds alot and expensive but you'll slowly get there by upgrading slowly and farming hell mode like crazy before you hit inferno..!

try setting up a melee wizard setup rather than a kiting wizard, you'll get better at the game than running away all the time...with the melee wizard you'll be able to use desintegrate alot more with the rune chaos nexus, where it splits to other enemies..!

using piercing orb is a much better solution than magic missle with seeker, well thats imo..!

for more info on melee wizards go to the thread


edit - life regeneration is the best for a wizard, since your kiting your life will reach full health almost instantly while kiting, try get it above 1500 to 2000 life per second..!
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