Diablo® III

The death of a soft core character


I guess i could use my companion to farm lower levels, but honestly, i think i'm just going to go play something else.
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Yeah, that's the way I feel as well. I am not quite in you heroes condition above, but there is not way to continue with my level 60 WD as I cannot afford the repair costs and I cannot save gold to try and upgrade. I only got to Act 1 Inferno but now can't really see a reason to keep playing.
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(◕_◕) I'm not sure how you got your self into that much of a financial predicament, I mean the idea of inferno is to play it smart and know when to kite or just flat out run, not to mention your a DH should be able to hold your own on inferno.

I play as a Monk and I can breeze through ACT 1 Inferno with the exception of the Elites where you have to play smart.

Join a friends game and just leech of them.
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I really don't know how you ended up like that unless you where doing something wrong.

I mean if you keep dying then go back and farm a different act for gear/gold, don't just keep banging your head against the wall and dying again and again.
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if you only have 3000 gold, maybe you should think about getting more before banging your gear against a wall.
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i still find it hilarious that they managed to kill softcore characters........ isnt the whole point of softcore is death does not have permanent effect?

EDIT: I assumed the situation was due to multiple death or wear of equips from combat...... coupled with excessive usage of gold on AH before 1.0.3
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