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How long does it take to time out

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So when the client crashes, how long does it take for your character to time out? The reason i ask, is i've died twice now, level 48 and 60. Both times my pc blue screened. After the first one, i re-formatted computer with new OS and everything ran great. I was able to play without any crashes. Just now, i crashed with 1 mob infront of me. I am fairly certain that the one monster would take at least a minute of constantly bashing on my poor barb to kill kill me.

This also brings me to the 2nd question. Does my char still block, dodge, life regen. while it is timing out? Does my merc heal me?

At this point, i will have to just buy a new pc just so i can play hardcore. Pretty annoying.
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10 second countdown timer. Your char stills blocks, dodges, gains HP, etc. You just cannot move.
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I believe that it's 10 seconds during a network disconnect. which i've lived through. but i've never lived through a BSOD. (2/2) It doesn't feel like 10 seconds.
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I do think too that the time is higher than 10 seconds when you get disconnected too. I´ve already lost 2 HC characters the same way u did...
Unfortunately, I couldnt find any thread explaining this time...
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06/20/2012 01:26 AMPosted by Omnipotens
Unfortunately, I couldnt find any thread explaining this time...

If the client doesn't cleanly notify the server that it's disconnecting then there may be some time before the server figures it out, after which there's probably still the normal 10 seconds.
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its more like 50 seconds, i tested with a friend. 10s would be way too short, everyone would live.
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There's the normal 10 seconds + some time before the server figures out you've disconnected. The latter is the extra 40 seconds.
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normal difficulty 10 sec
NM difficulty 30 sec
Hell diff 60 sec
Inferno diff wherever you are they ll send you a pack of mobs and kill you :-)

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