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06/21/2012 10:38 PMPosted by Nintura
For the guy who had trouble with Cydea. I managed to get her down after about 8 tries. Its all about timing. I took archon with teleport, and arcane orb as my main attack. I dropped hydra at the start, unloaded orbs till I ran out, popped Archon and burned her till I saw the portal at my feet. I then ported to the other side of her so I'd catch her and those spiders, which kept archon going. This allowed me to just burn her down before she ran away.

Thanks for the info man. That has generally been my tactic but I keep getting the worst spider spawns. Though I was using DS in place of Teleport, so I will give that a shot.
totally recommended. gave a stuck wiz a new direction lol. thanks
hey man :).. how much gold are u taking if i want you to help me about 20mil?... ill need to earn them first. but dont takes so long, ..

i need u to gear check

look on ah and say what i need to buy.

Im currently 8-900 with prism armor
35k life
30k dps with force weap

Other stats:
str 67
Dex 211
INT 1393
VIT 781

44dex 184 INT
44 psy res
60 All Res
15% life socked

81 VIT
56 Allres
6% life
14% ekstra gold

107 INT

115 INT
83 VIT
33 Cold res
54 All res
Ruduce duration 9%

RING Slot 1 Set bonus +130 INT
83 INT
60 All res
+451 life
Melee attat..t 165d

Ring slot 2
70 INT
7% ASI

+67 Dex
+82 INT
46 res lightning
51 All res
9% life
melee att.... 777damage

853.8DPS rare spear 1.20att
incr. magic missiles 10% (does this work?)
Socket 70 % Crit

Boots sage seekser
44 int
79 VIT
41 pois. res
56 ALL res
12% movement

+67-335 Damage
16% MF


I was hoping u could help me find some good stuff if i have the money? where do u think i need to start first to get an upgrade? just so i need the price range we are talking.?
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Worth it. I thought I knew a lot...but Dreamless really helped me a lot into maximizing what I need and where to spend it. Thanks man!
Dreamless said that my gear was "quite remarkable" but still managed to give me useful pointers on the equipment I hadn't upgraded yet. The 500k for 15mins increases in value the less you know, so if you're already thinking of consulting him, don't do homework; just book a time and fire away with as many questions as you can to make your money's worth.
Dreamless look at my items, make an analysis and i am waiting you in game to talk. Thank you !

Finally beat Cydaea, took forever and almost went broke doing it but whatever. Az is easy mode. (If anyone reads what I just said, feel free to link me back to this post when I am nerd raging about Az being difficult later today =P)

Anyway, the build I used was this.


I tried Arcane Orbs, and Blizz/Hydra/PO builds all night.

Ended up taking:

Familiar w/ Sparkflint
Ray of Frost w/ Cold Blood + Cold Blooded passive

I feel that doing this gave me the best possible DPS prior to going into Archon for massive burn on the boss.

I realize now, that while my DPS was not lacking to be able to complete this fight, having more could have definitely made things go a lot smoother. That being said, the primary concerns going into this fight without being decked out in gear are getting your Templar positioned properly, and getting lucky with the add spawns. If the boss spawns the first set of adds too quickly into the fight, it is usually a failed attempt due to not getting enough RoF damage in early. If your Templar doesn't position himself properly so you can stand behind him and let him eat the poison bolts coming in your direction, it usually means you are failing too. This is just my experience with the boss, doing it sub 40k DPS because I am too stubborn to continue buying AH gear.

After taking Nintura's advice on waiting til after the first add spawn to start nuking the boss I started getting her to under 20% easily. Minus a few bad add spawns and the boss being an indecisive, ADHD pain in the butt. So major props to him for pointing out that one minor detail to me, because trying to start nuking her before that or any longer into the fight than immediately after that pretty much sets you up for a failed attempt. Honestly I feel like an idiot for not thinking to do what he mentioned sooner, but after several hours of nerd raging on the boss I tunnel visioned =P

Anyway, not trying to derail Dream's thread here. Just wanted to throw this info up for anyone who might be able to benefit from it, and thank Nintura once again, and Dream for making the thread to begin with. If it wasn't for that I probably would still be smashing my face against the wall >.<
quick question!

i have around 1500int, 26kdps buffed, 26k hp, 30%crit, 125% crit D and I'm using a 1h 1.58as with 700dps, 80%crit D and some int with a crapy source at the moment.

