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Being Fast, Random Loot =FUN

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These two things where the most fun parts of this game to me, and both are gone in one patch. At this point I'm fairly certain that the Dev. team is not on the same page as the player, and may not even be playing the game that much at all.

A Fast Paced Game
1.)Before the patch when you played the proper act you where farmed for things happened quickly, you moved quickly and when played wrong, you died quickly. Now I move and attack much slower but the mobs can hit me multiple times and I can almost AFK farm everything. Overall the game is less intense because of this. I have a Monk and a DH, the effective on the game is the same.

Rewarding Environment
2.) Before this patch you could potentially get good items from the environment if you broke barrels and crates, and when you found a chest you could get yourself a better chance at a quality item by putting on some different gear IF YOU WANTED. Now, the barrels and crates just cost you repair bill to break and drop nothing and everyone gets the same low % drops on chest no matter what nice MF gear they may have acquired.

These where my favorites part of this game earlier, and they where also my favorite aspects of D1 D2 (ooooo faster cast rate sooooo fun) and both of there respective expansions. I feel I cannot be the only one who may feel this way, but this game is all but gone for me now and it all happened in one sad little patch....
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Such a flawed logic, I don't even know where to start... Wish they actually had ONE real gamer in the team!!

First, they decided to tune down Act 2-3-4 Inferno to help people "play" and actually gear themselves, instead of being completely AH dependant. So far you can think: "hey great, that should be a step in the right direction"....but no.

Cuz then, they stupidly decided to address an issue with gamers chain dying-rezzing to farm bosses, by raising the repair bills so much that now, it's just simply not even worth it to work your butt to these said bosses. (Why they simply didn't put an "extra repair bill" for dying from a boss instead of screwing the game for everyone is beyong me!!!)

Add on top of that that they nerfed IAS, which greatly reduced DPS for everyone... and screwed a lot of people who bought items in the AH, be it with real money or with gold hardly earned (which takes REAL TIME, which is priceless!!). Lots of stuff that used to drop things no longer does, gold in general drop less often and smaller stacks too...

So basically, they sc***** us so much on many aspect of the game that their "tune down" of Inferno just seems inexistant. You now have to advance with less DPS, insanely stupid repair bills (even if you don't die...) and all around, you get less gold/stuff from "normal playing". For what? For just doing the same thing again and again cuz let's face it, since May 15th (or 16th for somes), once we were done with Normal... it's just the same crap again and again. Which we agreed to do at some point, until they removed all possible fun from the game.

While the game was still decently fun (= before that patch!), I could hardly motivate myself for doing the same quests again and again and again and again and again and again and again... just to get 1-2 items worth 2-3-4 millions each. Cuz then I knew I would have to do the same thing again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again just to get 1-2 items worth 10-20 millions each. So guess what now lol Just can't see why I would lose any more seconds of my real life time playing the biggest time sink game ever created. All in all, just can't believe they needed YEARS to do a bad D2 clone that is not half as fun...
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