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Orders from Azmodan

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For some reason, I got orders from azmodan part 2-6 but can't get part after looting multiple messengers bodies all throughout act 3
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Same here.
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I have 1 and 3-6 but can't get 2.
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I have 1 and 3-6 and can't find 2 also
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The Orders from Azmodan, part 1-6 has to be got during the quest line area that the book is found in order to get the book
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Have been working on this for a while, but was not overly concern till the battlefield reports was fixed. Now I am unable to finish achievement.

On my achievement list it says I have all the orders completed except for number 3.

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I can't find Part 4 myself, but I have 1-3 and 5-6.
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Also running into the same issue, have all lore except #2
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Same here
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I found all the orders except part 1. Is this a bug?
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I'm having the same problem with part 3. Any work around to this?
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Season 2 character softcore (trying hardcore now)

found 2,3,6 can't found 1,4,6 so i can't complete season achievement.

Tried in adventure mode also in campaign, a few runs, but still nothing.

Edit 1: EU player, didn't found report a bug in EU forum ?
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Campaign mode:
Part 1: Quest "The Siege of Bastion’s Keep", Skycrown Battlements
Part 2: Quest "Turning the Tide", Stonefort
Part 3: Quest "The Breached Keep", The Keep Depths
Part 4: Quest "Machines of War", The Battlefields
Part 5: Quest "Machines of War", Fields of Slaughter
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Thanks it rly helps :)
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I am stuck on this as well. My HC wizard is trying to rack up some achievements (because rifts got boring). I have 2-6, but not 1. I read numerous "solutions" which did not help

1) storymode, activate the quest of the area where the book drops. Tried it, doesnt work.
2) start a new character, then go to that area. I tried this, and a book does drop. But for some reason its ALWAYS part 6 (which I already have).

A very frustrating bug, and one would expect this to be fixed after nearly 3 years.
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