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who are the gods in diablo world?

Seriously, there are angels and demons. The monk believe in Gods. witch doctor can speak with the spirits (and I dont know which spirits, since he/she don't interact with the dead). and barbarians also claim to have their God.
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There are many different belief systems in the world of Sanctuary, but its safe to say the only "real god"(as in all powerfull, creator of the universe god) was Anu, he pretty much created the universe, as well as the demons and angels(see Book of Cain for more info)

There are many other religions/Belief systems that worship a multitude of "gods" that are more likely symbolic figures or ancient nephalem heroes of old.
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Different faiths, different ideals.

You have Anu/Tethemat, who's forms eventually became Heaven and Hell eventually.

Then you have Inarius and his ilk, who created Sanctuary.

You have Trang'oul, the Dragon, who watches over Sanctuary and is known by the Necromancers.

You have the Ancients, the Nephalem who eventually gave rise to various orders, Rathma for Necromancers, Bul'Kathos for Barbarians, for instance.

You have the Zakarum, who worship 'The Light', a concept conceived by Akarat, a mortal man who had visions long ago. The Templar Order is what remains of this group.

You have the Triune, who worships the Prime Evils.

You have the Umbaru Tribe, who believes in the Unformed Lands, a spirit world between the realms, that you go to after you die.

You have the people and monks of Ivgorod, who worship the 1001 Gods, one for everything in the world. Be it a warm fire or water in a river, there is a God that they believe exists for that, numberin One Thousand and One.

You have the Sisterhood of the Sightless eye, which worship the Great Eye, an object that grants the Amazons their great eyesight and accuracy.

None have been confirmed as any sort of 'true' religion. The Prime Evils exist, for instance, but are certainly not Gods in the traditional sense. But there is a confirmed afterlife for humanity.
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Right, but I think the OP's point was that many of these beliefs have direct tangible relationships to beings and powers in this world. The monk, and also the Xiansai religion, seem to imply that there are entire supernatural forces somehow previously unmentioned in the Diablo universe that have god-like or god powers yet aren't really acknowledged as a factor in the conflict over sanctuary between heaven/hell.

It's not a question of belief system; it's a question of whether or not the beings truly exist and if so what role are they supposed to play in this universe and where do they come from. (It certianly seems they do exist considering Shen is frequently implied to possibly be a god walking in disguise and the PCs do little to question that this is a thing that could happen)
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In the Diablo universe, "god" is a title given to any sufficiently powerful force or being, it seems.
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That's the thing: there's all these different deities and people revere different ones than others, and sometimes different incarnations of others (though rarely), much like religion in our world.
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Well, it is only natural of people to be inquisitive and to know more and more. However, I like at least some things to remain unaswered. Makes room for imagination.
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Ponies and teddy bears.
They're the real gods of the Diablo World.
That's the last level after all, isn't it?
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The monks religion maybe similiar to the 1001 Buddhas. Also, these gods maybe enlightened beings in sanctuary... or in other worlds/universes.
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there was a anu (but, none book call him god, dont know why....)
but now:
"god" is a tittle (not a race/class/species/etc) that any life form (or dead) acquires by have power enough to inspire (or demand) and give power to low power life form.
so, almost all nephalem has a "god" tittle at the eyes of any normal humans.

but, if you want to seek religions...
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sanctuary and angels/demon's realm are fictional , totally different world from real world so its probably not the best idea to compare those two, just accept what they are and how things are :/

and only gods i know in diablo is (spoiler alert!) covetous shen(god of thievery i believe) and there are suppose to be other 56(i think) gods but "god" is little different in diablo than what we would think in real world
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