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Why I continue to enjoy HC mode

So not too long ago while lvling with a buddy of mine, Jarsk to be exact, I lost my lvl 40 Barb. It seems like every time I lose a character I want to throw my computer across the room, but then from vent I hear things such as,

Jarsk: (5 secs after realizing I died) Oh... did you die mate? OH CRAP!!! Don't worry... I just died along with you.
Tunaconsuma: QUE THE THEME MUSIC! (Insert Queen's Another One Bites the Dust)
Tunaconsuma: At least you haven't died as many times as Jarsk
Jarsk: Shut up! You have all lost a bunch of guys too so I don't wanna hear it!
Me: Yeah but not as many as you!
Everyone: *Uncontrollable laughter*

Now at this point, I can't do anything but continue to laugh as I debate on if i want to make another Barbarian... This game is always worth the time that is put in to lose a character, and come to no other conclusion then to laugh about the death all because the guys you play with, including myself, have no remorse when you die. Then take that chance to rub it in your face! Here goes another Barbarian lvl fest.....
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Thats nice..
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I have a 60 barb that I leveled legit. My advice is listen to Kripptarian's guide on Barbs on youtube. Whatever else he may be, he knows what hes talking about with Barbs. Go slow, theres no reason to continue on if you are not geared. Check the Auction house for cheap deals as you go along. Play defensively and use skills that always allow you to have "an out". I always made sure that I over geared or over leveled the content to give me an extra edge. Stay calm in hairy situations. It's tough to learn but if you just stay calm and not mash buttons you'd be surprised how many times you can cheat death.
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