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06/20/2012 04:45 PMPosted by Bashiok
Which community manager has the fortitude to address the 90% negative feedback surrounding repair costs

Oh... I guess me.

No one is going to like additional repair costs. I'm not sure how any feedback would be "Great, I really love paying more for repair costs." however, we have seen enough feedback and data to show that the ratio is pretty good as long as people aren't throwing their character's corpses against enemies. Death has meant nothing for a very long time now. It's going to take some getting used to and just understanding that death is no longer something that just happens, it should be something you're really fighting to avoid, and potentially being smarter about tackling content you can actually tackle.

That said, we think the normal wear and tear is maybe too high. Just fighting is probably too expensive, and we're looking at potential adjustments there.

Do you play d3 ? I have actually stopped fighting any elite with a challenging skill combo while progressing my story, because its simply not worth the 4-5 deaths i might incur. THE MOBS HEALTH RESETS WHEN YOU DIE, your response is complete bull POOP imo.

You all are doing a really bang up job on this game and just continue to adopt the attitude of mother knows best. We pay for your games, we are the reason each of you have a job but it seems like there is no attention what so ever paid to the opinion of the gamers.

You are truly just shameful as developers of this game.
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A very exhaustive study:

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Honestly, the death mechanic could be improved.

Making repair costs the only real penalty is not the only solution to the death zergfest in this game. The debuff stat at a cumulative value per death that has a cumulative value on its cooldown would be better IMO.

1 death = -10 % debuff to all equip attributes lasts 2 minutes
2 death = -25 % debuff to all attributes lasts 7 minutes,
3 deaths = -35% debuff to alla ttributes last 15 minutes
and may cap at some point.

then add a merchant that sells penalty removal potions that also scale

"Potions is used to take death penalty effects of 3 or more with increased gold/cost"
3 deaths = 3 x 10,000 gold = 30k
4 deaths = 4 x 10,000 gold = 40k

At least you give the player sthe options to chioose which the latter should be discouraged by an insane amount of gold. That way it will help the hyperinflated exonomy abit.

The current systems wear and tear is so BAD that immediately after repairing on a demon hunter in inferno and killing the a rare boss, not dying and successfully kiting taking minimal damage. the items and gold dropped/looted are not even able to cover repair costs after selling them to NPC trader.
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I left a post for Bashiok about no severe death penalities with ..

"Right! I mean, why even have death at all?"

Dont have severe penalities dont mean that the death matter, look this comments by arena.net, who have some people who made Diablo saga and Mike O'Braian, led designer of and creator of original Battle.net, WIII engine, and worked in SC, D2 and WII.

This is de differnce in the old blizzard, and the new Activision-Blizzard

Guild Wars 2 isn't going to be your average massively-multiplayer role-playing game. Developer ArenaNet has made that perfectly clear countless times since the follow-up to the original free-to-play MMO was first revealed. Each new feature that comes to light draws it further and further away from standard MMO conventions, and that's got fans of the genre excited.

Take death, for instance. When you die in other MMO titles you generally have to either wait for a healer to come resurrect you, or respawn near your corpse with some sort of temporary penalty placed on your stats. Sometimes you even lose experience points. Dying can really kill the fun of a gameplay session.

But death is isn't the end in Guild Wars 2.

As the game's lead developer Eric Flannum puts it, "We wanted Guild Wars 2 to be a game about taking chances, taking risks, and exciting gameplay. Not a game about not dying."

To that effect, the death system in Guild Wars 2 takes a cue from shooters like Modern Warfare. "One of the things we're not shy about is looking at other genres and going 'this is fun in other games, why can't we take it and make it work in the MMO space?" says Flannum.

"Defeat in Guild Wars 2 is intended to be an experience, not a punishment. Let's face it: dying never feels great, even without a death penalty,"

Death penalties make death in-game a more tense experience. It just isn't fun. We want to get you back into the action (fun) as quickly as possible. Defeat is the penalty; we don't have to penalize you a second time.
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