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Tips: Halmin The Alchemist - The Foundry

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Finally found this guy. I did a lot of web searching, and couldn't really find any info on him, aside from the fact that he spawns in Foundry Level 1. So, here's a few notes that some may find helpful.

--- Finding the Foundry.
1. Start on the quest "Machines of War
2. Run/teleport to the entrance of "The Battlefields". Head east a few steps. The Foundry can only spawn in one spot. It'll be directly next to the entrance of The Battlefields, slightly east from where you start. It shares a spawn with "Cryder's Outpost" and "Battlefield Stores". Keep remaking until you get it (Foundry is about 10% chance, from what I've seen).

--- Finding Halmin
1. He can only spawn on Foundry Level 1. Clear the whole 1st floor, then reset if you don't see him.
2. He spawned for me in a very small room with only a few beds and a fireplace against the right wall. He crawled out from under he beds after I killed the demons in the room.
3. Others have said that he crawls out from a fireplace when you kill the demons. However, when he spawned for me, he actually crawled out from under a bed, not from out of the fireplace. Not sure if this is important, but theoretically it may be possible to "glitch" the spawn if you accidentally destroy the beds before killing the demons in the room. Food for thought.
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This helped a lot! Thank you for sharing!
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I'd like to share a different method for finding the Foundry... I think it's a little faster, especially if you're making use of wormhole.
1. Select quest "Machines of War - Ballistae"
2. Use the Bridge of Korsikk waypoint (it should checkpoint so you'll spawn at the wp from then on)
3. Go backwards across the bridge to get to the Battlefields
4. Continuing southwest, you'll run into 3 possibilities of the first "wall" you'll hit:
A sort of curved wall: meaning Forward barracks or no dungeon has spawned (start over)
A flat wall with a "hole" in it that continues southwest: meaning Cryder's Outpost spawned (start over)
A flat wall with no holes: In this case, you should go around to the front. It will either be Battlefield Stores or The Foundry

I could be wrong about step 4, as this was found simply from my experience... but it has held true for 40+ runs now

I have not found Halmin himself yet, but this article provides (perhaps unconfirmed) information:
However, it had good information on the other merchants as far as I could tell
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Thanks for the helpful info...found him after about 20 runs and 2 foundry spawns. like you said he crawled out from under the bed as well for me in a room with a firplace on the northeast wall about middle of the lvl 1 for me. game on..
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probably 25 runs, it has spawned twice and he was not in either one. Though one had the fireplace area, after clearing the level he never showed up. :(
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25 more runs, spawned one more time and yet again he was not in the fireplace room. However, when that fireplace has spawned there are no beds in that room. Really annoying.
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Why is this guy important?
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I think he's just part of the Market Research Achievement. Just another merchant.
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Found the foundry twice now, no halmin... second spwan of the foundry actually had three rooms with beds and fireplace (could not destroy that bed), but no halmin
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Found this guy randomly a few days ago. Still surprised (and impressed) that I occasionally find a new event/npc that I haven't seen before.
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He spawned under the bed for me too. Took 5 foundry runs and a little over 6hrs of farming to get him. The bed was non-destructible so that shouldn't be an issue
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finally got him. The area he's in is to the left of the entrance, and looks like the spot on the map.

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actually got him on the first try, lol
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So figured I'd share this map screen shot since the Videos and Other screen shots I've seen weren't of this particular generated map. The "Room" will still be the same with the Fireplace on the right wall and a bed in the top right corner.

Though there is a fake "fireplace" room with blankets on the ground but this room will spawn the fireplace on the top "northern" wall and there won't be any wooden beds.

When in doubt... clear the whole Foundry level 1 *shrug*

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1st run Foundry and Halmin!
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confirmed, got on first run. Came out from under the bed and did as KamiGodzilla instructed
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Halmin was the last merchant I needed for the achvmnt but couldn't find him prior to patch 1.04 (after numerous foundry clears). I just decided to try again, and he spawned on the first foundry spawn. He was under a bed in a room with a fireplace. I actually destroyed the bed and he appeared. I don't know if the trigger was destroying the bed or killing all the demons. Regardless... 1st foundry spawn even though I destroyed the bed he was under. I even got credit for the achievement before I opened up his merchant window.
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have now cleared foundry lvl 1 approximately 30 times and still haven't found this guy. What am i doing wrong?


It never fails. post a question and try again, and find what you're looking for on the first try.
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ahh! i go through rooms and acid bomb the entire room. Maybe i will try to not do this and see if i come up with a result.
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