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An idea to improve the follower - Merging

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I've noticed something a little, well, its merely an inconvienience than anything. Often I play multiplayer, but sometimes in order to progress or just a quick farm I'd solo it with the follower.

I have 2 chars level 60, and if I want to solo with either of them and I wish to have a certain follower I have to start a game as my last played char, take the items off, put in stash, then start the game with other char then put them on to ensure my follower has the best gear it can have.

Why not, when your chars, and its respective followers on that account hit level 60, have the option to merge followers?

How it would work is, if you have a Monk level 60, and a Demon hunter level 60, and all 6 followers are level 60, all you need to do is strip the items completely off say, the Monk's followers, and then the game recognises a bare follower and the player gets the option to merge followers between them so no items are lost. Could alternative have the level 60 follower like the Crafters, account bound at level 60, but then there is an issue of items lost when they hit go from level 59 (not bound) to level 60 (bound), guess a tooltip can come up saying, "if you want to bind remove all items and click accept".

Obviously a char that is level 1, shouldnt be able to tap into the level 60 followers as it would just be silly, so it only is available at level 60.

This helps because when I play DH, if I find a good crossbow, if its good, but not quite as good as my own I'll see if its better than my followers, I'd never bother going to the trouble of finding 10 decent crossbows to give to all the possible Scoundrel followers on my account, I'd just swap it around.

Thoughts? It's really just a convieniance factor.
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I agree with this, I mean clearly it would only be for lvl60's but I see no reason why you couldn't share followers between lvl60's.

Really nothing to add, I think its a good idea.
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Also with this 'no retrospective buff for legendaries'

Why not have it, that if you have an old legendary on your char, or in your stash, your crafter has another tab, that you can put this legendary in and hit the craft button and weapon goes back to your stash unidentified, acts like the player has literally just refound that item again. They can reidentify it with the new stats. That way the player can choose to reset the legendary or not as they may have a decent stat legendary and not want to.

As it stands, I'm glad I have not found a legendary recently because it will probably be crap.
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With this system, Blizzard can also balance it again if needed without pissing people off further as they will always have a choice to update them, at the risk of losing that particular stat combo.
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Merging Followers would be great, they should just have them stand in town like they do and when you talk to them have
-Scoundrel 1 Level 24 (toon name)
-Scoundrel 2 Level 60 (toon name)
-Scoundrel 3 Level 60 (toon name)
-Scoundrel 4 Level 52 (toon name)

And then have a level cap so you can only choose a scoundrel that is within your level range but when all your toons are 60 they can pick the same one.

Gearing all your different Followers is a pain and most people just gear swap anyway from one to the other.
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Disagree with the idea - why give the softcore people another advantage?
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1stly - Necro alert post #5.

2ndly - NO! The follower skills and equipment needs are different for different classes.

I also use them as mules for jewelery and weapons. Bad enough the shared stash without making the followers shared too.
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i really don't think merging would work because there is most likely to be an expansion, then what? unmerge? I like the idea of sharing followers for convenience sake of not moving their gear around but it would have to be something more that you can just talk to the scoundrel and hire anyone of your toons scoundrels from him (within level range of course)
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