Diablo® III

How to read weapon stats to pick the best one

i am new to this game and i was wondering how to read 2 handed or 1 handed weapon stats. I have bough 2 weapons, one higher DPS than the other, but my overall damage keeps going down. Here is an example of the fail that i encountered.

Weapon A
Rare Polearm
917.4 DPS
719-1103 Damage
1.01 Attacks per Second
- +149-411 Lightning Damage
-+153 Strength
-+174 Intelligence
-Increased attack speed by 6%
-3.4% chance to blind on hit

Weapon B
Rare 2 handed Axe
1048.3 DPS
784-1122 Damage
1.10 Attack per Second
-+274 Minimum Damage
-+337 Maximum Damage
-+169 Strength
-Increased attack speed by 10%
-Ignores Durability Loss

When i have weapon A epuiped and i hover over weapon B, here are the stats changed if equiped:
+0 Life
-629.7 Damage
-1.3% Protection

Why is weapon A better than Weapon B? Thanks for any replies.
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cuz ur int aka wd or wizard
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BTW im a witchdoctor. Are certain weapons better for me than others?
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Find the one with the lowest repair bill.
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Ive tried several times to create a topic, they delete it everytime..lvl60 Monk, full tier 16 armor, two sets of legends (Shenlongs Tidal/Wave/Sage Seekers w/ Sage Grips) stacked resist at 85% (One with All) Crit Hit 40%, Melee takes 1040 Damage, and High vit/dex/int/str spent 500k in gold getting to Zultan twice, everyone (multiplay) quit twice. Saved another 525k just for a 3rd attempt today, spent ALL of that on repairs today, then everyone quit again (even my hardcore buddy quit) now stuck at Zultan wiyth 2k and farmings been nerfed, Blizzard you Fail so hard it makes EA look good..
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Weapon A have the +Int, which is the primary stats for a Witch Doctor. Hence its better than Weapon B.
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Isn't your main stat int? Weapon A has 174 int...apparently with your gear that comes out to more than the ~130 dps weapon difference. All the other stats on those weapons are already included in the dps numbers.
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Thanks guys. Where can i find what each player uses to better there stats? Like WD and Wizard use int, so Barb would benefit from ... ?
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