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SUCCESSFUL Inferno Wizards, I require help!

I never really had great gear on my Wizard even pre 1.0.3 so the nerf didn't hit me too hard. Basically... I've had really rotten luck in this game. I've never had over a million gold, I've never sold anything for over 100k, and I find generally garbage non-stop, so gearing up has been rough for me. And even more so now with repair costs at an all time high.

I have no idea what to do with my Wizard. He can handle Act 1 if the mobs aren't AWFUL affixes, but 2/3/4 I'm hopeless. I need to upgrade, but I don't know what to focus on.

Here are pics of my build/stats/equips... if you guys could tell me what you think I need to do from here on out, that'd be wonderful.

Stats/Skills: http://i45.tinypic.com/19ic9.jpg
Gear: http://i46.tinypic.com/dfa96s.jpg

Thanks again guys...
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your stats seem fine, i didnt look at your gear much since you will need gold to upgrade it which you dont have.

Your build seems somewhat odd to me honestly.

I would drop sparkflint for either force armor (if your getting killed quick) or diamond skin.

I would also drop arcane orb and pickup a sig spell like light orb or seeker missile.

This will hit your DPS somewhat but you should have no problem kiting anything ever. If things are still catching up you could go with the temparol flux pasive and either go arcane hydra or MM for you sig, this will give you extra slowing with blizzard.

I dont know exactly what your looking to get out of us realy, just need to grind the !@#$ out of the game, just like every diablo game.
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I just want to know based on my gear right now, what needs an upgrade the fastest, and what affixes I should be looking for on my gear post-patch. I'm kinda confused.
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im not the best wiz but my gear and gold and from rmah i prolly got a few 100mil worth so mayb i can be of some good advice
ill be perfectly blunt and honest with you.

ur build needs a overhaul. im looking at ur defense right now its not good. ur vit is low ur resist is low. with that kind of vit and resist the least you could do is maximize ur dps.
all of ur offensive skills require a lot of AP that means u run out of it pretty fast. that means i assume sometimes you do no dps at all.

i would suggest upgrading all items to above 100int to say the least. remember its not exact but u can approximate the exchange between vit and AR.

i would say first upgrade ur gear to maximize dps to at least 30-40k then worry about defense. with high offense lower defense you can farm ur way up there. pointless to go defensive in act 1 since they dont hit very hard, just go with a group and dps your way.

by no exaggeration i have double your int and more than double your vit and more than 4x your resist. but going defensive is pointless if you arent able to kill act 1 with ease. act 1 drops ilvl63 stuff now so just be comfortable farming there at least
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as far as the stats yoru looking for.

its the same as before. you want int/vit/attack speed/crit/crit damage.

obviously dont want to stack crit damage before you have a good crit chance and you dont want to stack attack speed to a point where you are missing out on other stuff.

i would go with upgrading your chest peice first. you can find a good 100/100 int/vit chest with 3 sockets for a decent price, this would up your dps a fair ammount.

Also i personaly like using 1H over 2H so you may want to hang onto a source if you find a decent one.
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You have no health income whatsoever on your gears

When potions are on cooldown and you are in a lengthy fight there will be little room for error.

Try to think your HP pool as a balance:
Damage you take should be constantly less than or equal to the health you gain

Either life steal, potion, or life on hit, life regen. You need some sort of income.
Beside potion I personally favor life regen. Life steal and life on hit feels too conditional, and when things get bad and you start running, you are not gaining health.

I suspect you find yourself okay start fighting a group and gradually with your decreasing HP the margin for error becomes lower.

Plus your have two high AP cost skills, blizzard+arcane orb, I find myself AP starved even running only Arcane orb.
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I'm running a slow 2h because it's cheap DPS, but I know it's not the best

I switched Familiar to Prismatic Armor. I'm changing Arcane Orb to Tap the Source and Blizzard to Stark Winter.

I want to swap to a signature spell like seeker or piercing orb but my weapon is too slow to do that justice, yeah?

Also gonna use Cold Blooded instead of Glass Cannon because I hear that for chilled enemies you do 20% more damage with any attack so if I blizz them first, boom...
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@Kess. You do 20% more damage with cold spells only. Hence, GC is better.
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I just read that the tooltip is wrong and it's 20% damage to chilled enemies too. Is there a confirmation of this either way?
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Drop both magic weapon and familiar, take diamond skin+force armor.

