Hey, I was just thinking the other day(I...am a thoughtful guy...I think about a lotta things - Rhett and Link :P) and it came to mind that Blizz tends to talk a lot about skill viability, balance and how nerfs are in place to make skills balanced etc.

Now it comes to mind that isn't it COUNTER-INTUITIVE to put in place a system in inferno where you lose Valor every time you change your skills. IMO, it makes no sense in a game where there aren't skill points or specialization. I had fun in Normal/NM/Hell cause I could change my skills to fit the situation. A system like the current one punishes people for being creative and exploring other skills. Instead, they are forced into a single cookie cutter build that is "best for farming" etc.

What I think, and you don't have agree, is that a better way to promote skill diversity and usage is to either A) remove Valor when changing EQUIPMENT, so you decide if you're going with progression gear, or MF gear etc. or B)remove ONE stack of valor when you change skills, so that people don't lose out and are willing to swap skills to fight certain elites. One stack loss means that you can still "keep up" the steam, but are still duely penalized, but it's not nearly as bad as 5 stacks going down the drain.

Just a thought. And I can't say I like everything about the new patch, but I don't mind it either. What I do mind is how everything is NERFED for "balance" as opposed to the other ways we could explore balance and diversity.