It is evident that I haven't completed hardcore yet so why should I create such a haughty appearing forum thread:

For starters, I have completed inferno diablo pre-nerf. In addition, I have only created one hardcore character, and I haven't lost it... yet! :P
(Started my character two days ago and about to enter hell mode, NO EXPLOITS)

This build has been extremely good at handling the toughest challenges and it sure will contest hardcore inferno. Just be aware that this game is very gear dependent but there are builds that can reduce the minimum gear requirement for certain encounters and zones. Your goal in hardcore is to minimize the risk of dying even if it costs you astronomical amounts.

Anyway, here it is:!ZXY!ZaaZaa

If you have any questions, feel free to ask or if you want to see the specialization in use just watch for a couple of minutes:
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