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A reviewer that wasn't paid by Blizzard...

06/21/2012 03:56 PMPosted by KronicDecay
Green fanboys crack me up

I find it strange that anyone who isn't against D3 is somehow a fanboy, and doesn't have good reasoning for not being against D3 in the first place.

In any case, Bandwagoners crack me up.

But Diablo 3 is different. It's different because Blizzard has a track record spanning almost two decades of games that have become institutions, and they've also run the most popular MMO around for almost eight years. Put simply, Blizzard, more than any developer around, has earned that benefit of the doubt. I believe that the server issues will be resolved. With that in mind, it does both our audience and Diablo 3 a disservice to dwell on that aspect in this review.

06/21/2012 03:51 PMPosted by UmAdKiD
Yet somehow the critics justified an 88/100. Strange.

It couldn't be because, you know, they're objective.

Hahaha, OK buddy. Basically this review says "since Blizzard did other games right in the past, we should give this game a good review anyway".

So he passes off the lag issues (that still persist and killed TONS of HC players recently) because of HYPE. The game was entirely sold on hype from older Blizzard games.

But of course, that's a reviewer being objective... /sarcasm.
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The only reason this game got a high review score was because the critics are either paid or never got to endgame. I love all these MvP suckup posters here.
Blizzard pay all big name game review company to give them good score, Gamespot, IGN i am look at you, your reviews are all to good to be true and making it seem like its a perfect game, next time play it then review it morons.
In my honest opinion reviewing D3 is a terribly difficult thing to do. The gameplay, and in my opinion the graphics are all quite good. Some vestigial designs from D2 are a detriment, but all in all it's alright.

The core of the game, the replay value and the reward for time spent leave much to be desired. Random isn't random unless it involves loot, then it's retarded random. It all comes back to the RMAH mostly, but a lot of decisions I can see are clearly being made by people who worked on WoW and that is having a negative response from a lot of players, myself included. It's not playing like an action RPG should in many ways and the measures Blizzard has taken - many in the last couple weeks - in order to counter hacking and botting have all been at the detriment of the player.

And yet, there is even more to weigh in an attempt to give an all-around review. I think many mainstream reviewers simply reviewed the game for what it is, leaving Inferno as more or less a bonus level in the sense that it won't affect the review negatively and instead actually only gives it a boost in replay value (I disagree with that assessment).

Users, on the other hand, reviewed it with the design decisions and unintended implications of the system as a whole (online only, RMAH, giant economy) negatively affecting them in the forefront of their minds, and rightfully so.

I think there is a very clear and large objective difference between players and critics of Diablo 3, which isn't really surprising considering how bewildering so many of the decisions Blizzard has made in regards to game design and playability are, among other things.
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OK. Let me show you a developer that created a better graphics engine in flash. Still subjective? It's 2012. http://www.unrealengine.com/flash/
Yeah the guys who made UT can make a better engine than Blizzard. Surprise!

What does that have anything to deal with art direction, or how Blizzard styles their games? I'm not too sure I see your point here.

The story: The plot twists were extremely predictable. This is not subjective. The game directly tells you some of the "plot twists" in many of the journals and it is also painfully obvious.
Here's an example of the horribly cheesy writing: "Arrogant Nephalem! My servants will feast on your pride as they devour your flesh." Really? Subjective? Really?

Some people won't dig the story. Some people don't like that style of story telling. One big complaint that I see on the forums is that it's too "Disney."

Well, I can see that sort of argument but is Jafar still not an !@#? Is he still not a villain? Does that mean that story is horrible?

I find it strange that anyone who isn't against D3 is somehow a fanboy, and doesn't have good reasoning for not being against D3 in the first place.

In any case, Bandwagoners crack me up.

Pretty much.

I mean, if you want to have a discussion about this I'm down for it. But like...How sad is it to target a title just because you don't like it? Very. I'd like to think anyone who can type on a keyboard effectively is above making attacks at people, but perhaps I'm giving some a little too much credit.
I remember when forum MVPs used to be champions of the masses, not the Blue lackies to respond to the posts they themselves didn't want to bother with.
Stop defending this game. It was worth the money, it was OK at best. It was not anywhere close to meeting the expectations of the diablo franchise because quite frankly, as the author of the article put it, they are telling us how to play the game and that we will enjoy it, even though that isn't at all what diablo is about. They should have copied as much from d2 as possible; its why the screenshots from a few years ago look better than the actual game does.
06/21/2012 04:58 PMPosted by blinkxzero
Hahaha, OK buddy. Basically this review says "since Blizzard did other games right in the past, we should give this game a good review anyway".

Not at all what he said, but okay.

Reading comprehension. I highly recommend it.
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So you're saying that because he gave them that score, he wans't paid by Blizzard.
And that anyone who gave it a higher score, was paid by Blizzard?



And FYI companies actually do pay reviewers money.

Would you accept $5k USD if they asked you to write good things about them?

Maybe they already do.
The best part of the review was the point about Blizzard forcing you "to play how they want you to play."

That pretty much sums up the disappointment of this game and why it is so boring now.

I didn't really care about the graphics or 100% online, it's all about their attitude that changed from "play how you want to play" from old Blizzard, to "play how we want you to play" from new Blizzard.
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