Prismatic armor with your level of resists isnt as good as force
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Any confirmation about the Cold Blooded thing?
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I just took off my weapon and tested this out

magic missle - 250-270 per hit
after blizz chill with cold blooded magic missle was ~340 a hit

so it does look like the tooltip is wrong which means for a blizzard wizard, cold blooded is amazing
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both are two specs that I run with. With small variations (can interchange diamond skin with teleport if you like i prefer diamond skin for reflect dmg mobs) (or swap out cold blood for illusionist in second build)

Try to get like 40k dps get plus dmg on rings/neck, ias on rings neck gloves, crit/crit dmg off-hand rings neck gloves, etc.

Ive cleared through diablo on inferno with these builds.

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I dont know exactly what your looking to get out of us realy, just need to grind the !@#$ out of the game, just like every diablo game.

This ^ no longer applies.

there is no, in fact there is less than no reason to go further in the game if you can't easily handle it. (yes I mean easily. 1 death costs between 2 and 5k

By !@#$ing up our repair costs bliztard also c o ck blocked any progression without god-like gear.

nothing is a suck as going to act 2/3 and running out of gold due to repair costs. There isn't enough gold dropping to make up for the deaths a person who hasn't farmed the living f**K out of act 1 inferno for gear would experience by going to act 2.

not only that, but cut the kiting crap. You can not kite mobs that invis and reappear next to you killing you in one shot.
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My gear isn't much better than yours, OP, and I've killed Diablo solo on Inferno (I did it once before 1.0.3, and I just did it again post 1.0.3.). I did A1-A4 solo as well.

My weapon is 1240 DPS, and I have 1500 Int, rather than 1100, but my resists are lower than yours, and my life is similar. I'm at 28k DPS, ~330ish resists on the stat sheets.

I would drop sparkflint and drop arcane orb. Arcane orb is not particularly good in combination with Blizzard UNLESS you have decent gear already, especially crit% and AP return on crit.

Focus on surviveability.

You may even want to go with something like:

Mirror Image / Duplicates (or Diamond Skin / Crystal)
Teleport / Fracture
Energy Armor / Force Shield
Blizzard / Snowbound
Hydra / Venom Hydra
Magic Missile / Seeker

Glass Cannon (or Galvanizing Ward)

You have to get used to dying, at least a little. Use every death as a learning opportunity. What did I do wrong? How can I sequence my abilities differently to give myself just an extra 2-5 seconds, maybe even 10 seconds of survival?

Part of the problem is a lot of people didn't get an early start, so 50k repair bills really hurts them - learning to play optimally is a lot more expensive.

Blizzard needs to fix some things to make things more forgiving for people who are trying to learn and get better. There might be a skill check required to get past certain points, but I disagree with the notion that there is some monstrous gear check that is insurmountable - at least for Wizards. I've seen Wizards with barely 20k DPS killing Inferno Diablo - it's a matter of persistence and perseverance, learning and patience. Don't rage because you die repeatedly - just get more focused.

Practice each build until the use of each ability flows instinctually against each type of monster group, against each affix. Opimize not only your gear, but your playstyle.

For instance, for the build I posted above:
The instant you get jailed against a Jail / mortar / fast pack, you check to see if any mortars are headed your way.
If you don't see mortar projectiles, you're saving your cooldowns just a little bit longer. The instant you see the firing animation, you're hitting teleport or mirror image.
You use mirror image before your use teleport because the duplicates provide you with extra time to get off your DPS.
You use your first mirror image and teleport pre-emptively before you even get hit, because you know illusionist will reset all your cooldowns.
You're maximizing the efficiency of your blizzards by limiting overlap.
You're maximizing the effcientcy of hydra by placing your hydra in between yourself and enemy mobs with the hydra placed such that you maximize the firing time of the hydra between casts, while also maximizing the number of enemies that are forced to walk over the venom pools.
If you're not casting hydra or blizzard, you're casting magic missile.
You're casting magic missile around corners or from off screen whenever possible.
You're prioritizing magic missile casts against larger opponents rather than squishier fallen / demon grunts / scorpions, because you know hydra and blizzard can handle the smaller scrubs.
If you're not casting magic missile or hydra or blizzard, you're moving. You're dodging mortars. You're edging around the closest melee minions and you're dodging spears and fireballs of all sizes. You're moving away from Fallen Berserkers right before they drop their giant clubs to one-shot you. You're moving away from Tremors right before they start their attack animation to one shot you. You're moving away from Izual. You're moving away from Diablo.
When you finish a fight, you immediately renew your buffs because you don't know exactly when you'll be running up against the next elite pack, and taking an extra pause to renew your buffs in combat can be the difference between dying immediately (with no progress), or dying in 20 seconds with one of the elites dead (which ensures you'll be able to kill them all when you respawn).