I mostly use RoF and hydra/arcane with cold blooded temps flux and Glass cannon...working ok in act I but not enough to farm it...that's my gold for now..

I'm thinking of switching to a 2H 900dps wand with a total of 150% crit, would the +200dps and +70% more crit dommage will increase my ablity to farm act I with RoF and hydra/arcane?

I forget to mention the 2H having 800LoH.. don't know if it's that usefull with RoF and hydra/arcane though

I will do a session with you as soon as I have more money to spend on new gear :)

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I found the service completely helpful. I had some idea on things, but little direction as to how to make it work. The service ran over spec initially, which was helpful. After, it went into gearing philosophy, then to my individual gear choices and what will give me biggest upgrades and just the methodology behind that. 10/10, would bang.

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@Rochus, Grats on Cydea!
@Caribou. The Rof works better with 2H due to the slower attackspeed and AP drain. However RoF isnt a very good spell due to the lack of AoE. I still recommend a 1H as you get max damage potential out of it.
@Red, send me a friend request in game!
I understand the drain part, but total damage for 1H 700dps faster attack speed is higher then a 2H 900 whit +80% CD you think for RoF? is it the same for hydra/arcane?

would be nice to meet someone with one good 2H and try it on my wizard to see it before i buy one lollll... but i have no friend with that kind of gear yet :(.. I currently have only 700k but I do make 400k/day

thx for your time
Just a quick question,

I'm at 24k hp, 23k dps, 1400 armor and 200 AR [all unbuffed], 5%crit chance, and 77% crit dmge.

I just finished act 1 inf, and wanted to gear up before hitting act2.

I was just wondering at this point in the game, would it be better to invest into more survivbility or damage? i.e, start pooling my money into more armor and ar, or crit chance/dmge?

Thanks for your time/help!
Hey Dreamless,

If you have some free time, I would really appreciate some assitance. I'm kinda having problems farming after patch, or better to say, I die more than I loot.

My current stats can be seen here: http://i.imgur.com/eaWty.jpg (no buffs).
I have a 38.5% crit chance, 302% Crit dmg, 35k HP, all rez aren't that good (around 385 points). My dps is 50k without FW, 57k with FW.

The weakest item i have, i think, it's the offhand. It has 103-380 dps and 8 crit chance. Nothing else. But a simillar one with more stats it's waaaay to expensive and i don't know if it's worth to lose 2-3k dps for a weaker one that has some int\vit or AP.

I usualy go for an Archon build, but I die kinda fast when I go into Blues with mortar or firechanis, votex+molten or fast...

What should I change ?
(If you need more infos, please ask. I cannot post my gear 'cause EU servers are down atm...)
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@MCPM, your stats are all around low. You want to probably find higher INT/VIT on all items and drop resists for now.
@AngelForever Archon build is very hit and miss. I struggle with it as well. Perhaps try a fracture or diamondskin build. Run with a templar if you dont have one.
Dreamless i sent you about 3 friends requests. Guess you are not online when i am online and viceversa. Maybe we sincronize somtine :)
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@R3dMan, sorry about that, my friends list was full perhaps. Are you sure you sent it to Seraphim#1104?
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Now i sent again a friend request. Maybe this time works
Don`t know why adding friends don`t work, i am waiting you in public chat > wizard , type smth there, then i will join your party and we can talk, if friend request still don`t work.
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@R3DMan are you in diablo III US servers softcore?
omg sorry that was the problem, got this thread by google searching, no, i am on eu softcore, but still i want your services :(
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