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AUS/NZ Forget about 1.0.3, the problem is....

The location of your house matters significantly less than you think.

Just a few minutes, I did a ping test from where I'm located, which is behind a 10Gb/s (yes, that's right) link hooked straight into AARnet in a capital city, to an Amazon EC2 instance sitting on the US West Coast. This should give close to best-case results for what one could expect to get if you're in Australia.

I got 185ms. Consistently. Traceroute results are what you'd expect. 26ms from where I am to Sydney, then a jump to 183ms across to the AARnet termination point in Palo Alto. The rest of the time is spent getting from the Palo Alto exit to Amazon.

So, we're looking at 26ms from me to Sydney, 157ms to cross the Pacific, and then 2ms to get from the AARnet termination to Amazon.

Even removing the two endpoint amounts, you're still looking at 157ms to cross the Pacific. Considering that light travels down fiber at about two-thirds of C, and the distance from Sydney to Los Angeles is about 12000km, your minimum round-trip time to get from Sydney to Los Angeles is of the order of 120ms. And that's completely ignoring losses.

So those of you who are claiming to be in Australia and getting 80ms or whatever to the US are either lying, trolling, or have faulty metrics.

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06/20/2012 09:04 PMPosted by Blitz
I will even post a photo of my ms if you really want me to, it also depends where your house in located and how many other houses the internet lines feeding.

While that is somewhat true for shared mediums such as cable and 3G/4G, it would affect throughput more than latency (unless you have massive congestion on your local node/tower/whatever). It also doesn't apply to xDSL, since that's not a shared medium (your location will affect your sync speed, but not your latency to any significant extent).

But what I'm saying is that even if everything is utterly perfect and you have the best connection in the world all to yourself and everything else is optimum, you still can't get anywhere near 80-120 ms from NZ to the west coast of the US. It's literally impossible ... the speed of light is your limiting factor.

In fact let's get even more ridiculous. Let's say you had a dedicated fibre directly from the back of your PC, across the Pacific Ocean, directly into Blizzards servers in LA. It's 10,500 km from Auckland to Los Angeles in a straight line (further from other NZ cities). At the speed of light in fibre, that's almost exactly 100ms (return journey). For a direct fibre from your PC to Blizzard, lying in a perfectly straight line across the ocean. And that's not even considering the fact that the actual speed of meaningful communication across that fibre is going to be slower than that, because there's time involved in encoding and decoding TCP packets at each end (and in the real world, routing them through 10-15 hops.

Basically, if you've seen 80-120 ms being reported by D3's in-game latency meter, something has gone very wrong with the calculations :)
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06/20/2012 09:04 PMPosted by Blitz
I will even post a photo of my ms if you really want me to, it also depends where your house in located and how many other houses the internet lines feeding.

Please do, need proof good sir.
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Give this a read.


Goes to show that Platipy is not the only one having this problem. I hadnt suffered lag until the latest patch 1.0.3 on tuesday. Now i get latency of 850 - 1640! Considering, Monday I had a latency of 200 - 250.
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