Regardless of what other people say, there is still some skill involved in the game. I'd rather that Blizzard got rid of Reflect Damage and Invulnerable minions - these affixes are just silly and "not fun".

But yeah. OP, your gear CAN get you all the way to A4. You just gotta want it badly.
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I'm curious about resists. I hear a lot of people say to switch to prismatic armor, but I don't see benefits to res all.

I just ran a test where I put on all my res gear (~650) and then did prismatic armor and archon (which buffed me up to 900+ res all for around 70% dmg reduce). With that, and 65%+ from armor, I was taking 11k hits from stuff in Act 3.

If maxxing out resists doesn't stop me from taking more than 35% of my health in a single shot, then why would I bother to gear that way instead of just using force armor? When does resists make sense (if ever)? Bottom line, I can crush most things (running at around 30-35k depending on spec) except elites with any mods that enable them to catch me (jailer, vortex, waller, fast, teleporter), or elites in confined spaces where there's nowhere to run, at which point, being unable to survive more than 2 hits, I'm dead.

Yes, I have teleport, with fracture, with illusionist. Problem being, first hit lands, bam at 65% health, teleport / fracture, next hit lands, bam at 30%, illusionist resets teleport and teleport away again. But now, I can't take another hit. I can't keep fast elites off long enough for the slow dps put out by blizzard/hydra to kill them. Optimized for blizz/hydra, I can get 7k blizzard ticks. On an elite mob with 1.5 mil hp, that's 214 ticks to kill, so you have to stop and shoot at it, at which point it catches up to you and hits you, as outlined above.

I've been playing games a LONG time, and consider myself a pretty good gamer, but wizard seems broken to me. Or, am I missing something really critical? I do not use life on hit, because it seems nerfed with blizzard (tho I have an ammy I have to switch to for dmg reflect, which is a pain). I have 280 life/sec (not a lot, I know). Health globes are about the only way I can survive, but they don't drop with enough frequency during elite battles.

Any suggestions? Should I ditch magic weapon for diamond skin or mirror image at this point, since it no longer adds 32% dps (lawls)?
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I'd recommend that you farm the butcher. I've been farming him for about 2 weeks. I've made over 5 mil and completely upgraded all my gear to MF/GF for the runs. by the time I'm done I'll have everything I need to waltz through inferno. in my eyes diablo2/3 in general is a farm fest, so why worry about progression. Their not taking the game away any time soon. Just have fun farm some ish make some money and progress when you feel your character is ready.

Also as far as your gear is considered. replace your hat, chest, pants, gloves, and rings with +int/+vit/+good attribute(IAS for 1 handers, crit/crit dmg for 2 handers, all resists, HP regen if your stacking it, or LoH. etc.) gear.

also imo,

hats need 1 socket
chests need 3 sockets
pants need 2 sockets
gloves need ias
and boots need 12% movement speed
if any item's you're looking at don't have um... save up for ones that do.
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I did two act 1 runs today hitting all the hot spots with 5 stacks. Each run took 1.5-3 hours give or take, and I got probably 20-30 rares a run.


I even got two BLACKSMITH PLANS! (The two cheapo Exalted ones that sell for like 5k each on the AH)

I have no idea how to make the money to upgrade my equipment when I'm losing half my run profits on repairs >_<
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exactly. bluetorch, i have all the stats you call out. in fact, i have lacuni prowlers so im at 18% run speed. im at 30k dps without magic weapon. i can try blizzard/hydra spec, or archon spec with piercing orb. doesn't matter. i've just tried mirror image/fracture spec in act 3, and i got killed like 4 times. why? cuz waller or vortex dont care. u CANNOT get away from that !@#$ due to their rate of %^-*ing you vs. your cooldown rate on escapes.
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nothing is a suck as going to act 2/3 and running out of gold due to repair costs. There isn't enough gold dropping to make up for the deaths a person who hasn't farmed the living f**K out of act 1 inferno for gear would experience by going to act 2.

not only that, but cut the kiting crap. You can not kite mobs that invis and reappear next to you killing you in one shot.

I've not even bothered trying to progress further since the upped repair costs (I'm about 1/2 way through act 3) - been farming act 1 for like an hour a day to get a few gear upgrades. Gonna try again tonight unless the repairs amount too quickly!

As for the invis mobs, they're not (usually) completely invisible, when they cloak you can pretty clearly see their movements along the ground if you look carefully. It's very rare that you cant see them at all. If they're coming out of stealth and one shotting you you're either not using FA or using it without sufficient HP (23k was fine for me in act 2 pre 1.0.3)
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