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Tips: Halmin The Alchemist - The Foundry

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lol he just appeared :)
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Very helpful information! Found him on my first run and on second game loaded. :) Thanks ever so much! KamiGodzilla, I found the spawn point and information on how to tell if the Foundry may have spawned to be excellent advice. ^.^
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After, oh, so many runs. I finally got the fireplace room with the unbreakable bed.
But it was in the second level, so it did not work. So, no need to check second floor; it will only work on the first, it seems.
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Thanks, very useful information. But still can't find him after 4 hours + -:(
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I keep trying, and so far nothing! So, I will post here, and hope he shows up. LOL.
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Yup! It worked! I reloaded a million times, and once I posted, and then foundry came up, he was there!
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Just posting here to make this goon spawn. :b
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Same as Clone32. Tried like a gazillion times without any luck...
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Found him in the first foundry run... quess i was lucky.. thanks for the info.
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Found the fireplace room about three to four times in about 30 runs. No spawn... :(
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is a tough nut to crack since he's the last one i need to find.
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does anyone still has it?
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I found it and I discovered something along the way.

I've done runs for this for hours without any luck, till I started to see some signs of spawning The Foundry. It has to do with when you enter The Arreat Gate and wheter a health well, or a shrine spawned on top op the Arreat Gate area (right when you enter it). If a shrine spawned or nothing, Foundry would not appear on my run. What I also found was this:

- First on top of the gate when you enter the area, a health well has spawned.
- Then after you run down the stairs, a Shrine has spawned (Protection I believe)
- After you run out the gate into the battlefield there are 2 chests right beside eachother. (if one chest spawns, Foundry will not appear in my case or Halmin is not there)
- Then when you enter Foundry, my room was directly north from entrance.

I've done aprox. 100 runs on this and only when the 2 chests spawned it gave me Halmin.

Can anyone confirm this?
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I can confirm this:

Top spawns Health well and no shrine one level below -> No Foundry
Top spawns Health well and level below shrine (non Fleet or Frenzied) -> Foundry is there

Top spawns Frenzied, below health well, no chests -> Battlefield stores

seems like after that it depends if you get the 2 chests or not.

Seems like this will speed up the farming.
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i've got him in my game. add me as friend quick, apple#2694
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If anyone finds him please post here. I have been searching for 2 hours now without luck. Would love the help. I will post if I find him.
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I just found him on my second time of finding the foundary. The bed is destructible... But he comes out.


Is the right map layout. If you don't get a map that looks like this, reload. My map, which I found him, is the same floorplan.
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I am a skeptic so I went to each one (EVEN with NO SHRINES or Health WELLS) . . .
About an hour of runs . . . several empty foundries . . .

I found him with NO SHRINES or HEALTH WELLS . . .

I had MP2 Inferno with wiz

the foundries that did NOT spawn him went to the right

The one I found him in was the ONLY one that went left and was noticeable that it was different immediately . . .

there was a fireplace . . .

I destroyed the bed . . .

it was the 2nd room I entered to the left and was in a corner (diamond shaped - fireplace on right side, bed on left)

the award was instantaneous . . .

all he had was health and dyes . . .

I took screen shot for the map since you can see entrance, map and the different direction . . .
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I've been doing this for a couple of hours, but because I play on hardcore, and I'm not the strongest on inferno. Can you succeed on hell, or does it have to be on inferno? Before this, I looked for Larra and I got her quite fast.. 15 minutes I guess.. But this guy.. Damn burn in hell
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